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Megan, baby sitting in Leicester LE1

I'm Megan. I'm 21 years old and am studying psychology at the university of Leicester. I am looking for evening babysitting however I am happy to do some ocassional after school childcare. I come from a large family so have always enjoyed being around children. I am fun and interactive but will be firm when needed and can adapt to the needs of all children. I have a lot of experience in childminding and babysitting in both boys and girls.
Saskia, after-school childcare in Leicester LE1

Hi i'm 17 years old currently looking for some part time work, i love to work with children and have had experience working in a nursery with 2-4 year olds also with family and friends children. I'm currently waiting for my results back for Childcare level 2 course from college. I should also be starting my driving lessons as soon as i can as that would be a big help in getting around. I am willimg to do anything to help, e.g, cooking, helping to clean up helping the children with homewoek, ect.
Sheena, baby sitting in Leicester LE1

Hi! I'm Sheena, I'm a final year student at the University of Leicester. While I was born in London, I grew up in Tanzania for a significant part of my childhood- and came back to the UK in year 9 to pursue the rest of my education here. My aim, after I have graduated, is to go into teaching- specifically in SEN. This has largely stemmed from my upbringing in Tanzania, knowing I could make a difference to children who see and understand the world a little bit differently to their peers. I’v...
Dominiks, occasional childcare - LE1 Leicester

My name is Dominika and I am 20 years old. I study Modern Languages (French and Spanish) with Translation. In my spare time, I study German and Italian. I love also reading books and watching movies in their original languages. I believe this is the best way to learn new words. I like cooking. Since I was little I have liked taking care of others. I used to help my aunts with feeding and playing with my younger cousins. Moreover, I have volunteered for two years as a babysitter. I took care o...
Jaymie, babysitter - LE1 Leicester

My name is Jaymie , I am seventeen and really enjoy looking after and working with children. I have grown up in a big family full of children, I babysit for my two aunts. One has three boys who are 15, 10 and 5. The other has two boys who are 8 and 5. I have also babysat for three neighbors of mine who have six children altogether, the children are 8 months old, 3, 6, 7 and 10. I also volunteered at a drama academy, I worked with children from the age of 6 to 14. I absolutely love working ...
Tamzin, babysitting in Leicester LE1

I am currently doing my level three childcare as an apprentice and has been working with young children since October 2015. I am 17 years old but I am a lot mature for my age. I live with my Nana and granddad and have done for 5 years now, my grandparents are foster carers and have look after three children from the age of five and i help them out as much as i can. i am a very confident happy, bubbly and positive person and is always wanting to help others. I am also trying to find a chi...
Rahila, baby sitter - LE1 Leicester

Hi I am a caring, honest, friendly compassionate outgoing person. I am a 22 years. I am currently a one to one support worker for an additional needs child and I am a relief worker. I have a level 2 in childcare. I am looking to progress my proffessional development and to do my level 3. I have previous experience with toddlers and babies as I did my traineeship placement in barkerened sure start. Also, I have experience by looking after friends and families children age range between new...
Alice, baby sitting in Leicester LE1

Hi I'm Alice! :) I am a university student just looking for a casual part time job, I'm outgoing fun and easy to get on with. I am looking For babysitting or child care for evenings and weekends. I can help primary school and secondary school children with homework and also cook and clean and tidy if needed. I love creative activities drawing, painting making things. I love playing games from Play station to board games to playing football. I'm young and full of energy so willing to ...
Tori-leigh, after-school childcare in Leicester

A baby sitting job is more or less the most important job anyone has to offer, happiness within the children is the first step, each day passes and you need to gain trust, comfort, empathy, and yourself, being yourself is important. I love to help, from being the oldest in my house to being the one that would always change and feed my baby sister, to taking her to her group in the mornings, I have all the love in my heart for this position, and all the dos and donts, I'm very reliable. I sing...
Marine, childcare in Leicester

Hello, My name is Marine I am a french student living in Leicester. I am here for a year and I will be studying management at the university of Leicester. I am almost 20 years old and I have been baby sitting children since I was 15, from 3 months to 12 years old. I would love to take care of children in Leicester, I also can help them doing there homeworks and even teach them a little bit of french ! Send me an email if you are interested so we can fixe a meeting!
Corey, baby sitter - LE1 Leicester

