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Louise, baby sitting - EH47 Blackburn

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Hi, my name's Louise , I am 29 years old, I have 4 kids of my own from ages 9, 8, 6 and 3 years old and I have been bringing up and watching kids from a young age. Before I had kids of my own I would always babysit and help with my nephews, and I loved every part of caring for them. I have some medical experience and I know exactly what to look out for if any medical conditions arise, i don't have a first aid certificate but I have been working within A medical environment since 2003 as a clerical officer within Accident and Emergency, so I have learnt the basics and the terminology of some illnesses and its helped me with my own children incase they ever fell ill. I know the procedures of what to do if a child is ill and what to do if they circumstances ever arise, and its always a good thing to know especially if it's to do with a child. I always put any childs welfare first no matter what. I always love to make sure the child has fun and I love creating stuff and getting them joined in with making stuff, making pictures, colouring in. I'm good at cooking, I love to bake and I have learnt to make some pretty interesting healthy meals for my own kids. I know I don't have a certificate in childcare but to me it's the experience you have that can make you a genuine, loving, caring and a very understanding person, I don't think learning from books makes you a dedicated person to look after children even though it can go for you with certain jobs, to me the life experience is the most important part when it comes to watching any child and the parents preference on who they think is suitable as well, not a qualification. I have just recently received my PVG form through as well.

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Services offered Babysitting
Partial / after school care
Experience Parental Experience: I raised my own children.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-3 years
3-6 years
over 6 years
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary school
Cook for children : Yes, I can
Help with housework / Ironing : Of course, I'm always helpful around the house!


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Louise, baby sitting - EH47 Blackburn


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for me I don't charge on what's suitable for me, I'm doing it to help out. I know what it's like when you need childcare and how costly it can be, so I'm willing to work with the parents on what's suitable for them to pay.