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the 17/05/19 : Help with dinner bed time routine help to babysit if I need to go out

the 23/03/19 : nanny for a 2 year old

the 15/01/19 : Childminder to pick daughter up from school and be given tea

the 06/12/18 : Need some one to come to my house from 6am 3 days a week varies depending on Rota to get my boys up for school at 7.30 to have breakfast get dressed will do most themself due to age

the 25/11/18 : Hi i need proper care of my 2 kids

the 26/08/18 : I'm looking for a nanny who will look after my children age 10 and 12 years old. I work Monday to Friday my shift change. I need nannywho can stay in my house to look after my children 2pm to 10 pm.

the 15/08/18 : I am looking for part time nanny to help with after school care 4.30-7pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Probably full time 8-6pm during term holidays.

the 25/06/18 : Nanny needed for part time after school pickup and bedtime routine

the 25/06/18 : Part time nanny needed for after school pickup and bedtime routine.

the 06/06/18 : Looking for part time nanny to look after my 2 sons . 7 year old goes to school and has after school clubs . 3 year old goes to nursery part time . Work days currently would be Tuesday/Thursday. Nit Krish

the 25/05/18 : School drop offs and pick ups

the 14/05/18 : Need a Childminder that can pick my son up. From his home.

the 08/03/18 : Looking for childcare school pickup at 2.30 then childcare needed untill 5.30 Monday to Thursday.

the 20/02/18 : Looking for somebody to look after our 2 year old on Friday’s and possibly pick our 5 year old up from school the same day.

the 23/01/18 : We have relocated from South-Africa to the UK and my husband and I would like to have a "date night" every now and then to just go out for dinner or a show. We have a 15month old baby whom I'd like to have a nanny/baby sitter for, for a few hours. We also have two teenage sons, 13 & 14, who are wonderful with their little brother however they are too young to look after their brother alone thus we would need an older minder. They will be doing their own thing - play playstation, be o...

the 22/01/18 : I am looking for a childminder for my 2 children. Lyra will be 1 in May and Oliver will be 4 on 21st July. For Lyra I will need 2 full days a week from 8-4:15 (Can be flexible with days) and for Oliver I will need the same days and hours bit he attends Crooksbarn Nursery 9-3 so would need school drop off/pick up. I will be going back to work in April so was hoping to begin transition in March. Is this something you can accommodate? 

the 14/01/18 : We are both employed, we don't get much time as a couple to spend time together with the two boys. We would love for someone to come and take care of the children on a Tuesday/Wednesday evening so we could take a few hours to go for a meal/watch a movie

the 02/01/18 : Hi, we need a nanny to look after our 2 boys and to pick them up from school and drop them off. It would be great if you can cook a simple dinner for them in the evening. We need someone for the following hours: Tues: 10:30am until 12:30pm 16:00 until 21:00pm Wed: 10am until 12:30pm 15:00 until 21:00pm Fri: 8:30 until 12:30pm 15:00 until 17:30pm School drop offs are at 8:30am and 12:30 School pick ups are at 15:20

the 27/12/17 : My name is Pattie Kunene-Moyo . I'm looking for a Live In Nanny, Registered Childminder, Babysitter, Au Pair or After School childminder. I have 2 boys 7years and soon to be 5years both go to St Patrick's rc primary school. I need someone to help me look after my boys during the times that I am at work as I do shift pattern. I would appreciate someone who is flexible and understanding of the job that I do. please feel free to contact me if you feel you might help or know someone who might be ...

the 26/10/17 : I am looking for a babysitter for two children of two girls aged 10 and 5 years old. Working on night shift work starts at 6pm and ends at 6am 4 nights work and 4 nights get free. It also works on weekends working nightly. I can bring kids to the babysitter as well as the babysitter can be home with me (I have pets small paparazzi, rabbit and dog).

the 08/07/17 : daughter needs flexible childcare for her 11 month old son, her hours of work are not fixed that is why flexibility is essential

the 21/06/17 : I am actually registering on behalf of my friend who lives broadway ts6 7hw. She is seeking residence of her grandson and is looking at childcare my friend is looking at afteroon childcare Her grandson will be 2 when childcare would be needed and a stable routine is essenscial . My friend gets home from work at half 7pm pick up would be at the latest 3 pm afternoon from my address or if at day nursery pick up from there .if the childminder can look after the child in my friends home that w...
Kate, looking for nanny in Middlesbrough

the 28/05/17 : I need someone here from 6:30 am to get the kids ready and to nursery. Will be 2 days a week maximum as I work shifts so days will also be different each week. Will also be needed to pick the kids up from nursery 6:00pm ish and get them home, fed and in bed and wait around until I'm in at 8:30pm

the 19/05/17 : Saturday morning childcare

the 04/04/17 : Adam generally goes to bed before 8 o'clock so this will mostly consist of watching TV and just being there should Adam wake up!

the 07/02/17 : not sure this is relevant

the 23/01/17 : Babysitter to pick my son up from school and look after him until I get in from work

the 10/01/17 : A before and after school nanny house keeper is required to care for a boy (13) and girl(6) in Marton. Minimum number of hours a week would be 15 and possibly more as and when required according to our hospital on-call shifts. Overnight stay would be a possibility when on nights (happens very rarely though). Services required are looking after the children's well being and household duties like ironing, tidying up etc . A non-smoking driver with their own car and clean driving license is an ...
Jerome, offer part-time childcare in Stockton-on-tees TS19

the 07/01/17 : I work full time so just need a childminder/nanny to have my 3 boys on a morning, drop them at school at 8am, then collect from school until I'm back. also I'll need some help in the holidays

the 09/12/16 : Looking for a nanny before and after school