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the 22/07/22 : I need someone to look after my 1 year old daughter on a Thursday morning, term time only. Either in their own home or in mine, from around 8am till around midday. Old town area or close by preferred.

the 24/02/22 : Have a event need to go and urgently need someone help to take care of my 5 year old girl, some play and reading.

the 22/02/22 : look after my 5 year old baby girl a couple hours teach her some homework or reading book.

the 17/02/22 : Every sunday around 6 hours

the 17/02/22 : I need a nanny for 6 hours every sunday

the 10/11/21 : Take my little girl in her baby group just and play with her for 2 hours there. It's a baby/toodler group here in Hampden Park and take back her home at 12 noon.
Anca, looking for childcarer in Eastbourne BN21

the 23/10/21 : They only need to be supervised at the evening routine, and stay with them during the night.
Tanya, is looking for childcare assistant in Eastbourne BN21

the 20/10/21 : Starting off 1-2 days a week for my 18 month old son long term

the 16/10/21 : We are moving to Eastbourne in 2022, from Switzerland. Our 3.5 y old daughter is currently learning (Swiss) German and we would like to try and continue her language skills. So looking for a native German/Swiss speaker who could spend a couple of hours each week with our daughter. Nothing is definite yet as we still do not have a confirmed moving date, but would be good to know if anyone would be interested.

the 27/09/21 : I am looking for somebody to look after my 2yr old whilst I am at work between 8am-6:30pm Saturdays
Lucy M, looking for nanny in Eastbourne BN21

the 23/08/21 : 2 energetic children aged 7+10. The youngest with global developmental delay. Both in mainstream schools need help picking them up from school, looking after them, making dinner and entertaining them. A few mornings required to drop them off at school as well.

the 26/07/21 : Hi :) we are looking for a nanny for a 3.5 year old boy. During school holidays we need to look after him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On school terms to get him to and from preschool and look after him in the mornings until evening. On school term to look after him on work days except Tuesdays. Please, contact me if you have any additional questions or would like to meet up and discuss this further. Thank you.

the 13/07/21 : I have a 18month old son coming up. And a 16week old baby boy

the 26/06/21 : Full time child care during the summer holidays for an 8 year old and a 7 year old. The 8 year old has autism and the 7 year old has ADHD.

the 23/05/21 : Looking for someone with experience of looking after a young baby. I have a 3 month old baby boy. It's important the person is calm, friendly and patient.

the 02/05/21 : We're still working out exactly what we need but broadly I'm looking for someone to look after both my girls (4 and 2 but about to turn 5 and 3), probably between 9 and 3.30pm Monday to Thursday from the second week of June through to the start of September. I'm keen for them to have fun in the park, on the beach or up on the Downs, all of which are a very short walk from our house. Additionally, i'd like my eldest to have a bit of support with some worksheets from school.
Elinor, offer part-time childcare in Eastbourne BN21

the 16/03/21 : I am looking for school drop offs (4 mornings per week) and pick ups (3 evenings per week). Working hours would be 7.30am start. Until 4.30pm (Mon & Tues) 5.30pm (Weds). This can be in our home or elsewhere. The children are lovely. Iris is 5, loves singing, dancing and drawing. Theo is 9, a little brain box who loves reading and on the Autism Spectrum (High functioning). They were both attending before and after school clubs but the noise and number of children was too much for Theo. I ...

the 19/02/21 : Hi my name is Michelle I am a care assistant i am looking for a nanny for my son De-troy Daley i need someone 4 days per week to take him to school pick him from school see to it that he had his bath gave him something to eat and help him with his homework and also swimming 1day per week he is well independent can help him self just need someone in the house to monitor him and to be with until I get home from work. Feel free to contact me so I can give you more details thank you

the 17/02/21 : Someone to support, spend time with my 2 children 8 & 12 while I am working full time from home. Some easy learning and lots of fun and games. Ideally some assistance with keeping the house clean also but not essential. Live in possible during this time frame

the 02/02/21 : I'm looking for childcare which is flexible as I have just started university as a student nurse and will need someone to take care of my 10yr son after school until I finish university to pick him up.I need childcare on the days im going into uni for lectures.

the 16/01/21 : Looking for someone to watch my 3 children, they would need to start at 730am and finish at 1500 on some occasions a bit later, this would be a few days a week not every day. When the schools go back just go to the drop offs and on a Thursday and friday look after my youngest

the 17/09/20 : An experienced childminder who can provide drop offs and pick ups, followed by looking aftet then2 children until approx 6pm. School is St Thomas a Becket

the 29/05/20 : Need a nanny to take care of child full time

the 28/05/20 : I have been offered a job opportunity over in Brighton 4 days a week (TBC) and am looking at childcare options before I accept. I am a single mum and have a 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son with ASD and Level 1 Cerebral Palsy. I am entitled to help with childcare costs and would like someone who is Ofsted registered. I would be looking for 2 hours in the morning (7/7.30am start with breakfast and 8.40am school drop off) for my 7 year old son, and the 3.3-4 hours in the afternoon/earl...

the 11/03/20 : Looking for someone to do school pick up and after school care to include evening meal preparation until 6pm and possibly occasional evening babysitting if desired.

the 31/01/20 : Looking for a childminder/nanny for my 9 year old son. Support is mostly for pick up at 4.15pm although they may be a few occasions when I may need a before school support. These can be arranged well ahead of time. School is 5 minutes walk form my house (Bourne School) . Work will consist of school run in the afternoon and ensuring he does his home work and has his meals etc. This is not a 5 day week job as I do work from home quite often. I may also need support on some weekends (to be arran...

the 27/01/20 : Someone to get them washed, dressed have a lot of communication and fun with them during the day whilst I am at work

the 16/01/20 : I am looking for childminder or nanny to look after my 12 months twins for 2 days a week

the 14/01/20 : I have to attend a talk at school on that evening, looking for a nanny to take care of my daughter at home for few hours.
Demianne, offer childcare in Eastbourne BN21

the 11/12/19 : Hello I’m looking for someone to child mind my 2 year old son and 3 year old daughter between the hours of 10-2:30 starting ASAP please, thank you