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Sophie, occasional childcare in Boston PE21

My name is Sophie and I am from Boston Lincolnshire. I am in my fourth year of training at Nottingham Trent University to become a Primary School Teacher. Therefore, I can provide a CRB check if required. I work at the local cinema in Boston and a reference can be provided by the manager to show I am a hard working and responsible individual. I have volunteered in many schools in the Boston area to gain experience of teaching and caring for young children, including children with special n...
Kiara, sitter in Boston PE21

I am a 17 year old girl called Kiara who is currently trying to get through college which I travel on train to get too, in hopes of getting into a good university - so a small weekend job to gain some extra money doing something I enjoy would help a lot. I am really good with kids, I had work experience in a primary school where all the kids loved me, my mum use to be a child minder, which I helped her with a lot. As well as having 2 nephews and 2 nieces which I take care of/babysit, rangin...
Kyle, child care in Boston

My name is Kyle and I currently work at Hawthorn Tree primary school on my second year of my apprenticeship. I am fully involved in the school, working at every disco, organizing the summer fayre and soon to start with the rugby club. I am looking for babysitting care any day of the week after 5 and/or weekends which suits. I have babysat once before in brothertoft but it didn't work out due to the distance. I always like children to be happy, so working round what they would like is key, wit...
Destiny, babysitter in Boston PE21

Hi I am Destiny, I am 14 and a half years old. I am at secondary school and I am taking child care and development and I am hoping to work with children when I leave school as I enjoy spending time playing and helping children learn. I have applied to do my work experience soon at a local nursery in Boston. I have looked after a couple of children and look after my sister regularly. I enjoy playing games with the children including trains, cars, dolls, colouring etc, I enjoying reading to...
Andreea-gabriela, babysitting in Boston

My name is Andreea and I am 28 years old. As a caring and supportive person, I have the natural qualities to support children to develop and be positive. Keen to learn and expand my own knowledge and experience. I have a helpful and caring personality and I posses good manners and empathetic skills. In work with children i'm responsible, kind, patient, caring, friendly and polite. I'm open minded person and very flexible. When it comes to child care experience, I have looked after childre...
Nicole, childcare - PE21 Boston

Hello, I am a young adult (aged 17) and I have been involved with children through-out my entire life. Caring for them, feeding them, bath time, bed time, play time. Due to being a young adult I still have a lot of immaturites when it comes to games and activities and I love to be completely involved. What is the point in just tell them what to do? You may as well join in on the fun. Children seem to enjoy my company and I really enjoy there's, because not only do they learn from yo...
Annalise, after-school childcare in Boston

I am a student at college, I am studying English, Maths and Level 2 in Functional Skills. I am a gymnast and a dancer, I am looking to become a babysitter because I love babies and kids, I am not fussed about anything. I am willing to do anything and to learn new things. I live on my own so I already have that level of independency so I love doing household chores and tidying up. I love playing games and I love getting involved.
Rio, babysitter in Boston

Hi I love to look after young children I've looked after my cousins many times and baby sit them and I could help little kids to help do homework and if you needed me to cook I'm doing gcse food at the moment so I'd love to help cook
Jurita, babysitting in Boston PE21

Hello. I'm looking for an evening job, well not just a job but something what would I enjoy and what I love, so babysitting it is. I'm working full time, but evenings starting rom 6pm I'm more then free and can stay up late babysitting. I'm 21 years old, I live in boston for five years now, was studying as a childminder in collage, got my qualifications as well. I jus want some more experience, learn more about children cause they all are different, I'm coming from big family. I have...
Jodie, foreign au pair in Boston

My name is Jodie, I am 16 years old. I have just finished school and therefore am looking for a job; also I am waiting on my GCSE results which I shall be getting shortly. I am a very friendly and outgoing person. As much as I enjoy my own company I would rather be around others. I enjoy cleaning and keeping tidy. In the future I would like to look after the elderly and the younger children under or at the age of 12. I very often look after my younger sister and most of my younger cousins. I ...
Chelsea, sitter in Boston PE21

