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Eden, babysitter in Bedmond

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Looking after children has to be the perfect job for me. I like to make a difference in children's lives and help develop and teach children new things.

I'm from a family of 7. I'm the 4th child. I was born in Hemel but moved to the seaside when I was 9. I then moved back to Hemel Hempstead after qualifying as level 2 in child care and then began my level 3 which I have completed.

At 16 years old I started an apprenticeship at Chestnut grove kindergarten nursery. I was there for a year and a half. I worked with the ages, 6 months to 5 years.

After Qualifying as a level 2 I then did volunteer work with my mum at Shore Fields School for 3 months. This school is for children with Special needs. I live with my other half and with his little brother who is 14 and he has Down-syndrome, he is very cheeky and very clever indeed.

I am currently working 50 hours a week at Flowerpots Day nursery as a practitioner in the Baby room. The ages from Birth to 18months.
I have been here for a year and 6 months and enjoying it very much.

I am looking for extra work due to saving and extra knowledge and experience.

I feel I am happy and fun person. I like a challenge. I love to get messy with fun activities and use my initiative. I am flexible with hours and a hard worker.

The qualities in someone who looks after children I believe should be:

1. Patience
With children it's important to be patient. Children need time to adjust to new situations, new routines, new people and new transitions.

2. Understanding
Children need you to be understanding at all times. When a child is upset or scared or even just tired, they want you and need you to understand what they want and what they need, from a cuddle, a bottle of milk or even just you singing them songs to settle them down.

3. Relationship
With children you need a good bond. This creates a good relationship where, you and a child can work together and just enjoy playing, getting creative and helping with a child's development. This also can help you have a good relationship with a child's parents/carers.

4. Creativity
Children love to explore and engage in different, fun and interesting activities. For me it is important that children use their senses whilst doing an activity. For them to be able to feel different materials and textures, to smell different smells, to hear different a sounds and noises and also to see all the different marks they make.

5. Encouragement
To help a child to have the confidence to achieve a goal for example, crawling, pulling themselves up, walking, feeding themselves with a spoon, fitting the right shape into the right whole, children need the encouragement from the people that care for them. It helps the child feel supported and happy. Once a child has achieved the aim, they have then gained the knowledge of how to do something and then it gets them ready for what comes next.

Mini C.V

Services offered Babysitting
Training First aid qualification
Qualification to look after group of children (NVQ, NOS, or equivalent.)
Experience Professional Experience, 2-5 years.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-3 years
3-6 years
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary school
Cook for children : Yes, I can
Help with housework / Ironing : Yes, I can


Eden can provide references from recent employers

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25 yrs
Eden, babysitter in Bedmond


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As a Qualified Level 3 in child are and work full time I have the experience to look after children.

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