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Kayleigh, babysitting in Sheffield S25

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Hello, my name is Kayleigh Marie , i am a 16 year old student from Sheffield, currently living in Dinnington and i am looking for a part time babysitting job to fit a long side my studies. I will be attending Wickersley Sixth Form beginning 7th September 2015 so this will mean i cannot do day times. However i will be able to do evenings starting from 4pm on wards on week days depending on the area you live in and how long it will take to travel and from any hour until any hour on weekends. Also i will be able to work how ever many hours you need me to.

I can work with Children from any age as i have been caring for members in my family for a while, currently my brothers who i mainly care for are 1, 4 and 12. My 12 year old brother is deaf and autistic, which means i am able to work with disabled children as i also did work experience as part of my health and social care GCSE's working with groups of children of all ability levels creating fun activities to suit their needs ensuring everyone can take part no matter what their age or capability. Due to having experience with all children of different ages and abilities, i am able to provide individual care for each individual need. I can cook appropriate meals, clean to a high standards, provide educational purposes where necessary including encouraging children to do homework when needed and playing educational yet fun games with the children, bath them, put them to bed at a suitable hour if needed, take them to the park day times on weekends, keep them entertained with toys/games/music/dancing etc.

I am a hard worker, a fast learner. As well as this i remain calm in any situation as stressing is not healthy for children to be around. I ensure that the children are able to have fun playing and still be safe as well as knowing when to calm down. I am not strict and will never shout at your children as i have a lot of patience, i will simply use expressions such as 'nice playing please', 'kind hands and feet please' 'inside voices/quiet voices/little voices please', 'choose it use it and put it away'. I do not agree with telling children that they are naughty i simply say 'that's not kind, can we be nice please'. In addition, i am a fun, outgoing young woman who will not drain the life out of your children, children should have fun but with limits. I am energetic, easy to get along with and can provide your children with love and attention. From the very beginning of a job, the children will become part of my family, therefore i will help educate them, have fun with them, care for them like a family member would care for them and love them.

Being around children all my life provides me with the ability to play games, run around, get them involved but show discipline where necessary. I can play a wide variety of games and if a new game/activity comes along i'm sure it would be fun learning. You will not have a more dedicated carer for your children than me. I am beyond my years as all i have ever known is looking after children and caring for them.

Here are a list of my GCSE's so that if any tutoring/ help with homework is needed, i can provide support...

Health and Social Care: Distinction* = GCSE equivalent A*
English Language: A
English Literature: A
Business Studies: A
Music: Distinction = GCSE equivalent A
Maths: B
Core science: C
Additional Science: C
Further Additional Science: C

Also, i play guitar, piano and sing. I have my own anti-bullying website, I know basic first aid and I look forward to working with any children of any age and ability. Thank You.

Mini C.V

Services offered Babysitting
Training First aid qualification
Experience Family Experience: care for siblings, cousins.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-3 years
3-6 years
over 6 years
Spoken languages English (mother tongue)
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary and secondary school
Cook for children : Yes, I can
Help with housework / Ironing : Of course, I'm always helpful around the house!


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Kayleigh, babysitting in Sheffield S25


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Considering i usually babysit for free i am willing to provide my services for any price as long as it is reasonable for the hours you are requiring. I will not charge extra for cooking/cleaning because i will take it upon myself to do these things. I may also throw in a free day every week once i am comfortable working with you. Thank you.

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