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Lisa, after-school childcare in Stevenage SG1

I am a mother myself of two beautiful children and I have worked in various Primary Schools for many years in a variety of different roles. I am polite and well mannered and try to be as flexible as possible. I love working with children and I also have 3 dogs so am used to being around family pets! I babysit regularly for friends and family, would be happy to help around the home with light domestic duties and I am responsible and reliable. I am currently employed as a Breakfast and After S...

My name is Lorna, i am a mother of one to a 7 year old daughter. For the last 4 years i have been working with children aged between 5 &14 as a playworker for stevenage borough council. I am first aid certified and have level 1&2 safeuguarding children and current DBS certificate. I am a friendly person who enjoys interacting with youngsters and their carers and i am always up for a challenge. Throughout recent years, i have learnt to deal with many situations, some challenging and some...
Remy, childcare in Stevenage SG1

My name is Remy i am currently out of school and 16 years of age looking for experience in child care. I work well with siblings and have good social skills. I am first aid trained and have a health and social care BTEC award. I am interject, friendly, bubbly. i also go to army cadets. I go to the gym in my spare time. I have my GCSE maths , English, science and Hospitality and catering. I like to stay focused a task and can work under pressure. i also am good with ICT equipment. I also lik...
Sophie, child care in Stevenage SG1

Hello. I'm Sophie. I currently work for a local centre where I run activities and courses for parents and children under 5. I am very mature, trustworthy and reliable. I'm very flexible and understanding towards the needs of all families and strive to meet any individual families needs whether it is a one-off or regular babysitter that you are looking for. I'm a very friendly individual with a caring nature with a real passion for working and caring for children of all ages. I e...
Chloe, babysitter - SG1 Stevenage

I am 15 years old, and most of my close friends have been looking for and receiving jobs, I thought it is the right time for myself, to search hard to gain a little experience, earn a small amount of money & enjoy a productive activity. I have always had a passion for working with children since I was a lot younger myself, and have always helped out with the care of friends' children, I would say I am very helpful and trustworthy, & although I am not a high-skilled chef I would be able to coo...
Chloe, babysitter in Stevenage

Hello, my name is Chloe . I am 18 years old. My passion for working and caring with children started at a very young age. I come from a very big family. I have 6 siblings so I am used to being busy and looking after my younger brother and sisters. I also help to look after my 2 year old niece on a regular basis. This summer I became a holiday representative in a family resort in France. As well as doing main duties such as receptionist and cleaner, I also helped run the kids club once a wee...
Charlotte, after-school childcare - SG1 Stevenage

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I live in Great Ashby. I'm a very intelligent and mature 15 year old girl who loves to work with children and loves to care and give them lots of attention whether it would be with helping with homework or just playing games. I love going to school and studying to get the best possible results after my GCSEs next year. I'm currently at the Nobel School in Year 11 and it would great to have something else to do of an evening or weekend besides doing homework and revision....
Megan, babysitter - SG1 Stevenage

Hiya I'm Megan, I'm a friendly and reliable person. I'm looking for a part time job as im still at school. I have lots of experience in looking after children as I have younger siblings and look after them on a regular basis. I enjoy looking after children/babies. I used to help out with parties so therefore have experience with children and also just finishing work experience with children I really enjoyed it. I love dancing and playing games with children.
Olivia, babysitting - SG1 Stevenage

Hi I'm Olivia, I am currently studying Visual Merchandising and on my second year at college in Hertfordshire. I'm looking for babysitting jobs to earn a little bit of money. I've always been around children has I have a little brother who is now 12 and also have a little sister who is nearly 4 so I have always been there to help out with them. When I was about 14 I used to help out at the holiday club through out the hoildays that I used to attend. I would help out with activities such ...
Belinda, childcare in Stevenage

Hello, I’m Belinda. I am mum to a 9 year old boy and am currently training to be a primary school teacher at university. Being a student and a single mum can be expensive, so I thought I’d advertise myself as a babysitter to earn a little extra money (mainly throughout the summer holidays but I may continue after too depending on required days). I’d love to be able to babysit with my son in tow, he is fab with other children. But this isn’t necessary all the time. I am able to p...
Lucy, babysitting in Stevenage SG1

