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Jade, babysitting in Great yarmouth NR30

My name is Jade , I am 16 and currently at school. Since the age of 14 I have looked after a little girl aged 8 and a boy aged 3. I would normally babysit between 1pm - 10am over night, feeding them, watching a film, putting them to bed and have a tidy up around the house. I'm wanting to do more and get involved, I love children and they are a joy to be around! I love to entertain them give them the all the attention possible. Making sure home work is completed, they have been in the bath, ...
Jake, babysitter in Great yarmouth

I am currently 17 I go to college at East Norfolk Sixth Form I generally have a bus pass so can easily access most of Yarmouth and surrounding areas I work at KFC in town for very small hours 3-5 a week. I have looked after children before I have helped out at the holiday clubs at Northgate st Andrews first school for a few years and have done babysitting for my neighbors and family members. I used to work as an airspray tatooist so i often worked with younger children up to teens then Pers...
Beth, baby sitting in Great yarmouth NR30

I am Beth . I am 19 years old and have a Btec in Early Years Child Care and Development. I have worked in a nursery school for 1 year and have done placements in other school settings for 2 years. I am also qualified in first aid and food and hygiene. I am a happy and bubbly person who loves interacting with children of all ages. I love to play games and sing nursery rhymes with children. I am trained to meet all developmental areas aswell as meeting basic needs such as feeding, putting the ...
Courtney, babysitter in Great yarmouth NR30

hello, my name is Courtney and i am 14years old and i am very reliable. I have two younger brothers one seven and the other five. I look after them 2days a week for my mum in the evening, and im looking for a job roughly in the summer holidays and any other holidays. I love to play games and try new things with children and help them grow up, im polite and very friendly to children and love to teach them new things. Many thanks, Courtney.
Shannon, childcare in Great yarmouth NR30

I am Shannon , I'm 17 years old, I'm currently in college 3 days a week, but can work all evenings and afternoons all through the week, Thursday and Friday I'm free all day. I'm looking for chance to care for children under the ages of 6 years old, my experience with babysitting children are all in the family, i used to look after them if their parents went out and on family gathering when they parents wanted to let lose a bit. As i have always loved babysitting children for my family when i...
Shannon, baby sitter in Great yarmouth NR30

My name is Shannon, I'm 15 years old, I'm a very likeable person and easy to get along with.I go to school Monday to Friday finish at 2:35. I'm looking for a weekend or evening job preferably babysitting, I'm great with kids look after my two nephew now and again I've watched them from new born up to six years of age. It would be my pleasure to come round and meet the kids first, also school pick ups wouldn't be a problem would arrange that later on, many thanks Shannon.
Natasha, child care - NR30 Great yarmouth

Hi my names natasha im 19. i am very good with children and pets i have ADHD and learning diffuculties but i can manged. i have good talent in arts and crafts im a great singer ive done baby sitting with my next door neghibors little girl pepole perfer to me as a mother figer as im very kind and i love to see children smile. i know all sorts of games and im a bit of a child myself i love to have fun in playing role play with the little ones. i can cook sometimes clean but most of all im good...
Amber, baby sitting in Great yarmouth

My name is Amber, i am 17 years old. I have always had a passion for working with children and have loved child care ever since i was a little girl. I want to develop my skills and have as much life experience as i can that will be useful for my future. I will do as much as i can and will look after children to the best of my ability. I have had work experience in scribbles and st nicolas priary, also i babysit my nieces and nephews a few times a week.
Chloe, sitter in Great yarmouth NR30

Hello, I’m Chloe I am one of 6 children who range from 12-6 . Throughout my life I have had to raise and cook and clean for my younger siblings. I have had to learn vital skills in how to cope with all ages and ADHD with one of my siblings, this inspired me to want to become a social worker due to having such an insight into children’s life. I have not progressed to take that next step as I want would like to take more time in caring and looking after young children or older as I really feel ...
Mia, babysitter - NR30 Great yarmouth

I am a mature 16 year old currently studying my gcses at Norwich City College, predicted C grades. I am reliable and hard working and I can provide good refrences from my college tutors. I have a fun and out going personality and have a natural ability to get along with children. I have experience in caring for two autisic children age 5 and 12. I am confident and understanding of thier needs and behavouir. I understand that as a parent you need to be confident in my abilities and I can...
Danielle, babysitter in Great yarmouth NR30

I'm Danielle , I am one of 11 children and I grew up looking after them and eventually babysitting. I got myself a babysitting job but sadly they moved away. I then became a youth leader at my local youth club arranging activities for the children that attended, ages ranged from 5 +. I then went to college and completed my level 2 childcare BTEC. I now have 2 children myself. A 2 year old boy and 5 months old girl. Looking to get myself back in to work.
Jessica, childcare in Great yarmouth NR30

Hello, I am Jessica and I love babysitting children, I have experience looking after my next door neighbor who is 1 years old. I also babysat my cousin who is is 4. I can deal with children or toddlers crying and throwing a tantrum. I take out my next door neighbor to the beach, the park, I play with them on the park or even at home. I enjoy looking after children because I like to make them laugh and have a good time all day everyday, I like to help out as much as I can.

Hello I'm Paige im looking for babysitting jobs or part time nannys ect I have been a 1:1 support worker for a child who had autism and volunteered at a local pre-school i have babysat an 1 year old and a 6 year old from the same family and still do from time to time I will be babysitting to twins in September witch will be 7 months old ever Tuesday evenings until May and on Wednesday evening I run a rainbow unit on Southtown road for girls aged 5-7 and a unit helper to the brownie and Gu...

