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the 16/05/22 : Chilmiding servis
Nadine, is looking for part time childcare in Aberdeen AB10

the 04/05/22 : Hi, My name is Nadine, ans I have 2 kids(2 and 9 years old). My husband is away this month, and I work 4 days as shifts, so wanted someone to help me instead of chasing my tail all the time. My son goes to nursery 2 days a week and my daughter goes to school. The days, I will need help with will be ; Tuesdays from 12pm-8ish looking after my 2 years old at home. Wednesday pick up my daughter from school till 5ish. Thursdays pick up my daughter from school till 5ish 2 Sundays...

the 12/02/22 : I'm looking for a babysitter or childminder for baby no 3. I looking for a Polish speaker because we are speaking in Polish in the home to teach them 2nd language. I'm looking for someone to look after my child from 10 am till 4:15 pm 3 days per week. Thank You!

the 18/01/22 : Nanny to pick up kids from skene square school and care them in my home for 2-3 hours Should be very nice and friendly

the 18/01/22 : Nanny help needed for morning help and afterschool. Morning for breakfast and help with dressing and to take baby and children to nursery. Then afterschool help and possibly take to local activities.

the 17/01/22 : I'm working part-time and my child only has limited hours at nursery so will need a nanny, preferably one that can help with simple household chores.

the 09/11/21 : Nanny to babysit my baby while i work on my studying.

the 02/11/21 : Seeking full time (core hours) nanny for our 6 month old son whilst we are in work. Either my partner or I will likely be working from home in the attic throughout the week so we are there to provide advice and support.

the 28/10/21 : Someone who is friendly, cares about their job and is focused, someone who is confident but not overbearing.

the 23/10/21 : I need a nanny who can take care of 2 aged 3-5 in either hotel setting or child's own home starting 6pm Friday until noon the Saturday after. Please get in touch for more information.

the 01/10/21 : Drop off and pick up my son from school 4 days/ week. If its weekend to stay with him from 6-7 am until 4 pm. Thank you!!!
Camille, is looking for baby sitter - AB11 Aberdeen

the 06/09/21 : I am looking to find a childminder for my 8 month old son for 1.5 days a week up until December. He is a really happy and easy boy but requires stimulation and lots of attention! I live in Old Aberdeen but commute to Torry for work so I can drop him off and pick him up between these two locations. My son would require a 'baby safe' environment as he is close to walking and gets into everything. He is used to dogs and cats and enjoys being outdoors.

the 12/08/21 : Hello! I am looking for a fun loving kind and compassionate nanny to look after my 2 boys aged 8 and 9. This would be before and after school and full time in the school hols. Annualised salary 20-25 hours per week. We are looking for someone who is good natured and will fit into our family well. Please message me for further information. Thank you.

the 10/08/21 : We have two girls; Amelia age 8 and Faye age 3. We are looking for help after school and nursery. Collection from Forehill school in the bridge of Bon and cared for until 17.30 on a Monday and 15.30 on a Tuesday-Thursday. Either at our home or the home of their career. Plus monthly day/evening care at the weekend so mummy and daddy can have a date night now and again.

the 07/08/21 : Live in aupair. 2 children 8 and 4 in school nearby. Drop off pickup, willing to help with housework and cook childrens meals

the 29/07/21 : Hello, I have a flexible schedule, I'm just looking for someone to give my five year old extra one on one time. I'm very keen on someone who can just introduce her a bit to Spanish.

the 29/07/21 : I am looking for a qualificated nanny/childminder or baby sitter that can pick up my 4 yrs old son at the Ferryhill Nursery every Monday and Tuesday at 3pm and look after him until 6pm.

the 08/07/21 : I am looking for a babysitter for two sons, 8 and 10 years old. Preferably in the Torry district. Evening hours start around 6pm max 4 hours

the 01/07/21 : I need someone to look after my daughter when I go to work.

the 01/07/21 : I need someone to stay with my child while I have gone to work.

the 14/06/21 : Looking for a childminder who is able to pick up from middleton park primary until around 5.15/5.30
Alvaro, offer childcare in Aberdeen AB12


the 29/05/21 : Seeking childcare for holiday (to stay with 8 year old), keep her busy, and then when school starts, someone to take 3 year old to nursery in the morning, pick her up at 3pm and stay with her till evening. help with housework especially relating to kids.

the 15/05/21 : Full time end of june

the 11/05/21 : Looking for nanny to help with 2 kids (2.5years and 6 years) - mainly for dropping to school (Mile End) and pick up 2 kids for bath/feed/homework (5-8pm, Monday - Fri) . May have occassional later finish, but will be discussed before hand.

the 30/03/21 : I work in Aberdeen in the VTS (shipping) and need nanny care for a week of earlies (early morning to school drop off or mid afternoon if holidays/weekends), a week of noon-late evening/school pick up to late evening). I don’t need a cook, maid, anything to that effect, I do all that, just someone to look after a 7 year old young man and a 10 year old young lady. It’ll be a lot easier to go in to further details over a phone call/meeting. Thank you.
Natasha, looking for nanny in Aberdeen

the 29/01/21 : Two busy working parents. We need someone reliable to collect the older one from school, walk her home, give her a snack, help with homework, play and make dinner. From January we plan to move her younger sister from her nursery to the local one and would need the nanny to collect her at 1pm and go back with her to collect her sister at 3 pm. We would also need the nanny to provide all day care on some inservice days/public holidays. Ideally would have flexibilty to provide an extra day w...

the 11/01/21 : i have wee girl who will be 3 end of january. i am looking for someone to to look after her and teach and develop her skills and personality

the 30/12/20 : Due to the special situation we are in, I am looking for a nanny to look after our child for a minimum of two weeks with possible extension. It is expected a nanny to do meal preparation and take the child out once a day.

the 13/12/20 : Looking for a nanny to pick up my 2 kids from school and bring them home and look after them till i am back from work between 5-530 pm.The school is a a2 minute walk from our residence.