Hi My name is Lucy , I am 16 years old. My mum used to be in the Childcare industry, so I know how to look after kids very well. I am also very kind person, i also have very good manners. I would love to help in any way with the children and help with their homework. I can only do weekends or after school depending on my revision for my GCSE's this year. I love helping around. I can cook so it you would like to cook their food. I will be willing to do that for you. I love doing acti...
Lucy, childcare in Stevenage SG1

Hi, my name is Lucy and I live in Stevenage. I have been babysitting for nearly 5 years, and would love to get back into it. I am studying my undergraduate degree and so have completely flexible hours whilst on holiday from summer. This is until early/mid-September, and so would be ideal to help out with the school holidays. I can provide references of previous families I have babysat for, and would love to hear from you.
Eleisha-marie, child care in Stevenage SG1

Hello my name is Eleisha and i am 16 years old and i am in sixth form studying my a levels. i am passionate and hard working and willing to do anything i can to achieve my goals.i know my age must seem intimidating as it seems young however i can assure you i am very mature and responsible. I have experience in baby sitting as i have looked after all my three cousins on a regular basis since they were ll born and the oldest is now ten. I have also had experience in looking after family friend...

I have spent a lot of time with children having looked after my family’s children over the years for evenings and afternoons. I have been involved in doing activities with children such as drawing and painting and have taken them to the park and for walks. I understand that the role of a babysitter is a very important one and that I need to be very responsible to do this role well. I am organised and thorough, I have a calm and patient manner and I understand the dangers around children...
Kiera, child care - SG1 Stevenage

I'm Kiera I would love to baby sit a child up to 13years old My qualitys in care are I went to a nursery with my health and social class I also have loads of younger family members I love to look after I have to younger brothers I'm great at communicating and its somthing iv always wanted to do.i do health and social so I learn a lot about medical and health issues and how to look after people properly I also like to play games like hide and seek I love to teach children new games I come ...
Charlie, babysitting in Stevenage

My name is Charlie, I have a younger sister that i have looked after for most of her life. I have also worked with other children as part of my sports course where I played and taught sports to the children. I am looking to earn some extra cash looking after your little angels or devils. I am fun, knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I have a good biological mind as my dream job needs it. Not too confident with babies but any other age group i am absolutely fine with.
Alice, child care in Stevenage SG1

Hi! I'm Alice king, I'm a sixth form student of barnwell school and one of my greatest interests is taking care of children. There are lots of young children in my family, including two newborns, four aged 1 - 4, and three aged 5 and above. Whenever I visit them, we always make sure we have fun, and lots of cuddles! I have experience with first aid, I don't have a full qualification, but I've been taught by my stepmother, teachers at school and from research. I am available to work on...
Abi, sitter - SG1 Stevenage

Hi I'm Abi. I am 20 years old and currently work in a day nursery with children ranging from 3 months to 5 years old. I am Level 3 qualified and hold both an up to date DBS (or CRB check as they used to be called) and a valid first aid certificate. I have had a lot of experience working with children varying from working with them on a daily basis in the work place to babysitting them in the evenings. I feel that I am very approachable and find it easy to get on with children of all ages, I a...
Laura, babysitter - SG1 Stevenage

Hello, My name is laura I am 23 years old, I currently work as a carer in Hertford however, I am looking to change my career and I absolutely adore children! I have studied my nqv 1/2 in college and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I had a little bit of work experience but it was a long time ago, I did used to babysit my step brother. I am willing to learn more, I'm a very outgoing, friendly, easy to get along with individual, I would love to get the opportunity to come and work with you and me...
Jade, babysitting - SG1 Stevenage

Hello my name is jade, I am 22 years old. I currently work as a deputy manager in a busy preschool and am offering part time or babysitting services. I have worked at the preschool for over 5 years and absolutely adore my job! I hold my level 2 and 3 nvq in childcare. I also hold certificates in other things such as safeguarding, child protection, eyfs training and steps training :) I also have training in selecting correct activities for children. I paticularly enjoy craft activities. Tha...
Lilly, babysitting in Stevenage

