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the 20/07/19 : I need a good childminder to look after my one year old son I will need daily care and also occasional weekend work depending on my work schedule. I want someone with flexibility and that can do emergencies if needed

the 09/07/19 : Seeking a nanny to watch my children occasionally

the 07/07/19 : Overnight look after

the 03/07/19 : I would like a nanny who comes to me every morning and stays for 5 hours, to help me with my 8 month baby and do little housework with me. I have a bedroom and its own bathroom for her to stay in. I dont work , therefore i will be staying at home too
Lauren, is looking for part time childcare - DE1 Derby

the 20/06/19 : I'm an NHS worker. Will be working 4 7.5 hour shifts per week. 3/4 weekends are required. Will need them to potentially pick Benjamin up from school, do the tea time routine, bedtime routine and then sit in and watch him til I'm home from work.

the 20/06/19 : I will be on call for work Mondays and Tuesdays and require someone reliable to pick my children from nursery/school at 3pm and be cared for, for max an hour until I can get to them. This can be my home or childminders.

the 03/06/19 : I’m looking for a reliable babysitter that is old enough to take the kids to bed and can drive herself to our house for the odd evenings.

the 20/05/19 : We have moved to Mickelover last week and are family of 3. I am due to join part time now and need nanny support for Tuesday and Thursday. We are looking for nursery to accept him. Services needed would be getting him ready, feeding, little housekeeping, dropping, pick up and after nursery care while I return from work.
Fola, offer babysitting - DE1 Derby

the 20/05/19 : I need some one to babysit my 9 year old son occasionally for a few hours at a time during the week
Clara, offer part-time childcare in Derby

the 18/05/19 : I require a childminder or afternoon club available for pick up from Allenton Primary for 4 days a week term time and occasional help during half term

the 05/05/19 : Help needed for young busy family. Ideally someone with childcare experience.
Danielle, looking for nanny in Derby DE1

the 28/04/19 : I work 31 hours aweek pro rota so i work mornings and afternoons on a morning id need someone to just drop kids at school they both go to same school just tound the corner from our house on an afternoon shift i need someone to pick them up n wait till i get back at 10pm on weekends stay all day with them they are easy children well mannered fun friendly easy to please

the 16/04/19 : I am looking for childcare for 2 boys aged, 5and 9.i am moving to Derby to start work in july. I will be doing shifts at the hospital, am not sure what shifts yet.

the 03/04/19 : Need to pick up my daughter from school (Ashwood Spencer Academy) at 3:15pm and look after until 8pm.

the 22/01/19 : I am looking for Nanny from after school (3:30pm) to evening (8:30pm) on regularly. My kid is 3year old

the 17/01/19 : Need someone to take care of 9yo girl one day a week after school.

the 15/01/19 : Looking for full time Nanny. Kindly ping me back if interested at zero seven four two five six one zero eight one four Thanks

the 12/01/19 : Looking for full day Nanny for my 3 year old kid.

the 06/01/19 : Hi I am looking for help morning and after school Monday to Friday. My son is 8 years so pretty independent but will need appropriate adult supervision.

the 11/12/18 : I will be working shifts which will vary week to week, so must be flexible.

the 26/11/18 : Essentially needing live-in due to last child being 2.5 years old and so pre-school. Other 2 boys are 8 years and just over 6 years old. Au-pair could choose to perform additional housework for an agreed extra fee. Our family is easy-going and friendly. Non-smokers please. Thanks

the 25/11/18 : Hi! We are a young family with three children, 3 years old, 18 months old and 18 weeks old. Me and my partner both have a busy work schedule, however I now take a couple of days off with the children. My eldest two go to nursery 2 days a week, however my youngest does not. I am looking for somebody who is able to do the nursery runs in the morning, and then look after my youngest during the day. We would also like to flexibility of a nanny being able to help out some evenings so me and my...

the 12/11/18 : Looking for a babysitter for our 3 children for 1 night a week. Children are 2 yrs 7 months 8 years and 11years. The older ones are very independent.

the 12/11/18 : Child pick up service and babysit them until 4 15 pm when an adult gets home

the 19/09/18 : I need someone to help with pick up from nursery and possibly school and on evenings and weekends.

the 13/09/18 : JOB VACANCIES IN DUFFIELD - Personal (child) care assistants required, to be employed on a casual basis, to look after a local 9 year old girl with complex needs. The child has a mixture of vision, hearing, learning and communication difficulties but is verbal, sociable, ambulant, toilet-trained and fun to work with. Looking for professional, mature, trustworthy and reliable people, living locally, preferably with your own transport and a passion for childcare. Relevant qualifications are...

the 12/09/18 : Assistance with bed time routine Assistance/looking after the children through the week, dropping at nursery General houseworm

the 10/09/18 : Single mum looking for person who could look after my 4 year old daughter from Monday to Friday 6am and take her to school at 8.50 am thereafter pick up from school at 3.15 and wait for me until I get back from work at 6pm

the 07/09/18 : Take kids to and fro school and look after toddler at home

the 25/08/18 : 10 year old boy. Just seeing whos out there atm. Will be moving to littleover in a couple of months so will need a babysitter 3 days a week or so afterschool into the evening he doesnt need much looking after just for someone to be in the house