Hi my name is Peter I have siblings who I have a lot of fun looking after and playing games with. I am a caring person and always listern to what a child wants to make them happy. I am not easily lured by childeren to give them what they want. I am always willing to learn and enjoy the experience that is being offered to me. I enjoy watching programs with children and due to having young siblings know a lot of the children programs.
Sophie, childcare - NR30 Great yarmouth

Hi my name is Sophie I am 14 years old and I have had some experience with looking after siblings and friends children. I have had experience with a newborn baby a 5 month, old a year old and 5-11 year olds So if you could get back to me asap

Hi, I'm Jasmine. I am looking to give evening care and weekend care to any families who need it. I am a very helpful and hardworking, I love looking after children as I have looked after and cared for 3 of my younger siblings. I have qualifications in level 1 and 2 Health and Social care. Now currently studying level 3. I am fun and creative with activities for children's. normally with boys I could play football or cars or whatever the little ones are in to, and the girls dolls and dressi...

I am milli-rose, I am looking to work for a baby sitting service not only done professionally but also be a fun baby sitter for the children, I find myself an approachable and friendly person, very easy going and well spoken. I used to do a lot of activities as a child verifying from football, netball, hockey, basketball, rounders, cricket and also love playing board games, interactive and fun is a key to happiness and happiness is all I want to receive throughout the job

My name is Shelby I am 19 years old and living in Great Yarmouth. I’m friendly and always caring when it comes to children. I feel like I am an understanding and patient person which is best to have when working with children and they need a lot of time and care. I’ve Always loved working in childcare as I feel it’s such a rewarding role. I have a level 1 in health and social care and also a level 1 in childcare. I raised my younger brother from a very young age which would involve nappy...
Katie-jo, babysitter in Great yarmouth

Hello Parents. My name is Katie-Jo but Katie as preferred I am looking for some part time or just baby sitting jobs in Great Yarmouth. I have much experience being that I looked after my little 2year old niece daily and I also had a part time work in the primary part of my old school. I also had 6-8 weeks of work experience in the Caister Primary School where I got on very well and adapted easily. I care for all types of children and do not discriminate against others. I would really apprecia...
Katelyn, baby sitter in Great yarmouth NR30

My name is Katelyn and I looking for babysitting jobs , I normally baby sit for my cousins and close friends ,

Hello, my name is Olivia, I’m looking for childcare jobs/babysitting jobs around Great Yarmouth but would be willing to travel if needed. I have a lot of experience working with children, including raising my own daughter who is now 3 years old. I can start immediately, and can accommodate most times/ days. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further.
Lara, baby sitting - NR30 Great yarmouth

Hello, my name is Lara I am 18 years old. I studied Childcare previously and had a job in the area. I really enjoy taking care of children and help them develop. I would like to get this as a part time job because is a role that I enjoy doing and as I am currently studying Health and Social Care. My first language is Portuguese.
Paige, babysitting in Great yarmouth

I am very good with children, I am always looking to work hard, and I will always finish the task I am set. I am a determined individual who is punctual and always on time. I haven't had much experience with being a babysitter, but I am willing to learn on the job.

Hello my name is Adele and I'm 24 years of age. I have a daughter called Faye who is 3 years of age, nearly 4. I'm really wanting to get back into the working industry now that Faye will be starting reception this September. I enjoy every second with Faye and I love looking after children. Unfortunately I don't have any qualifications but I am experienced in looking after children. I have loads of crafty ideas and loads of games to play, I enjoy singing songs (me and my daughter are forever s...

My name is Beverley and i am 18 years old. I am looking to do part time babysitting preferably on weekends as i am in collage in the week studying childcare diploma level 2 then progressing on to level 3. By doing babysitting it can build my experience working with children and inharncing my knowledge also to learn new things. I have had experience working with children aged 1 - 3 years in a nursery envrioment for 2 year as i worked as a student and volunteer. I enjoy new challenges , quick l...

Hello, Im Sammy, im 17 years old and i live at home with my mum and 4 siblings, i have looked after them all, i am looking to help people by babysitting when needed, i am good with all ages of children i can relate with them all, i feel i am freindly and fun i have experiance looking after all my siblings and younger family members. Activities and games that i use to help my brothers ans sister include playing sports with them, helping with homework, watch telly with them, cooking with them i...

I am a 14 year old girl, who loves to support children and help out families when they need it. I can clean, including: hoovering, mopping, sweeping , washing up, cleaning surfaces, and almost everything you'd expect me to do. I can cook a basic meal, I can use ovens, microwaves, and every Kitchen appliances safely. I am currently learning child development studying children between newborn and 5 but can also take care of older children proved in family experience, I will be able to help out ...
Weronika, child care in Great yarmouth

Hello, I'm Weronika and currently a 16 year old student who's studied both childcare and health and social and had gotten good grades in both. I'm very keen on working with young children, and when have gotten the opportunity to look after siblings or family friends children I have enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoy seeing little kids progress within their stages and it also helps me with my further education.
Chanelle, baby sitter in Great yarmouth

My name is Chanelle, I am 16 years old. In the future I want to become a neonatal nurse, I feel that getting this sort of experience will allow me to progress and gain new skills for my future. I am very trustworthy and like to think of myself as a dedicated, passionate, hardworking and polite girl. I have a big family with cousins as young as newborns to 14 years old. I have been doing health and social care level 1 and level 2 over the last 2 years. At level one I got a distinction, this co...

Hello, my name is Chelsea I am a school leaver at 16 years of age, I would like to explain experience I have had I have a niece and a cousin and I spend time with them and know exactly how to care for a child, I am very trustworthy and 100% reliable and would never let you down I am willing to cook clean and help the children with homework or anything needed thank you for reading much appreciated.

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Jade, babysitting in Great yarmouth NR30

Jade is a lovely girl, very hardworking , and cheers anyone's day up, she very confident and reliable , and an asset to any employee

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