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Mahri, OFSTED childminder in Glenrothes

Hi I am Mahri, I am the owner at Mahri Childminding. I have two children of my own - Danikah who is 8 and Ollyver who is 5. They both attend primary school in Glenrothes. I am a caring, kind and approachable person with loads of patience! We attend groups such as mothers and toddler, music and movement and other groups for pre-school kids. We have lots of activities in the house we can get up to! we also spend lots of time outside exploring our surroundings! I live locally to a lovely park...
Fiona, OFSTED childminder in Glenrothes KY7

I have plenty of experience having 2 children of my own, and I have been a registered childminder for 7 years and love taking care of children, from caring for my Nieces and Nephew and also caring for my friends children. When my children were of nursery age I frequently volunteered in the nursery helping children with their daily play activities and assisting nursery staff in outside play areas and outings. I am a Swimming Teacher with 20 years experience and currently teach children of...
Stephanie, registered childminder in Glenrothes KY7

Hiya I am currently studying to be an early years officer at college and have plenty of practice when it comes to children! I have been in several placements which have gave me experience with handling children, and throughout my life I have always watched children for family and friends and described as a very trustworthy person I would say am a natural when it comes to children and I tend to be able to settle any of their needs I enjoy playing activities with them to help improve their deve...
Hulya, OFSTED childminder - KY7 Glenrothes

As a trained psychologist, mother of two children and caring my elderly disable mother I have a great empathy for children and elderly people. I love working with children, I m a good rol model, energetic and enthusiastic with them. I understand their needs concerns and what drives them. I m flexible with working hours

Hi. Ive worked in catering all my life and currently work as a cook. I am thinking about a late change in career because id like to work less hours now. I brought up 3 children of my own and have 2 grandchildren so im used to having kids around. I dont mind some cooking and some light housework and im quite good with children. They seem to connect with me.(young at heart)! They would never be bored. I dont want to work nights or weekends unless discussed with notice. Im available for up to 5-...