My name is chelsea, i grew up in a large family and i am the eldest sibling of 6. I always helped my parents with the children and household chores. My siblings are ages 1, 4, 11, 15 and 17. I also have a step daughter aged 3. I have worked for friends of the family babysitting and sometimes child care for a few days while the parents were away. I have many qualities as a child carer as im natural with children and work hard to make sure im doing a good job in what i do. I have also done my G...
Shannon, occasional childcare in Boston

Hi my name is Shannon , I am 16 years old and I am part time studying Health and Social care at Boston College. I have been accepted onto the next level of my course. I have learneed a lot since studying this course. I have learned how to look after those in need and how to treat them with respect. I am looking to part time baby sit. I am available from Thursdays-Sundays. I can babysit anytime between these four days, I am available all day. I have looked after my two nieces who are 1 ...
Denby, babysitter in Boston

Hi! I am 18 years old, and I am kind, caring and sensible when it comes to caring for other people. I will ensure that your children will have fun and feel comfortable while remaining safe and well looked after as this is the most important. I am happy to take part in activities such as playing and games, and also in tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Although I do not have a childcare specific qualification, I do have qualifications in health and social care (school and college level), ...
Parsla, babysitter - PE21 Boston

Hi my name is Parsla but you can always call me Paula if it easier. I love looking after childern and being a part of a young childs life with what i can always help. I would dedicate 100% of my attention to the child. I am 14 years old but soon I will be 15. i have a bit of experience as i have helped my mum look after children when she worked as a babysitter i also have a younger brother who i used to look after but now he has started school and doesn't need me as much. i would also be will...
Lauren, after-school childcare in Boston

Hello, I'm Lauren, a 17 year old from Boston. I really enjoy looking after children and would like a career involving children. I currently do work experience at St.Marys and I love it. Seeing the children achieve things makes me proud as a person that I have managed to help them succeed. I am preferably looking to care for children by going to your family home because I live with my parents therefore dont have a place of my own. I have had experience in baby sitting by caring for my Mothe...
Hannah, baby sitter in Boston

I turn 18 next month and have 6 niece's and 1 nephew (all under 10yrs). I have experience taking care of them. I also have some experience (only a week however) of taking care of young children in a school setting. I enjoy caring for children and am extremely helpful with whatever the client needs. I also have younger siblings that have behavioural issues, so I'm patient and can handle troublesome children well. I'm an artistic person and like to get creative with my niece's and nephew. I'm a...
Saskia, sitter in Boston

I am 18 years of age and have recently finished two years at Boston College. I occasionally babysit/care for my 6-year-old sister whilst my mother is at work (as I do not live with her). I have previously babysat for my cousin's two children who were ages 1 & 9 at the time. I also get on with all pets, so I will not be put off if you have a dog, for example. I believe I can keep the children entertained as I have noticed I bond with children quite well.
Alice, babysitting - PE21 Boston

My name is Alice and I am 16 years old. I am a very relaxed, outgoing person. I have some experience in looking after children, including my cousins and my little brother. I am extremely responsible and trustworthy. I am flexible with my working times over the next 12 weeks, as I have just finished year 11, completing more than 10 GCSEs. However when I start sixth form next year, I can make time at weekends and even at nights when needed. I am hardworking and can provide references if necessary.
Lauren, babysitting - PE21 Boston

I am a very bubbly and helpful 19 year old female. I adore children and helping them in any way i can. I have studied health and social care with extra elements in both level 2 and level 3 to help me in future years to suceed in being a paramedic. If an emergency was to ever arise the childrens well-being would always come first. I would be more than willing to help cook meals, clean and help with homework. I am also DBS checked.

Hello! I am in UK for 3 months and I would like to look after kids. I am 18 years old, but very reliable and responsible. I just finished high school and I am looking for part-time job during my stay in UK. I love playing with kids. I play piano and I am interested in many sports. I am able to cook (healthy). I am not qualified as a childcarer, but I have experience in this field, because I am used to take care of my cousins and other younger family members. I am looking for occasional baby ...
Sian, sitter - PE21 Boston

My name is Sian. I am looking for part -time/ babysitting jobs. I currently cook meals and make lunches for my younger brother for when he goes to school. I have had experience changing nappies, making food and getting younger ones ready for bed. I have also looked after some family friends children for a few hours at night where I cooked a meal for them and made sure they were occupied until bedtime. I work well with any age of child/ren. I am a good cook, more than happy to help with ch...
Chloe, occasional childcare in Boston PE21

