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the 08/03/22 : Flexible childminder or shared nanny to look after my son whilst I’m at work for one morning a week, either Monday or Friday mornings.

the 27/02/22 : We need a nanny on Fridays to look after our almost 10 months old son, from 8:30 until 15:30pm. We will be working from home some days

the 16/12/21 : Nanny needed for 10 month old baby on fridays 10am-2pm.

the 06/12/21 : Initially for up to 10h a week for my little boy, a few mornings a week.

the 18/11/21 : we are flexible with hours

the 18/10/21 : We are looking for an Ofsted-registered childminder or nanny to take care of our 16 month old son. We are both full-time PhD students in Cambridge and do not have a car, so we are looking for someone not too far away from where we live (CB4). Amount of hours/days is slightly flexible but ideally it would be between 20-25. We are specifically looking for someone who does not take care of a large group of children (ideally between 0-2 other children).

the 19/07/21 : I am looking fo a childminder for a summerholiday for 6 weeks for my daughter from Mon to Fri from 8.30 till 13.30.

the 13/07/21 : Picking up from school, giving snack, supervising homework, preparing evening meal, light housekeeping, ensuring girls feed their pets and clean their rooms. A bit of playing, arts, preparing next day’s uniform and school snack, ensure screen time is kept to minimum, ensure girls have their evening wash. The girls are very independent but would like to have a friend who can support them while I am busy studying.

the 11/05/21 : Cerchiamo una signora disponibile a trasferirsi nei prossimi giorni, per due mesi a Cambridge, Inghilterra. Dovrà occuparsi della gestione della casa, cucinare e fare le piccole pulizie giornaliere. Dovrà prendersi cura degli animali.

the 10/05/21 : Need somebody to watch the child for 5 days a week for about 8 hours per day. Either Nanny or childminder.

the 16/03/21 : Hi! I have started teaching at a local college and need someone to look after my daughter (14 months old) either at my home (babysitter) or at yours (childminder) while I am delivering my lessons. I will require your help for an hour or two on Monday's and Wednesdays. Thank you so much!!

the 18/11/20 : Need care 5 days a week Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm.

the 30/12/19 : Italian or Portuguese speaking part time nanny to look after my 5 years old son (afterschool) and my 6 months daughter

the 14/08/19 : I am looking for someone to look after my child from Monday to Saturday from 9 untill 17:00
Maria, looking for nanny in Cambridge CB5

the 22/06/19 : My name is Maria and I am looking for a childminder or babysitter for my son, who is six and a half months old. I am back to work on the 1st July and I had planned bring him to nursery, I had registered him several months in advance. However after a couple of "adaptation" sessions I am not happy at all with the environment there and I am looking for other options. Both my husband and I are scientists and work fulltime all week, so we are looking for someone that could take care of my son ...

the 20/06/19 : I have a daughter who is currently three months old and my partner works away half of the time. Therefore we need to arrange childcare two days per week but for only half of the time, approximately every other month (and possibly an evening each week or on occasion if possible). I hope to get someone to start from around September onwards (when my daughter will be six months old) but definitely want to have something in place from January 2020 onwards (when I'll fully return to work after mat...

the 18/06/19 : I need someone to drop off my son at School (about 2 miles from our house) and pick him up either after school or after 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

the 13/05/19 : Hi, I'm looking to find someone who can look after my 16 month old for three mornings a week. I work from home so I will be around if needed. We have a big garden and a park at the end of the road, plus lots of space to play indoors. Many thanks, Tara

the 28/03/19 : I am half-Polish but not fluent enough to teach my 2.5y/o daughter the language. I would like her to pick up some of the language and we would like some help with childcare as she transitions to a new nursery. Possibly all-day every Sunday with some fun activity where she can learn some language.

the 19/02/19 : I am running the cambridge half marathon and my wife is working that day. We need someone to look after the kids between 7:30am and 12pm

the 17/02/19 : I am returning to work so need to find somebody registered to look after my children before school until around 3/3:30pm

the 25/12/18 : Looking for a babysitter to look after my 1.5 year old daughter at home.

the 19/12/18 : I’m a manager of an afterschool club and my partner has recently Got a new job which conflicts with my Hours I work so Im in need of a childminder/babysitter/nanny to collect my 2 Children from there school 2/3 times a week term time only and Bring them home. Untill either me or my partner get home home before 6.30
Darima, looking for nanny in Cambridge

the 01/09/18 : for my 10 year old son
Brigid, is looking for baby sitter - CB5 Cambridge

the 10/08/18 : I am based in Melbourne but will be attending a one day workshop at Cambridge University and need to find a childminder to look after my son in Cambridge on Monday 3 September 2018 from 9.30-5.30. He would probably like to see the sights around the town as it will all be new to him.

the 02/08/18 : Seeking childminder for our twins from July 2019 when I’ll return to work

the 09/02/18 : I am looking for a nanny for my two daughters, 1 and 8 , Monday and Tuesday, 9-5pm, Cambourne. Please let me know if you are interested.

the 02/12/17 : A childminder who is available on Wednesdays or Fridays from January 2018

the 09/07/17 : Need childminder/share nanny for after school care. Would need to pick up from Trumpington Meadows Primary School