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the 05/01/19 : Hi My name is Daniele, I need a person to take my little boy to school in the mornings. His school is called San Thomas Mores School in Bedhampton. It would only be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thx Daniele
Merrilees, offer part-time childcare in Havant PO9

the 29/08/18 : I am in need of a part time nanny with extra hours in the half-term holidays. I am starting University in September. I will have blocks of teaching and blocks of placements so the days which a nanny is needed will possibly change. Also placements will be an early start. Duties will include getting the children up and ready for school. Taking the children to school and preschool and picjung up after. May need to cook dinner with them. On the very rare occasion you may need to get them read...

the 26/11/17 : We will need someone to look after of our girl after February/March 2018 from Monday to Friday, mornings or afternoons depending on the week. Please send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks

the 30/06/17 : I need someone to look after both children 2 weekends a month Saturday and Sunday 9-2 and 9-2 Monday to Friday school holidays

the 14/06/17 : Hi. My daughter is seven years old and attends a school near Petersfield. Her school finishes at 3:30pm and I need childcare until 6.30pm. Sometimes 6pm and occasionally 7pm.

the 09/05/17 : Need a nanny to look after my only child whilst we are at work

the 17/02/17 : Need a nanny with previous experience to look after our 2 boys. It will be for leisure and also to cover from afternoon to late into the night on occasion.

the 08/01/17 : Looking for an occasional babysitter for mostly Saturday evening from 6/7 until late. It can be once a month but some month it can be up to 3 Saturdays a month. I have 3 boys age 7, 6 and 3.

the 31/12/16 : A babysitter who enjoys playing with toys and being crazy with a three year old

the 27/10/16 : I need someone to hand the children over to there father 10 am Sat. He will drop off 5pm sat and following weekend he will drop off Sunday 5pm I have transport and the children can be dropped off to your property .

the 13/09/16 : I am looking for a nanny for two/three days a week from the end of January 2017 when I will be returning to work. My girls will be 9 months old.

the 29/08/16 : Looking for a young, enthusiastic person with experience in caring for and entertaining children of a similar age to my twin daughters who are 10. They are happy, outgoing girls who love life, being busy, being sporty, being creative, love eating, baking, shopping, cinema and life in general! Generally just the occasional evening babysitting required - approx twice a month

the 15/08/16 : Require Nanny 3days a week, from 8 to half 4 for twin girls, 9months old.

the 03/05/16 : I am looking for a full time nanny to look after 4 children while I'm at work. one child is at secondary school, she can get herself ready and goes to school by herself. The two boys need a little help getting ready in the morning with their lunch and making sure they have got everything. They go to school by themselves because the school is across the road on a military camp and my 4 year old needs looking after during the morning. He starts nursery at 12:30pm and needs to be taken and colle...

the 16/10/15 : I need a reliable and bright person to look after a very funny and polite 5 year old whilst I am away.I have dates 3-6 months in advance so can give you plenty of advance notice - I need someone who will stay at my home overnight for 2, 3, 4, 5 days blocks with my daughter around 10 times per year. She is 5 and attends the local school, 3 minute´s walk from our home - so oernight stay, get her ready for school, take her and collect her. Cook dinner and play/read with her. There is a guest ro...

the 07/09/15 : Monday, Wednesday-Friday 3-5.30pm During school term. Monday, Wednesday-Friday 8.30-5.30pm Tuesday 8.30-3.30 After Xmas will be needing Tuesdays covered to 5.30m as well.

the 09/06/15 : needed for school runs morning and afternoons. in core hours of 8-530 2 days a week will require to look after twins all day as not in nursery these days. Other days only school runs required and children looked after from 3 -530.Light house work and cooking would be helpful.