Hi I'm Corey I'm 15 turning 16 and I'm currently a student at the city of Leicester college and I'm wanting to go into child care when I'm older. I'm very responsible and very hands on I enjoy sports and games and communicating with people. One of my top qualities is leadership and motivation , trust worthy , reliable. I've had experience with younger children because I have looked after younger brothers and cousins. I'd like to be given the opportunity to ear some money while studying.
Chloe, babysitter - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name is Chloe . I currently study at De Montfort University as a first year Psychology with Criminology student. In the past, I have volunteered in a school and I found myself really enjoying my role as a teaching assistant and so I took up a babysitting position in my hometown. Unfortunately as the children got older, the parents needed me less and less and I find myself missing being the extra helping hand! I am very hands on in terms of cooking and cleaning as strangely, I enjoy...
Manuela, occasional childcare - LE1 Leicester

Hello. I'm Manuela, I'm nineteen years old and I've always been around children my entire life. I started babysitting my cousins when I was nine-I still do it.-and really enjoyed it, so then I moved on to volunteering. I volunteered at two different orphanages throughtout my teenage years, majorly playing with the young children and helping the older ones with their homework. I did my official volunteer work for school at the Ronald McDonald house foundation and was there for about a year and...
Viviana, after-school childcare in Leicester LE1

Dear Family, My name is Laura, I am from Colombia. I describe myself as a nice, sociable, responsible, hard worker, creative and ambitious woman. I have a lot of goals to reach, I always think about future without forgetting to live in the present. I hold a Bachelor’s degree as a Bacteriologist (2006). Right now, I am doing a MSc in Molecular Biology and Cell Cancer at the university of Leicester. I am an easygoing person, I enjoy every single day. I work really hard to peruse my goal...
Tonibi, baby sitting in Leicester LE1

I am an enthusiastic 22 year old. I have two younger brothers and they are all the experionce I require and more. gowever, I am a very eager and quick to learn and a really good listener. I love to cook and clean and essentially, I love kids, although they can be difficult sometimes, when hungry or seeking attention. And I’m willing to oblige. Growing up with two boys has taught me to be patient and flexible at all time and that will be a good quality for this job role. I do not have any pref...
Tiana, babysitter in Leicester LE1

I am an enthusiastic and fun person who adores children. In the past I have cared for children of many different ages and requirements. I love to help out wherever I can, whether it be homework or chores I’m always here for support. I am an extremely responsible and dependable individual, so you’ll never have to worry about reliability. I am free most evenings and my weekends are quite flexible. I am highly active and athletic and have led small groups of children in the past in sports and ac...

Hi my name is Gloria, I am 19 years old and currently studying at De Montfort University in Leicester. The type of care I am looking for would be just babysitting jobs, as I have not studied and received qualifications for me to even attempt being a full time carer. I would say my best qualities as a childcarer would be the fact that I can be very childish at times - not in a bad way though! Even at 19 I still love Peppa Pig and I can really engage when playing games with children so that the...
Anna, babysitting in Leicester

I am a nursery nurse with extensive professional experience. I completed a 3-year study of English literature and sociology. I also did a 2-year BTEC diploma in early childhood studies in the UK. I received an International Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults CELTA . In the UK I worked as a nursery nurse in various nurseries, preschools, creches and schools. I gained valuable experience of a nursery nurse. I l also worked as a baby sitter and a nanny in London and abroad. I ret...
Shania, babysitter in Leicester

My name is shania . I'm 15 years old but 16 on novemeber the 19th. I am looking for a part time babysitting job. I have looked after many Children of all ages including my siblings and family members. I have always connected and got on well with every child Ive looked after. I love helping and teaching children new things. I am there whenever Necessary. I do talk some French. Enough to communicate to a child or plural. My first language is English. I have a qualification in beauty therapy so...
Marcel, sitter in Leicester LE1

My name is Marcel and I study primary and secondary education including english and geography as subjects. I am experienced in taking care of children, may it be infants, 1-3 year olds and children up to 12 years. As a part of my studies I needed to do work experience in a primary school and a nursery so far. I have done baby sitting before and I have always enjoyed it. I like looking after children and making them feel secure and protected when their parents are not around. Due to me wanting...
Paige, babysitter in Leicester LE1

Im paige, and I am 15, I go to high school and I am currently taking 10 GCSE's. I love to work with children and I am planning on becoming a social worker when I'm older. I'm trying to earn some money while getting some experience at the same time which will help me when I am older. I would like to do the occasional baby sitting job as I am focusing on my school work and I don't want to use all my time up and not have any time to do any school work. I love children of all ages and I have had ...
Daniela, after-school childcare - LE1 Leicester

