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Kimberley, au pair in Rotherham

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My name is Kimberley, I am 19 years old qualified early years practitioner, level 3. I am an enthusiastic woman, that loves to give and make best for people. I love children as they are so innocent in life, they learn naturally, and I think it is essential to use that to give them the best in life! A child will be inquisitive towards anything you introduce them to, and are curious about everything around them, so the environment they live in is crucial to thier well- being. As what they are around may leave them vulnerable (I.e, smoke, drugs, alcohol, ect.). Children learn everyday, they watch you, therefore if you tell/ ask them to do or do not do something, and yet your actions do not comply with what you have said, that conflicts your words and may cause your child to 'misbehave' and act out as they have seen you do it. You are there role model and it is important that you guide children, to help them learn. We should embrace children, learn from them, let the fun in and free thinking flow, let them make a mess being creative, but make sure the know they have to tidy away afterwards, but that's good, and remind them of that! Let children be children and themselves, showing love, compassion, and (attention) time to a child is the best thing to give as by showing you love them, proves you accept them and they learn to accept themselves, which is important. Their surroundings do not just help them learn but make them who they are, find what they like, such as any music you may listen to, activities you may do together, etc.

I could go on forever about this topic, I have my own knowledge, opinions and fact as well as what I learnt at college. I am very passionate about children and want them to have the best start in life, since I was only a child myself I have always wanted to help, be there for others, I offered help to people daily. For example, I would babysit my mothers friends children and clean up her house for her when she was out just to be nice and make it a fun activity for the children to join in and tell them afterwards they could chose thier activity whilst I made food for them
(sandwiches, microwave meals, beans on toast, basic food.)
I studied childcare for two years at college and qualified in 2014. I have been to many diverse settings, with children who have specific needs. As well this I have my own experiences, such as volunteering at a school near my house, I also did work experience in 2012 at nursery, and previous babysitting experiences ( relative experience, brother, sister, nephews and niece - lot of it). Because of my understanding of this area I have learnt a lot about different child theorists which I was already aware of, however now know a lot more about and understand thier methods, and how it impacts children, therefore I know which methods would be best to attempt. I am aware of the current legislations, and have a certificate for first aid training, which I have done three times. I am very good at what I do, and passionate about it, I love it. I have great pacience and understanding, with a calm approach. I have a wide knowledge basis and can communicate effectively with any age child, from birth up until early years, (I.e, 6 year) not excluding race, ability, gender, religion, language barriers. These are qualities that come naturally to me, I treat everyone equally and do not discriminate against. I am a non-judgemental person and very open minded, I appreciate parents wishes and do not defy them, in some cases I will give my opinion or suggestion on what could be beneficial to the child, I would love to help in anyway.
I would be willing to take them out places with me, or pick them up from places, etc.
I really would like an opportunity to prove myself and build a great relationship.
I appreciate confidentiality and respect the child and family members. I have good hygiene standards, and I am very tidy, housekeeping isn't an issue at all.

Any further information required, do not hesitate to email me, thank you.

Mini C.V

Services offered Babysitting
Partial / after school care
Nanny working at family residence
Au Pair
Training Professionnal qualification (OFSTEO, certificate or diploma in childcare education, etc.)
First aid qualification
Qualification to look after group of children (NVQ, NOS, or equivalent.)
Experience Professional Experience, 1-2 years.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-3 years
3-6 years
over 6 years
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary school
Cook for children : Yes, I can
Help with housework / Ironing : Of course, I'm always helpful around the house!


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23 yrs
Kimberley, au pair in Rotherham


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Partial / after school care
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Nanny working at family residence

I would have to make my own travel arrangements as I have yet to pass my test, therefore would rely on public transport. However, if in some circumstances, (I.e babysitting usually is later on) I could arrange for some transport to get to where needs be).

Home care would be more as it is giving a lot of not just time, but myself personally to the family to gain trust, and a relationship with them, I would require further essential items if I was to stay.
I believe these to be fair rates, equal to what most jobs pay out as minimum wage is £6.50 at my age, and in my recent job.