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* I am moving to Colchester at the end of March :) I am looking for jobs within Colchester or outside of the town. I have a car so travel is not an issue for me. *

Hi there - my name is Lucy and I am 29 years of age. I relocated to East London (Shadwell) from Gloucestershire in May 2014 and I absolutely love it in the big city!! When I first moved to London I found a nannying job for the summer for a lovely family on holiday in England who were from New Orleans. They had 3 gorgeous children who were 6, 4 and 5months. They then moved back to America.

I then looked after a little boy from when he was 3 months old to 2.5 years and we had great fun together and we formed the most amazing bond! We loved going to the local playgroups together, he enjoyed his music classes (as do I) :) , we always would get outside and get fresh air.. Feeding the ducks was a firm favourite and of course going to the park and playing on the swings and everything else!!! We also enjoyed having play dates a couple of times a week too!

I also then looked after another little girl from when she was just over 2 years old and we again formed a fantastic bond and did lots of lovely things together and got outside as much as possible, went to playgroups and of course enjoyed play dates too and we loved getting creative! I looked after this little one for three days a week whilst the other little boy was at nursery so I was working for two families at the time.

Both positions then came to an end as both children when to nursery full time - I am still in touch with both families which is wonderful.

I am now looking after a LO who is two years old and have been with her since she was one years old. Sadly this position is ending at the end of March as they are going to be having a new little baby and the Mother is not returning to work until both of the children are at school.

I firmly know that my career is with children and I can't wait to pursue it further. I have worked in baby rooms in the two different nurseries that I have worked in all the way up to pre school age. I have a degree in Health and Social Care Management and gained a 2:2 and a lot of the modules covered childcare. I feel that I m very knowledgeable and understand all the specific areas of childcare and I have a fantastic understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage,

Travel is not a problem at all for me and am happy to go to wherever you are and your children. I am a very fun loving individual and am always happy - I never have the time to be down - life is what you make it :)

I do so hope to hear from you :)

Mini C.V

Services offered Nanny working at family residence
Training Professionnal qualification (OFSTEO, certificate or diploma in childcare education, etc.)
First aid qualification
Experience Family Experience: care for siblings, cousins.
Already looked after children less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-3 years
3-6 years
over 6 years
Additional services Homework Help : Yes, primary school
Cook for children : No, I would prefer not to
Help with housework / Ironing : Yes, I can


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Lucy, nanny - CO1 Colchester


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Nanny working at family residence

I charge this because you have to consider travelling and the extra house work that I will partake in, in the household.