Hello I'm a portuguese girl, I arrive here in the last year. In Portugal I worked with children and I was a volluntary too. We played, we walking, we maked some experiences, I was read for them, I help with the homeworks, we maked some exercice like dancing... Since young I take care of my brother. I'm very pacient, I love children and I will love work again with them.
Jemma, babysitting in Leicester LE1

My name is Jemma. I have been married for almost 7 years now. I have three sons ages 5 years, 3 years & 11 months. I breastfeed my 1st two children for a year each and I am still currently feeding my youngest so could wet nurse if required. I have a young Labrador retriever which means we are an active family that gets lots of fresh air! I enjoy cooking for my family & baking cakes. I spend a lot of time baking various sweet & savoury treats with my children
Sanya, babysitter in Leicester

My name is sanya Khan I am a very dedicated fun loving being, who adores children and enjoy caring for them I work at my fullest ability to make the children and the parents/guardians proud and happy to choose me to lookout for the well-being of there children, I follow the house rules as if it’s my own and a very trustworthy being, I am looking to do childcare as I am taking a nvq level 2 course in it right now. I have experience in looking after children in all age range as I have a little ...
Kirsty, babysitting in Leicester

Hi there my name is Kirsty, I have bubbly, up-beat personality and tend to always greet people with a smile and I’m always willing to help in anyway I can. I'm studying level 2 in childcare at Leicester college, because of that I volunteer at a nursery 2 days a week, working with ages 0 to 5 years. I love to entertain and to work hospitality and with my skills of acting, singing and hosting, I am ranged from drama to Broadway musicals. I am open to a variety of parts across the theatre...
Klaudia, babysitter in Leicester LE1

Hi, my name is Klaudia and I am 17 years old. (Next month I will be 18) I am currently studying at college and this is my final year. I am looking for part-time childcare jobs as It would be great for me to learn more about this exciting opportunity to be with children. Personally, I love children. I adore Playing with them and spending time with them. In my family, we have lots of kids aged (1-13) and If there was an opportunity to take care of them, It was always Me Who my aunts and uncles ...
Linda, baby sitting - LE1 Leicester

I come from a very large family and i am roughly a middle child so I've had hands on experience with taking care of little children over the years. I'm an enthusiastic and fun person to be around and I am mature in all I do but a kid at heart that's why I think I'm good at taking care of others as if they are my own brother or sister.because of the amount of nursery rhymes I've sung over the years I'm practically a walking radio. I volunteer for many children's organisations that involve inte...
Vicky, baby sitter - LE1 Leicester

I am currently 17 years of age and offering my services as a babysitter/childminder on evenings and weekends. I'm cheerful, kind, patient and understanding of children of all ages and backgrounds and I'm not afraid to rise to a challenge. I consider myself to be a very proactive worker both professionally and out of a workplace environment and find myself to be strong-willed resilient and punctual at all times. Given my age I have had experience working with all kinds of children both profess...
Gemma, occasional childcare in Leicester

Hey, my name is Gemma. I've not long turned 18. I have had a lot if experience with children as I look after my nephews and friends children. I have babysat before for my friends and family so I know I'm good at it. I can cook, help them with the homework they need. I have piercings but i could take them out if you don't want me having them around children, also I have tattoos but they are always covered. I am flexible so I can work any hours, I am in college but that doesn't matter. I can al...
Irene, babysitting in Leicester

I am a recent graduate who studied international business. I am looking to be a babysitter or work part time around my job. My qualities as a childcarer will be being able to be understanding with children, also making sure to be fair and reasonable. I feel like I have a special touch with children due to raising my little brother so can bring that experience.

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Megan, baby sitting in Leicester LE1

Megan has child minded for my 5 and 7 year old boys each day over the last two summer holidays. Megan has always been punctual, reliable, and most of all arrived for work each day full of enthusiasm and ideas to keep the boys entertained and interested. Megan had sole charge of our children and I have always felt confident with her caring for them both in and outside of the home. Megan has cooked for the children each day and always left the house clean and tidy for my arrival home. She appears to have boundless energy for indoor and outdoor games and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, caring, hardworking, and reliable childminder. I would be very happy to speak with anyone who has any questions and am only sad that Megan has moved away from our area.

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