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the 02/05/19 : Good afternoon I my name is Claire and my Daughter is currently attending Wolvey Primary school and is in preprep (just turned 4) I require a childminder in the Morning and after school 4 days a week, then 5 days from September. This would require drop off and pick up from school. Hours would be: Am- from 7.30 then drop to school Pm- Pick up from school til 5.30 Please get in touch if you can help

the 15/02/19 : Seeking flexible childcare for shift worker of a (currently) 7 month old baby boy.

the 18/01/19 : Good Afternoon My daughter currently attends Wolvey Primary School, just by the barracks. I am looking for someone who can get her there approx 2-3 times per week, between 8 and 8.30, I would be looking to drop her off at approx 7.30, would this be something that you would be interested in? I look forward to your reply. Claire

the 05/12/18 : Between the hours of 3:30 till 8pm

the 22/06/18 : I am starting college in September ( not sure on dates yet) it is only 1-2 days a week that is needed we currently have a 7 month old who would need caring for and a 2 year old who is in nursery everyday 8.45 till 11.45 i can drop her off but she would need collecting by yourself and then take care of both until my mum finishes work around 2-2.30 sounds a bit confusing if any questions please ask. Neither of them have any health issues or allergies generally good children and love animals.

the 01/06/18 : I need someone who can drive come to my home on a monday and wendnessy morning and help my 5 year old get ready for school and to make sure the 2 older boys age 12 and 14 get them selfs sorted for sxhool x prepare breakfast ans take them to school x then the second week to look after them on a saturday morning 6.20 till 2 pm then sunday 2pm till 10pm x my older 2 are easy ro care for but my 5 year old daughter needs more help x meal preprarion would be needed and house kept clean on the weeke...

the 11/05/18 : Need mornings from 7.30 am to school drop off, then again to collect from school around 4 pm and help with homework and after school activities. Ideally Monday to Friday.
Simone, is looking for part time nanny in Bedworth

the 06/02/18 : Will be needed from around 7am to do school drop offs at 8.35, and then pick up at 3pm from school and look after until around 5pm. Will be anything from 2-4 days a week as I am a student midwife on shifts.

the 06/02/18 : We are fully working couple with 10 months old baby boy . My missis working 3 in 3 off basis 12 hours shifts so we will need someone to look after baby in this days , sometimes full 3 days sometimes less as I can stay with baby if my pattern fit . Thanks so much for interest . Possibility live in and full time care or you can help provide work 3 in 3 off job for opposite shifts to my missis for swapping . Kind regards

the 22/01/18 : Hi, I need someone that can pick up my son to the nursery around 6pm and can look after him till around 11pm. In our home nowhere else. Give him dinner. Play with him. Help him with the sleep. Flexibility requested, my shift patterns are being settled every two weeks. Previous meeting essential. Many thanks. Stefania

the 04/11/17 : Hi, My name is Patrycja I am looking for someone who take care of my 17 months child from 7.30am till 14:30 pm 3-4 times a week, mon-fri.
Emma, is looking for babysitter - LE10 Hinckley

the 02/11/17 : Looking after for 2 children for occasional evening work. Very easy job for evening babysitting as they both go to bed at 7pm. Also maybe some day time help with babysitting and joining us for outings- possibly swimming and shopping if ok with this but this is not essential - just nice to have an extra pair of hands with an energetic 1 and 3 yr old!

the 24/10/17 : I am currently at University and work part time. My husband works full time and need someone to help inbetween the two of us. One boy aged 7years. To drop and pick up on certain days of the week from School. Must be Ofsted registered and current CRB.

the 07/10/17 : i need a nanny to look after my 19 months old son on sunday the 15th. I have to work probably from 10am till 3pm that day but I am not completely sure maybe less probably more. The baby is attending a nursery during the week.

the 18/06/17 : My toddler is currently unwell and i am having my second baby in September. I will be at home but will need an extra pair of hands for a few days a week.

the 29/11/16 : I'm looking for a babysitter for this Saturday 3/12/16 from 7pm til 11pm for my two sons age 3 and 2. They will already be asleep.

the 27/11/16 : To help with homework and bedtime routine whilst parents at work 3 evenings a week. Approx 2 hours a night. In Stoke Golding.

the 06/10/16 : Pick up from canons required mon-fri until 5pm

the 30/09/16 : Full time day care while at uni

the 22/09/16 : Look after twins why at work
Rebecca, is looking for baby sitter in Hinckley LE10

the 21/09/16 : A babysitter just to watch my 2 children at my home

the 21/05/16 : Hi We are looking for someone to help with before and after childcare Monday's - Wednesday mornings

the 01/05/16 : I'm a single mum who has just returned to work and needs additional help with my children. I have 2 children a boy of 6 and a girl of 4. Both lovely children.

the 10/02/16 : childminder full time to accommodate shifts

the 06/02/16 : Babysitter for occasional nights out for my 2 year old daughter she goes to bed at 7pm so before I leave and will wake around 6am.
Kerrie, is looking for baby sitter - CV11 Nuneaton

the 19/01/16 : I'm just looking for Someone who can do the odd job really on weekends in the evening roughly from about 18:00 till 1:00/2:00am some one who is trust worthy and needs to be very open minded extremely kind and patient I have a 13 yr old boy who's autistic but is no bother hes my little friendly giant who loves to talk about history and all things to do with space my 11 yr old son is why I say has to be open minded I am very accepting with my boys and allow them to be who they want but would li...

the 13/12/15 : We are looking for a mature, reliable nanny/child carer to help us for the after school care of our 5 year old boy on 4 or 5 days/week from January with possible hours on weekends. We are based in Wolvey. We are a non-smoking household with one medium sized, friendly dog. Childcare at our house and/or at child-minder premise. Your responsibilities will include: - school pick up - snack time (will be prepared) - playful home work/exercises/stories/music/artwork etc. - outdoor ac...
Jirina, offer part-time childcare in Nuneaton

the 08/12/15 : Hi, Are you the person to help look after our boy aged 3? If you are, then here's a bit about us & what we need. Our son will start at the pre-school nursery in January 2016 (his older sister is already at school) and as Mummy & Daddy both work full time, this is where you come in. Nursery finishes at 11.45, so we need him to be collected from there at that time and looked after with a smile until we finish work which is never any later than 6pm, usually around 5pm typically. This nu...

the 12/11/15 : I need some one to sleep at my family home five nights a wk to care for my children aged 11 yrs & 14 yrs while I'm working