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Sophie, babysitter - B79 Tamworth

Hello my name is Sophie, i am 16 years of age, and i am looking for a babysitting job as i love to be around young children and i am able to get along with them straight away, and i will always make sure they are having fun and being happy as that is what makes me happy. I have a lot of experiences with children as i have been brought up around them my whole life and i am the first person people in my family come to if they need any babysitters, and my niece comes over to stay most weekend, a...
Steven, babysitting in Tamworth

My name is Steven , i am fourteen years of age. I'm looking for a job in babysitting, haven't yet worked with kids, have looked after friend's siblings before, love playing with model cars, lego's, tech decks, garden games and i ride a skateboard. I love meeting new people and helping people. I can make some foods sandwiches, soup cheese on toast. I love teaching people new things, I love looking after children and helping with school work. I love learning new things and watching cartoons...
Jerrilea, babysitter - B79 Tamworth

Hi, I am jerrilea I'm 22, I love to work with children, I currently work in a child based setting working full time as a level 2 nursery nurse, i am currently studying my level 3 with my company in order to progress my future with children I am also first aid trained. I am looking for weekend day or night baby sitting around my local area, I work with children from the ages of 15 months -2 years but also have experience with younger and older children. I am able to care for children in thei...
Stevie-louise, babysitter in Tamworth B79

Hello my name is Stevie, I am 20 years of age and I am willing to help out on a daily basis if needed to look after children due to work, a night out with the spouse or friend(s). I love children and I find it easy to get a long with them, I am good at understanding them when they are having an off day or a hyperactive day. I can cook so you wont have to worry about them not having anything to eat or, to rush around to make sure they eat before you leave. I am good at helping with homework...
Morgan, baby sitter in Tamworth B79

I'm 18 years old. I have two younger siblings, aged 6 and 10. I began studying childcare at college, but I am now looking into an apprenticeship in the field instead, due to this being a more practical approach. I've also volunteered at my local youth club as a Youth Worker for nearly 3 years now. I have a clear DBS check, and I know basic first aid. I am also trained in safeguarding. I am a very friendly person, and I enjoy caring for people. I'm very passionate about my work, and would l...
Elena Adina, occasional childcare in Tamworth

I am Adina. I like children and i love to help them with homework and play with them social games. I looked after my cousins several months. I like nature and activities in nature ( riding the bike, badmington, volleyball ).
Gabrielle, child care in Tamworth

I'm Gabrielle, I'm 19 years old. I am currently part of a foster family and so I am used to having to look after children of different ages, I love spending time with children and helping them learn. I have taught dance to children for the past 5+ years and so I have a lot of experience of working with kids. I am patience and caring and like to have fun. I will not only watch after your child but also help to teach then and become a role model for them.

My name is Maxine and I'm 18 years old, I will be turning 19 in October. I'm shy to start off with but once I get to know someone my confidence comes out. I am currently at Tamworth college doing a Level 3 childcare course that will go over 2 years, while doing this course I go to placement on Wednesdays and Fridays to work with children ages 0 to 4 years. I did my Level 2 childcare last year and passed. Once I have done my 2 years of level 3, I'm either looking into going to university or w...
Keely, baby sitter in Tamworth B79

My name is Keely. I am 17 years old. However I am a mother to a 2 year old little boy, called Declan. Prior to my son I have always taken care of all of my younger siblings, of which vary in ages. I can cook, clean, help with homework.
Lea-mai, babysitter in Tamworth B79

I am 17 years old and I am currently doing my level 1 child care diploma and I will be carrying on to do my level 2 and 3 child care diploma. I also do a work placement in a reception class (4-5year olds) at a primary school. I enjoy being around children and interacting with them. I have also looked after my niece who is 3 years old. I also have a DBS check in place. I like reading, board games and going out places. I'm a clean and organised person as well as reliable and punctual. In my pl...
Ellie-jade, babysitter in Tamworth B79

Hello my names Ellie-jade and I'm 14 year old however looking for a job to stop me being in the house all day, and something to look good with later in life. I have experience with children aged 3 and above as I coach gymnastics to younger and some older children, i sometimes have to baby sit my 9 and 11 year old brothers and cook for them if they need dinner cooking and help them with what they need doing. Please consider me as I will be perfect for the job.
Nieve, babysitter in Tamworth

I am currently in sixth form waiting to go to university so I am looking to earn some money before I go so I can save up for accommodation and living costs. I enjoy being around children because I find it fun participating in their games. I am almost 18 years old so I believe that I am old enough to be considered a responsible enough adult to look after the children but I am also young enough to be able to interact with them.
Fay, occasional childcare in Tamworth B79

Hello! I am a mommy to a 4 and 6 year old who I have raised on my own. I am a qualified teacher (started off as secondary science and now a primary teacher) but I am having a career break to raise my own children! I am very friendly and caring and love being part of the chaos that children bring to the room! I am very enthusiastic about hands on play and learning, and am really into outdoor adventure, den building, crafts etc. I am also working currently as an independent domestic cleaner s...

