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the 16/02/22 : I require someone who has experience in speech and language development in toddlers, who can provide assistance with my 31 month old.

the 08/02/22 : After school pick up and stay with them at home till we close from work and return home.
Daniel, offer babysitting in Derby

the 04/02/22 : Seeking cover on Friday and Saturday evening for few hours, must have experience of children with disability

the 18/01/22 : 1 year old little boy requiring care from bedtime onwards for up to 3 hours one evening a fortnight on a weeknight whilst Mum and Dad go out very locally.

the 20/12/21 : My wife and I are looking for a part time nanny primarily for work on an ad-hoc basis to look after our two young boys aged 1 and 3 who currently go to nursery full time. Work will mainly include pick up from nursery and feeding them their evening meal and putting them to bed.

the 25/11/21 : I need someone to be patient and son doesn't talk and we still use diapers .

the 21/11/21 : Hi, Am looking for a nanny who can help my newborn bathing.

the 15/11/21 : I need a childminder for my 4 month old son Noah 3 days a week no weekends as I'll be off work at weekend. I'm flexible which days in the week
Zaynah, offer part-time childcare in Derby DE1

the 11/11/21 : So essentially i have a new job offer and the shift patterns are 7:00-3:00 and 11-7pm alternating weeks I would need a nanny in the morning for the children to get them ready for school and take them to the bus stop in the morning And on the second week i would need someone to be available to pick up from the bus stop near our home. Take them home and look after them until i get back from work which would be around 7:30pm So essentially some one for the morning on one week and s...

the 07/11/21 : We are looking for a Spanish speaking nanny or childminder to look after our son who will be 6 months old at the start. We are happy to share with another family if that helps. We will need someone to help from 8.30am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday.

the 04/11/21 : I am looking for a child minder for Monday , tuesdays and wednesdays

the 22/10/21 : I require a childminder that is registered and holds a driving licence. my daughter needs to be to taken to school in the morning and collect for 3.15 Monday to Friday till 5pm. I require full time care during term times

the 20/10/21 : Hello, we have two children, a lovely one year old boy and a full of life 2 year old daughter. We are looking for a nanny for a few hours on Fridays and on Saturdays for an immediate start. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you. Many thanks.

the 10/10/21 : Hello, I work nights at the hospital and Im home by 8am. My partner has to leave for his day job at 6am so we really need somebody who can travel to my house and watch my 2 children just for a couple of hours on a Wednesday and 2/3 times per month on a Friday. Pay negotiable and competitive. My children may even be still asleep at that time!

the 07/10/21 : My 10 year old daughtet attends an online education academy ( not live lessons so flexibility can be incorporated into the day) Im looking for the right person to be able to help with school work if needed, arrange and take to daytime activities prepare meals for my daughter. I would need childcare between the hours of 8am and 4pm monday to friday. Accommodation would not be offered with this role.

the 03/10/21 : Need a nanny for the weeks I have to work away. Most likely a weekend and one full week per month.

the 27/09/21 : Looking for a childminder from 19:30-22 Regular every 2 weeks

the 23/09/21 : I work part time at the Royal Derby Hospital and am looking for a childminder to look after my 18 month old son for 1 day a week (with view to potentially increasing). I'm keen to find someone that could start early (half past 6/7 ish) as my working day begins at 7am. My other half leaves at a similar time every morning, but is usually back home for between 4-5pm so could collect him around then. I have put Thursday as my requested day but Wednesday would be okay if not. Regarding a st...

the 24/08/21 : I have 2 children on the autism spectrum and one potentially on the spectrum. I am looking for a baby sitter so i can few hours to make phone calls or tidy up and organise.

the 07/08/21 : the babysitter would need to cook tea for the children or sandwiches etc . Entertain the younger 11 year old girls and look after our 14 year old son as required . WE have a dog but my son and daughters can sort him he is a friendly labrador. some cleaning up if possible but not essential . she would also need to put the girls to bed .

the 03/08/21 : Nanny required for 1 year old, bilingual would be a great advantage to help little one pick up another language but not essential
Valentina, is looking for nanny - DE1 Derby

the 22/07/21 : Hello, I'm looking for a trustworthyand kinder nanny for my dauther. She is 15 months.

the 24/06/21 : Looking for a nanny to a nearly 5 year old girl. She loves art, craft, playing outdoors. She is very independent. Looking for a set weeks mainly to cover all half term weeks.

the 25/04/21 : I have a 3 year old son and I am desperate for help with after school pick up. He currently goes to an after school club, but he is the youngest child there so is finding it difficult to settle in.

the 14/04/21 : We prefer someone to come to out home and look after our daughter. Play with her , feed and change her nappies. Taker her out in the garden or small walks.

the 16/03/21 : We are looking for a kind and patient person to pick up our two boys aged 3 and 5 years old from school; and stay with them at home until 5pm.

the 16/03/21 : Nanny is needed

the 12/03/21 : Require a nanny who is familiar with halal lifestyle for 2 children. Will be regular hours per week
Miha, looking for nanny in Derby DE1

the 25/01/21 : seeking nanny to be at home till i return from work, the child is usually sleeping in that time

the 15/11/20 : I am looking for a childminder who is flexible and able to offer evening and weekend end care on occasion as well as regular daycare as i work shifts.