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Chelsea, au pair in London

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Hi There

My name is Chelsea
I am currently studying a Ballet Degree at Central School of Ballet in Central London.
I currently have two families that I occasionally babysit and I am able to do occasional hours.
I am happy to look after children at home as well as take them out to theatres, shows, museums, educational exhibitions etc.
I can help with homework and enjoy cooking and can meal prep.
At this stage I am just looking for families near and in London to occasionally babysit on weekends and evenings during the week as well as during the holidays.
I am from South Africa and I am babysitting in order to earn money for my living costs and food costs etc.

Later on in the year, I am hopefully looking for a live in job where I can be called on when needed to look after children. Preferable near London Central of in the SW6 area because I can't travel far to get to school. This is because rent is rather expensive and having a live in job would reduce my living costs and I would be more readily available to look after children.

I work as part of the family and I always like to remind children of good manners, respecting others and educating them about simple things of life (look both ways before you cross the road!!)

The families I am with at the moment are happy to send referral letters, I like to work to a good relationship with the parents so that I am able to look after their child with the best potential.

I strive to not just babysit to earn money but help parents that can't always look after their children to have somebody trustworthy that they can rely on to look after their child.

My mother is an ex-nursery school teacher, my father is an electrical engineer and both my elder brothers are studying at top universities in South Africa.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are needing somebody long term or just a once off. Also feel free to pass on my details and information to anybody who may be needing somebody like me.

Thank you for your time,
Chelsea :)

Mini C.V

Services offered Babysitting
Partial / after school care
Nanny working at family residence
Au Pair
Experience Professional Experience, 1-2 years.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
3-6 years
over 6 years
Spoken languages English (mother tongue)
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary and secondary school
Cook for children : Yes, I love to cook.
Help with housework / Ironing : Of course, I'm always helpful around the house!


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19 yrs
Chelsea, au pair in London


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per hour
Occasional babysitting
per hour
Partial / after school care
per hour
Nanny working at family residence

I have 8 months experience of looking after a 5 year old as well as a 3 month old.
I have looked after family and friends in the past and am happy to learn the ways of a family and work well with parents because I work with how parent would like me to look after their child

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