I am chloe , I'm fifteen years old, my birthday is in February. I need a part job to get me activated more, I'm a dancer and dance roughly four times a week, I still attend school, so I can help with your children after six every Wednesday Friday, however in the holidays (six weeks) I can help you more throughout the day, I can help you on Saturday and Sunday through out the whole day if you would like, I would love to help out. I am very good with children, I can keep them happy all the tim...

I am an 18 year old girl that has a passionate for babies and children. Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of working with children in some sort of way. I am brilliant with babies and children and enjoy being around them. I can provide a DBS check to prove I am safe around all children and I also took part in a first aid training course just after I left school. I babysit my nephews on a day to day basis which age from 10 months - 8 years old. I am looking for evening care or Satur...

I currently work as a nanny in a private household looking after a toddler aged 20 months working anywhere from 7am to 7pm, taking care with the child's personal care, meal preparation, and organizing activities at home and planning trips and activities in groups or days out. Before this I cared for between 2 to 6 children all under the age of 11. I planned activities, prepared meals, took them out on day trips, collected them from school, helped with homework and other duties. Before that ...
Lucy, baby sitter in Tamworth

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m a hardworking Alevel student. I have previously worked in a primary school, helping to take care of the children and attend to all their needs. I have little siblings I have also looked after and taken care of as well as other family members.

My name is Becca I am 23 years old and hold a level 3 diploma in childcare and education. I have been working in childcare for over 6 years with various ages, my most experience is with 2-3 years old. I previously voluteered at a local brownie group working with girls aged 7-10. Also I have done 6months of nannying with a family of 2, helping out around the house but mainly caring for the children. I am currently working at a nursery and am looking for evening and weekend babysitting ...
Jess, child care - B79 Tamworth

Hi I am a 18 year old girl who is currently working in a nursery (footsteps nursery and pre school) I love doing this awarding job and making children feel happy and successful while there time with me. I love being creative with the children and taking them on days out. I am currently working towArds my level 3 early years childcare and looking to go into being a nanny

I am a 16 year old girl, and I have had lots of past experience babysitting my sister who is 5 and brother who is 2. Many family friends have come to me about babysitting and I am more than willing to help. I like to help children with their education, and I have a sports leaders award as I am very passionate about keeping children healthy and active. I like to encourage activities which will help children with mental and physical development.
Amy-louise, sitter in Tamworth

Hello I'm Amy, I have worked in two nurseries for around 2 years in each working with children 0-5. I have also been a full time nanny for a year, taking part in a variety of activities with the little boy, such as going to the park & swimmingly . I am currently studying at university so am available for babysitting on some evenings, weekends & some week days.
Chelsea, babysitting in Tamworth

I’m chelsea, I’m 17 turning 18 in December. I love children and looking after them, I have many nieces and nephews and I have a lot of experience looking after them. I’ve been told that I’m very good with kids.
Rebecca, babysitter in Tamworth B79

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I'm a student in performing arts. I am looking for part-time work in childcare and as a babysitter. I'm really good with children and I like the children to have when I'm looking after them. I'll make sure that my work lives up to your standards if not higher. I'm very eager and energetic but can be very serious.

My name is Olivia and I am 17. I am currently studying at sixth form and I have grew up looking after siblings/cousins/nieces/nephews. I am an enthusiastic and reliable individual. After sixth form, I am planning on going to go to university to become a primary school teacher. I have also done work experience in a local primary school. I have helped my younger sibling with her homework since she started primary school and I love playing games with children. I got an A in Child Development at ...
Zoé, child care - B79 Tamworth

I am 16 years old and live in Tamworth. I have two brothers who I look after regularly and an older sister. My mom is a Ofsted registered childminder who has over 10 years of experience so I have always been around children of all ages. I am a reliable and responsible person who always works hard.

I have a passion for aiding children's development in any way that I can, and due to my qualification in childcare at an A grade, I have extensive knowledge of children's development, food and nutrition, health and safety and many more aspects of childhood. I babysit my nephew of 6 years old and another child of 1 year, so I do have experience in babysitting. I am a student, so during term time I am only available evenings and weekends however, holiday times I can be free when needed.

i am funny and kind, im good with children and I love to help other people out

hi i have two children both in there twentys now one has special needs but doing great now living indepented i also baby sat my two brothers daughter full time why both at work. I also trained at homestart voluntering for two years where i went out help mothers with there children .

Hello my name is Amy. I am a caring and responsible babysitter. I love cooking, baking, sewing and arts and crafts. I have experience after looking after my own niece and nephew from birth upto now (primary school age). I have baby sat and cared for other children from my Sunday school teaching. I am an honest, happy and responsible babysitter. I look forward to meeting you.

I am a 15 year old ( 16 in March) with loads of experience with children I regularly look after my 3 cousins and my little brother . I want to be a health visitor when Im old enough therefore the more experience I have the better. I love playing games and reading to the children as they are like sponges and absorb everything you tell them. Hope this has given you a bit of insight into me. Thanks