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Bernadette, is looking for a part time nanny in London Borough of Sutton for the 18 February 2019

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Seeking someone to help with school runs

Hi I’m looking to find someone who would be interested in doing school runs?
I have an illness which makes it difficult to physically leave my house sometimes. I can have an odd day like this but also I can have a couple of weeks like this, it completely varies.

I am looking for someone (prefably a childminder or someone who’s worked with children but this is not a necessity ) who can do a set couple of school runs each week but someone who will also be able to cover additional school runs as and when they are needed

The pay will be £500 a month. You will still get this amount regardless if you only do a couple of days a week for a month. I also continue this payment throughout every school holiday including the 6 week summer break so you don’t loose any income during these times

We live in wallington and my children need to be picked up at 8.35, and the school is Highview which is round the corner so you will be finished by 8.50. So the run itself is 15-20 minutes max. Then pick up time is 3.20 and they are dropped straight home.

If you are interested my previous childminder also at times would visit the shops like pop to the chemist when I was bed or other times she may take my kids out after school to somewhere if I have a hospital appointment, I’d pay her £10 per hour for this. So most months she would earn between £480-£600 a month depending on what she wanted to do

My current childminder is immigrating in June and I will need someone to start properly then but I’m thinking up until June for the new person to work for me but do less hours so we can get to know each other and build a relationship between you and my children until my childminder leaves

If you are interested in this or have any other questions about it please get in contact and drop me a message

Many thanks


Type of care sought: regular part-time care

1 number of children (over 6 years)

Type of nanny sought: home childcare provider, babysitter

past search from 2 months (18 February 2019)
Help needed during the school holidays
Needs a car
Needs a driving license
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