I have a friendly, easy-going approach and like to organise crafts and activities for children as well as a natural affinity with children of all ages. I have been volunteering at a crèche since August last year, working with children aged 0-11 and plan to start CACHE Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and Care (QCF) in September. I also babysit on a fairly regular basis for two boys aged 5 and 11. I have a Paediatric First Aid certificate and an Introduction to t...
Margaret, childcare in Stevenage

Hi There, I'm a Polish Norwegian girl, I have lived in Stevenage Old Town for more than 4 years and in England for more than 14 years, I really enjoy it here and am looking for ad hoc work as a childminder. I'm currently looking after my 6 months old baby and have capacity to look after an additional child once or twice a week. I have my own car and full driving licence. I like to keep active with activities like reading, arts and crafts, baking, going out as much as possible. I have a garden.
Nikki, occasional childcare in Stevenage

Hi my name is nikki I'm 29 I am currently at home with my 3 month old having been maderedundant from my job so I'm aware how hard childcare is ! I have looked after children since I was 10 and my mum had two new babies I know how hard it is to get childcare even for simple drop off or evening sitting. I'm bubbly fun and loving and I drive.
Oliwia, child care in Stevenage SG1

hello my name is Oliwia(16), i'm looking for a babysitting job. I'm very friendly, understandable, independent, ready to learn, always up for anything that is being asked of me, i'm also very trustworthy and i get along with children very well, i use to be a peer mentor so I'm familiar with taking care of children, I'm still in education and i spend most of my days with teenagers, also i can help with any homework or house work if needed.
Emmaeza, foreign au pair in Stevenage SG1

I'm a 20 years old girl who grew up and finish the school in Italy. I move here in UK to help my mom and look after my little sister who's 9 years old now. I spend some of my weekend on my auntie's house and look after my twin cousin and my 4 year old boy cousin. I really like playing with kids and help them with their homework. I love art and craft a lot and this help me to interact the kids.
Victoria, baby sitter in Stevenage SG1

Hi ! I'm Victoria, I'm 20 years old and I'm French. I can speak French as it's my mother tongue and English as well I can have a conversation and understand what you say to me. I already been in the UK. Previously, I was an au pair in Birmingham from 2015 to 2016. I was looking after a boy aged 13 and a little girl aged 6. I love kids, I like speak with them, play with them ! I can take care of any children.
Shayna, sitter - SG1 Stevenage

My name is Shayna, I'm 16 years of age. As it coming to the summer holidays (12 week) I'm looking work. I love to do outdoor activities, enjoy playing games and I'm a very sport person. My qualities in child care is babysitting as I look after my cousin they are aged 14-1. I love to look after children. I'm looking for part time care or babysitting. If you have a routin with you children, I would like you to provide me with it. As I can follow instructions.
Gemma, babysitting in Stevenage SG1

Hiya! I'm Gemma I have experience in looking after children in babysitting jobs for families and I really enjoy it! I am looking to help families in the evenings and weekends I am also available in school holidays. I can provide reference. I have been first aid trained and I am responsible and get on with children well. I am a reading leader for a charity and I help children who struggle with learning and school work and this has given me even more experience in working with children. I am ha...
Joanne, babysitting in Stevenage

I'm joanne Working with young children is what I have always wanted to do. I love working with children and bringing out the best in them. I've got 7 nephews myself and I've looked after them all from when they where young. I have done childcare in college up to level 1 and I have done work experience in 2 pre schools. Since I left school I have always said I wanted to work with children. It's my goal to do something that involves children. I think little ones are brilliant to wo...
Tamsin, babysitting in Stevenage

My name is Tamsin and am 15 years old. I have younger nieces at around 2 who I love to look after and nephew aged 5 who I also enjoy to be with! I haven't had the opportunity to look after any children younger but am more then capable to tend to the needs of a younger child if need be! I am very charismatic and can be as involved or not involved as the family like. I'm acedemic so if the children need help at all then I can offer that support for both primary and secondary level work. The nat...

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Lisa, after-school childcare in Stevenage SG1

Lisa is very trust worthy and hard working. Always on time and will go the distance to help. She's a delight to have around my children aged 12, 11, 4, 2&25 weeks and would highly recommend to anyone looking for someone to look after there child(ren) xxx

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