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Miha, looking for nanny in Derby DE1

the 25/01/21 : seeking nanny to be at home till i return from work, the child is usually sleeping in that time

the 15/11/20 : I am looking for a childminder who is flexible and able to offer evening and weekend end care on occasion as well as regular daycare as i work shifts.

the 12/11/20 : I have a 3 year old boy who needs to be cared for within my work hours. week one: wednesday 8am-5pm, Thursday 8am-6:30pm, Friday 8am-5pm week two: wednesday 8am- 6:30pm, Friday 9am-6:30pm. Thursday's not required that week. this will alternate as above unless discussed other wise due to annual leave etc. Must be able to pick up and drop off as I do not drive. Oscar a bubbly little boy, can be shy initially. Loves to play with dinosaurs and diggers.

the 08/11/20 : I will be starting university in March and need someone to help me take care of my baby.

the 19/10/20 : I am looking for someone who is Dbs checked who is able to look after my Daughter especially on Saturdays when there no nurseries open and I am required to work.
Silvester, looking for childcarer in Derby DE1

the 07/10/20 : Preferably someone ready to stay with my two year old girl at my place of residence

the 12/09/20 : looking for an overnight nanny to stay with my little boy on some nights. More like zero hour contract, as in when needed please. He is good and sleeps throughout the night but need to wake him up to take him toilet

the 01/09/20 : I currently attend university of Derby studying nursing. I’m requiring a child minder to watch my 2 year old daughter a couple days a week
Naydene, is looking for part time childcare in Derby

the 19/08/20 : Hello I'm a 31 year old mum to my son 8 years old. I work as a store manager so therefore need flexible childcare for my son. I would require school pick up and then care from my home so I would need someone available from 3pm during the week. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

the 14/08/20 : Hello my name is Phoebe, I am looking for before and after school care for my son who is 7 he goes to Repton primary school. He is hearing impaired and can lip read he wearing hearing aid but knows how to look after these himself. So I would need someone to look after my son from 7:00 until school and then after school 15:20 until 17:30

the 06/07/20 : Looking for nanny

the 17/06/20 : I'm a mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy, as I work fill time, I would need some help after nursery during the week days and Bank Holiday period.Feel free to contact for more detail.Only someone reliable please.

the 24/02/20 : name is Sunny and I have an 12years old daughter Ila-Angel at St Benedict Voluntary Acadamy on Duffield Road Darley Abbey, who finishes at 3pm. Also Ava-India 8 years old at Ravensdale Junior Y3 Mickleover and finishes at 3.30pm. Would you be able to collect both and have them until 8.30pm Thurs and then collect both Friday and have them until 6.30pm. I will look forward to hearing from you please. Many Thanks

the 19/02/20 : Hi , I am looking for a registered childminder to look after my 7 year old daughter before and after school . She currently attends Ridgeway , and I’m hoping for her to attend Gayton in the new school year . I currently work shift work at the hospital as i am training , so ideally need somebody that can accommodate with this every week. The hours I need are before and after school 6:30am until school drop off , school pick up until 7-pm . I understand this is hard to accommodate , please le...

the 09/02/20 : looking for a Nanny/childcare for a daily basis at least 5 days a week, on flexible hours for a continuous period of one year. We are flexible to disucss and accomodate for a win win solution.

the 06/02/20 : Looking for an Ofsted registered au psir/nanny to mind my children when I go to work.

the 31/12/19 : I work at the hospital every Tuesday night and get home at 8am but my partner has to leave for work at 6am so we need someone to watch the 2 children for 2 hours. Possibility of extra hours too, if we found somebody permanent I would increase my hours at work and do another night shift per week so I would require the childminder for 2 shifts per week (6am-8am). We have a daughter who is 5 who would require breakfast and help getting dressed for school and we have a baby boy who is 1 who woul...

the 14/12/19 : Look after my children

the 30/10/19 : Hello. I'm looking for a responsible and lovely person to look after my 15month old son. I work shifts so I will appreciate someone with some flexibility. Thanks in anticipation.

the 29/10/19 : Need to cover my hours at work two days a week until my partner gets home from work. Driving license not essential. On a good bus route within ten mins walk. 20 month old little girl who loves playing and walks baking.

the 26/10/19 : Looking for Nanny to watch my 3 year old daughter regularly and it you can fo a sleep in occassionally that is superb.

the 20/07/19 : I need a good childminder to look after my one year old son I will need daily care and also occasional weekend work depending on my work schedule. I want someone with flexibility and that can do emergencies if needed

the 09/07/19 : Seeking a nanny to watch my children occasionally

the 07/07/19 : Overnight look after

the 03/07/19 : I would like a nanny who comes to me every morning and stays for 5 hours, to help me with my 8 month baby and do little housework with me. I have a bedroom and its own bathroom for her to stay in. I dont work , therefore i will be staying at home too
Lauren, is looking for part time childcare - DE1 Derby

the 20/06/19 : I'm an NHS worker. Will be working 4 7.5 hour shifts per week. 3/4 weekends are required. Will need them to potentially pick Benjamin up from school, do the tea time routine, bedtime routine and then sit in and watch him til I'm home from work.

the 20/06/19 : I will be on call for work Mondays and Tuesdays and require someone reliable to pick my children from nursery/school at 3pm and be cared for, for max an hour until I can get to them. This can be my home or childminders.

the 03/06/19 : I’m looking for a reliable babysitter that is old enough to take the kids to bed and can drive herself to our house for the odd evenings.

the 20/05/19 : We have moved to Mickelover last week and are family of 3. I am due to join part time now and need nanny support for Tuesday and Thursday. We are looking for nursery to accept him. Services needed would be getting him ready, feeding, little housekeeping, dropping, pick up and after nursery care while I return from work.
Fola, offer babysitting - DE1 Derby

the 20/05/19 : I need some one to babysit my 9 year old son occasionally for a few hours at a time during the week