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Raili, childcare in Torquay TQ2

Hi my name is railiI a am looking for a child care babysitting job not for the monet but to help other families when they need the help my qualities a child carer is that I am kind caring and have a soft spot for children I have a brother with adhd and we find different activities for him and we always have conversations and I have helped with my nephew like go to the park have a sing song also I love to help children learn different skills such as walking crawling talking
Hannah, babysitter in Torquay TQ2

Hello, My name is Hannah , I am 16 years old and am currently take an Early Years Childcare qualification in college. I have a lot of experience in working with children for my age. I volunteer in a church every Sunday and once a month I lead the childrens lesson on a Sunday morning. This work is with children aged 3-11. I also have experience with younger babies from baby sitting for family members. I can easily get on with children, I can be fun and participate in fun activ...
Samantha, babysitter - TQ2 Torquay

Hi. My name is Sammie im 17 years old. I am English. I am looking to baby sit till I being college and will still be open to doing it during my couse. I have recently completed my level 2 childcare at college. I have baby sat a lot before I do now from time to time. I am comfortable with helping children do their homework. I am capable of doing activities with young children and helping them to create their own game ideas with their toys. My quantities as a child care person I have ...
Sarah, sitter in Torquay TQ2

My name is Sarah and I am 18 years old and I am looking to take care of children between the ages of 2 and up. I am a fun out going person who enjoys many different activities including going to the park or to the beach or simply finding something fun to do at home. For many years I have helped look after my cousin aswell as my neighbours children who were between the ages of 1half and 9 on a weekly basis please consider me
Rhona, occasional childcare in Torquay TQ2

hello, my names Rhona and i am 16 who is currently taking child care as a GCSE in my final year of secondry school. I enjoy spending time with younger children and have grown up with my younger brother and sister and have babysitted them on many occasions. I am preferably looking to help look after 1-13yrs. I'm fun, polite, fair, and responsible. I enjoy to sing, dance, cook and draw and i am cuttently doing well in education. I do not have any social media sites

Hello I am Chloe, I am 16. I have just finished school after doing my GCSEs I was very proud of them and happy with the results. I am going to college in September to do childcare early years and I would love to get more experience around the subject getting as much out of it. I am always helping my aunties with there children one who's 5 months, one who's 5 years and another who is 7. I used to look after the 5 year old babysitting like putting him to bed, amusing him and playing with him, I...

Hello, my name is Billie , I am 16 years old, and I am due to leave school this month in may. After leaving school I would love to have a job that I enjoy, is this case babysitting!! I am fun, energetic, and outgoing, I enjoy discovering new tasks and becoming creative in the most imaginative way possible. I am also responsible and extremely hard working. Although I am still at a young age, I have had multiple experience with looking after younger children. This is as I have a young...
Kirsty, occasional childcare in Torquay

Hello my name is Kirsty I'm 17 years old I've been working since I was 16 however I love to work with children and the older population. I have helped many stundents with many different needs and I've proven to be a great help with their daily life's. I live in a foster home which is a good thing because I see and help young teenagers with hard back grounds and I love to help others.
Denise, baby sitter in Torquay TQ2

I am a 19 year old girl who is a bubbly, ambitious person and has developed a much more mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake. I have a strong interest for caring for people particularly children. I have recently became a qualified hairdresser, although I am currently studying Level 3 Health and Social Care and my ambition onwards from Devon Studio School is to become a midwife who makes a huge positive change to peoples lives. I have been attracted to the profession as...
Lauryn, babysitter in Torquay

I'm lauryn , I'm looking for a babysitting job in weekends or after school in weekdays. I'm 13 years old but am open to anyone! I would like to be able to be trusted and i really love kids. I babysit for my cousins all the time but I'm looking to save up some money for the summer. thanks
Terri, babysitter in Torquay TQ2

I have just recently turned 16 and attend South Devon College 2 1/2 days a week. I have many abilities and no many games for the children to play. i have recently did a childcare course in Torquay Academy, which i have suceed very well. But unforuantly it can only be in Torquay Area.

I am a lady of 51 I have two grown up daughters 21and 24 , I work with social services on their care bank for ten years with children will very bad problems and family's , I all so worked in a woman s refuse with family's. I have work at a private boys school in Torquary age 12t16 with problems. I have done a child minding course too I have a small business ironing, clean and offering babysitting as well iam looking for a few babysitting jobs for weekend's and evening. Thank you for lookin...
Courteney, babysitter in Torquay

My name is courteney I am 18 I have been doing childcare for 4 years and I have been babysitting for 5 years I done work experience in nurseries for 2 years I can plan activities and games for the children I love creative activities
Brooke-hannah, babysitter in Torquay TQ2

My name is Brooke-hannah . I'm 22years old and have been a carer for adults with learning difficulties, old age, alzheminers and dementia for nearly 5 years. I just fancy a change in my carer choice and I adore having my nephews. I have two nephews a 6 year old and a 4 month old nephew which I have both regularly. I enjoy taking them out to various places. Teaching them new things and allowing them to explore and enjoy new experiences. The only problem is I have no transport but if l...
Raili, baby sitter in Torquay TQ2

I am a kind caring honest woman who is looking to help I am looking for babysitting my qualities as a childcare is that I help take care of my nephew I have since he was about 2 weeks old and have helped ever since I have experience in cooking and helping with babiess.
Isabel, sitter in Torquay

I'm an enthusiast young girl who love being with children and look after them. In the near future I will study to be a teacher. I worked as a volunteer for one year in a ONG with children helping them with their homework, playing or giving them an afternoon snack. During my stance here I would like to work as a babysitter because I think the most important thing is to do what you like.