I am not a professional but I have had experience working with children, I have worked in 2 nurserys before and I babysit for family occasionally. I am 17 and I love looking after children. I am able to look after children at any ages and I don't mind how many at once. I live locally to Boston and I can work any days as I have no job and I don't currently go to college anymore and I don't plan on going anymore. I have a level 1 in health and social care and I plan on doing my NVQ in Childcare.
Amyleigh, after-school childcare in Boston PE21

Hello my name is Amyleigh I am a caring, trustworthy and reliable lady. Some days i help out my friends and family by babysitting there children . I have a level 1 child care so I no the main duties you need to no how to cook, clean and make sure there are no risks plus more . I would love to help family's out when needed. I can take care of any age night or day time. Thank you for your time reading this I hope to hear from you ..
Saskia, sitter - PE21 Boston

I am saskia , a student at the Haven High sixth form and currently studying Psychology, Maths and Media. I am a hard working student with a lot of knowledge. I'd happily help out around the home and love to look after children. I would happily help with homework and I'd help out when ever I'm needed, and also I have experience with cleaning. I have a bubbly personality and I am willing to play games and keep children entertained. I am willing to help with homework as well.
Ilina Danielova, after-school childcare - PE21 Boston

Hi. I'm Ilina Danielova . I'm 18 years old and I'm from Bulgaria. I speak/write/etc english very good. I'm kind, gentle and loving. I adore children and I really enjoy spending time with my little cousin. She's 6 years old and we love going out for a walk, playng in the park or just staying at home and drawing some stuff.My hobby is photography so your child will have the most wonderful photos in the whole universe! I also can teach him/her some cool bulgarian games. I don't mind helpin...
Lucy, babysitter in Boston

Hello, My name is Lucy Alice . I am 17 years old and turn 18 in July. I am responsible, friendly, confident and willing to learn. I have a neighbour who has a young boy staying with her, who is 6 now but from a young age I have been playing with him when he wants it. Also he loves to take my Jack Russell terrier for a walk, which I have done on multiple times. Even though this was not an actual job this has given my good experiences working with young children, how to act around th...
Greta, childcare - PE21 Boston

Hi my name is Greta.I am 14 years old but soon will be 15.I have a bit of experience with children as i have looked after my 2 nieces and my friends brother.I am very good with children and give 100% of my attention to your kids.I can do some houswork like cleaning and making food while children are sleeping.I can look after the children after school, at weekends and on school holidays however i will not be able to look after the children in summer holidays because i'm not gonna be in Englan...
Christina, baby sitter - PE21 Boston

I am called Christina. I am 14 years old. I look after my little niece and nephew. I also look after my disabled cousin who cant walk. this has given me an interest in working with children. I study child development in school. I am looking to babysit. I can cook, clean, wash clothes and I can also change nappies do bottle feeds for babies and I also like taking children out to the park. I am kind, caring, loving and I love looking after children aged 5 or under.

Hi there! My name is Haley and I am a 23 year old woman living in Boston. My friends and colleagues would describe me as upbeat, tidy, polite, interested in a range of activities and hobbies... and a great cook! I am available for emergency babysitting in the comfort of the child's own home. I have a full UK driving licence so I can travel to you quickly, and at any time - provided you have given some notice first. And i'm very good with animals too! I enrolled a 2 year course for th...

My name is Patocinia but commonly known as patch, I work in a care home as a care assistant looking after elderly people some with disabilities for 10 years. I work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights but after this my week is free. Due to the fact I have so much free time, I am looking for something to fill this time. Since my field of expertise is care, I decided to go into the field of childcare as well. I am looking to give babysitting care and also part time care, I am willing to cook a...

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Destiny, babysitter in Boston PE21

I would highly recommend Density as a babysitter. She has looked after my 2 year old son on a number of occasions. Density is the first Perone I contact when I need childcare. She is reliable and trustworthy. Density always puts my sons welfare first. My little boy can be funny with strange people but he took a shine to Density straight away. She will quite happily sit on the floor with my son and play with his toys with. I can't pick any fault with her.

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