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Ru, after-school childcare - TS26 High throston

I enjoy looking after and interacting with children of all ages. I find being around children gives you a sense of purpose especially when you are able to make a difference by safeguarding their wellbeing which encourages them to develop socially and emotionally by engaging with you. I enjoy playing games with children, inside and outdoor games whether it be a board game or playing with a football. I can also play learning games and do craft sessions to keep them entertained. Now a bit ab...
Megan, sitter - TS26 High throston

I am Megan , age 15 and I love to help and care for children. I am an approachable, caring, extremely responsible and a great role model towards children of all ages and I feel that I am great company towards children as I am able to play games, help with homework and cater for their needs. I am also able to make sure that the children I care for are happy and enjoying themselves. My past experience includes voluntary work within a school community centre working on the reception and interac...
Katlyn, sitter in High throston TS26

My names Katlyn Egan I’m 18 years of age and I’m from Hartlepool, I love spending time with my little brother and sister. And family I have been wanting to work with children for a long time, since I was young myself. I babysit my family’s children, my mothers friends children. I’m friendly and kind I’m patience and calm I love to read, paint and draw I live helping out with homework and reading bed time story’s. I love to cook and clean.
Laura, childcare in High throston

Hi I’m Laura , I’m 21 years old, I have a 2 year old daughter who I love dearly, The only experience I have is with my daughter, we play games, read books, go to the park and other outings and have lots of fun! I live with my partner and daughter in Hartlepool, my partner works full time so he is never around. I am looking to do some part time nanny work at my own home. I am very reliable and responsible and work well with children.
Bethany, child care in High throston

I'm Bethany and I am 17 years old. I am looking for a part time job or hobbie to do. My go to for this would be to be a babysitter as I enjoy looking after and entertaining children. I have 5 siblings and young cousins from the ages of 8 weeks +. I am looking for work for a weekend as I do a full time Aerospace Engineering course at college during the week.