I'm 31 years old and have cared for children from an early age, I've nearly 10 years professional experience including care of young family members, early years day nurseries, primary school, childminding , I am a dedicated and competent childcarer and love working with children, I'm kind, patient and understanding, I encourage fun and learning with games/ activities and have experience of planning daily activities and foundation stage curriculum, although a little rusty can play piano to gr...
Louvelene Joy, babysitter - TQ2 Torquay

I'm louvelene joy I'm from the Philippines. I worked there as a nurse at the Intensive Care Unit for nearly 2years. I love co laying with children but i could be strict when it comes to their studies. I have 2 siblings back home and as the oldest daughter in the one who watched over them whilst our parents are at work.
Julie, babysitting - TQ2 Torquay

Hello ! 24' funny and dynamic french girl, I'm here in England to improve my english, I care about children since I'm 14 and love them ! I have taking care of "regular" children during all my university time and became very friend with the parents, I have also been an AuPair 2 years ago for several months (babies was 4months, 2 and 4years old) in the Surrey (near Guildford)… Thus I have been kind of their mom and I can say now that I know how to deal with children and we usually get on ...
Courteney, babysitter - TQ2 Torquay

Hello my name is Courteney I have been doing childcare for 5 years and I have been babysitting for 5 years I do volunteering for neighbourhood watch and soon will be volunteering for the police I do work experience in a nursery have been for 2 years
Megan, after-school childcare in Torquay TQ2

Hiya my names Megan I am 16 years old. I'm in year 13 at a secondary school where I do childcare and placement with children.I have previous experience as I work with children at different schools and also my younger nephew and niece. Just finding a small job just on earning a little bit of money and doing something I take interest in.
Kelly, babysitter in Torquay

i am a fun a bubbly person who loves to have a laugh i like to act childish but am very serious when it comes to my job i love working with kids i always wanted to look after them i looked after kids sincve i was 14 from ages 0-13 years.
James, babysitter - TQ2 Torquay

I am 15 years old and I am very good around kids and can help out with homework if necessary.
Bethany, babysitting in Torquay

My name is Bethany Ives and I am 17 years old. Currently I have my education 3 days a week from 9:30 until 2:30. The first 14 years of my life my mother was a foster carer, she looked after babies from newborn until they were ready to be adopted, sometimes this was nearly 2 years. I have a niece who is 7 years old, who sleeps over sometimes when her parents have to go away for the night and she also comes in the afternoons quite a lot. We play on the iPad, watch dvd's (eg frozen or Sn...
Hannah, babysitting in Torquay TQ2

hello, my name is Hannah I am 18 years old. I am looking for a full time or part time job, within childcare. I have had experience by volunteering at my local nursery for 2 years. I have a childcare CACHE level 2 award, certificate and diploma. I am the eldest child of 4 from the youngest being 4 and the oldest being 14.

I have just finished secondary school and am 16 years old. I grew up with a younger brother who is 5 and a half years younger than me and i am very close to, and often still do help by looking after him or helping with his homework. When I'm older i would love to work with children, either in nursing, teaching or social work so this would be a valuable experience for me. I can cook, play lots of different games and be creative in helping with school work. I can also play the piano. Moreover,...
Samantha, after-school childcare in Torquay

Hi my name is samantha i am looking for some work as a baby sitter . I am 22 years of age and i love working with children i look at my 3 sister witch are 1, 5, 7 years of age and we love to do thing like go to park or playing bord games
Hannah, babysitting in Torquay

I'm Hannah a mother of 5 year old daughter called Lilly love her very much. Also worked in childcare settings an gain nvq level 1 and 2 at college
Leigh, babysitter - TQ2 Torquay

Heya, I'm leigh, I am looking to do a babysitting job because I would like to work with children when im older. I have a younger sister and a lot of younger cousins that I some times baby sit. I live in the Torquay area, and have lived here since I was 3.
Abbii, baby sitter in Torquay

Hello. My name is abbii, I am 21 years old. I am currently working in a nursery and have been since 2011, I work as a key person. I am also the special educational needs co-ordinater for the setting. I am DBS checked, have first aid, level 2 food hygiene and done various other training. I am a friendly, easy going and approachable person. Pay is negotiable dependent on the given work.