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the 24/02/20 : We need a child minder to look after my 2 daughters, mostly for school pick up and after school care.

the 23/02/20 : I would be seeking nanny/baby sitter to be in residence at 8am to stay with kids and drop them off school/nursery. And again pick up at 3pm for nursery/3.15pm for school as well as caring for them until I get back from work at 6.45pm. The service would be needed only from Monday's to Thursdays, which may vary weekly.

the 28/01/20 : Looking for a child minder for 3-4 days a week for before and after school

the 13/12/19 : We are looking for a nanny to work from our home. 2 children to pick up from a school in Great Glen, brought home, cooking tea. Washing and ironing of their clothes, kit and uniform. Making sure their rooms are clean and tidy, bedsheets changed regularly. School pick up is at 4, cover needed till 6.30 Monday to Friday. Also needed nanny full time during holidays, (children have 18 weeks off during the year), planning of activities and generally keeping them busy and off their ipads. Pa...

the 06/08/19 : To take care of my children. Teach them a language or educational lesson. To watch in the garden. Prepare lunch and take part in activities with them.

the 30/07/19 : Looking for a kind, friendly, reliable babysitter, who would, on a rare occasion, collect my daughter from nursery, put her to bed and wait for me to come back from work. Another option would be overnight, from 19:00 till 8:00 am the next day, giving her breakfast and waiting for me to come back from night-shift. Occasionally babysitting in the evening or 06:00 start, morning routine and nursery drop off for 07:30 start (5 minutes by car). Only for times when my husband's and my work schedule...

the 24/06/19 : Hi, I was wondering if you provide child minding facility services at our home in oadby. I have 2 kids, 6 yrs and 11 yrs old. My oldest is due to start secondary school from August 2019. We are looking for after school care at our home from 3pm onwards for upto 3-5 hrs per day and possibly during school term holidays as well. My oldest doesnt need any looking after or care as she is independent. Plesse get back to me. Thanks

the 11/06/19 : I am looking for someone that lives near St Cuthbert's Primary School in order for me to drop my child off at 7.00 for a school start at 8.30 and then to pick my child up at 5pm.

the 22/05/19 : I am looking for a nanny potentially for one week, with a view for a long term service. Need a nanny who can get the children ready for school and nursery in the mornings. Time required is from 6:30am to 09:00am

the 21/05/19 : Looking for someone to have my daughter from 7.15am each morning and drop her at Leicester Grammar Junior School by 8.15am

the 02/05/19 : Drop off and pickups

the 22/03/19 : We are a young family with a lovely daughter in need of a little help, we both work in the morning and we need a trustworthy person who can pick her up and take her to school.

the 16/12/18 : Looking for full time Nanny for 3 weeks every 3 months to help cover our travel schedule in 2019. To assist with everything from food to bath to bedtime and going to playgroup. Working alongside their grandparents at the grandparents home in Leicester.

the 23/08/18 : Before school after school and holidays, 4 children but 2 at high school so pretty self sufficient! Must be ofsted registered or willing to register and be able to drive.

the 10/07/18 : I need a Childminder from Monday til Friday. You will have to pick him up from school at 3.30pm and be with him til 5.00pm. I will then come and pick up every day.

the 28/03/18 : I need somebody to pick daughter from nursery class at 11.45 and take care of her untill 3.30p.m. in my house.. work 2-3 times a week, sometimes more if husband would do overtimes these days, same hours. Regards, Jo

the 15/03/18 : Our requirements are flexible depending on the availability of the nanny/childminder.
Shelley, offer childcare in Wigston

the 12/03/18 : Hi I’m Shelley I’m 22 with a 8 month old little boy named archie , I am looking for a babysitter for one evening , I will feed and bath and put my son to bed all you will have to do it listen out and if he wakes put his dummy in or feed him a bottle , make sure the light is off when you do this and keep the door open so you have the hall way light so you can see but close it fully when your done , I haven’t been out in a very long time since having my little boy and I would love to go out fo...

the 11/03/18 : I work shifts so it will not be set days but I will obviously have my Rota in advance and be able to give notice. I'm looking for someone willing to arrive at my house for 6am and be there for when my children wake and take them to school. Pick ups are also needed for some shifts, I'd need the children picked up, taken to our house and fed. This may be until 6pm or 8pm dependant on shifts. I can be flexible in that I currently have breakfast/after school club so this can be cancelled or kept ...

the 15/01/18 : need a babysitter or nanny to start immediately, for tomorrow, this coming thursday and next tuesday. there also may be some wednesdays that are needed. i may require pick uo and drop off my my eldest son for school, primarily need cover for the younger son, only attends nursery two days a weeka nd even though i have organised shifts at work, sometimes im put on the odd days that i do not normally work.

the 09/01/18 : school pick up and after school care
Karen, is looking for part time childcare - LE2 Little stretton

the 22/12/17 : Pick our daughter up from school, prepare her tea, play with her, oversee her homework and listen to her read. We do have a Labrador puppy so ideally get her involved a little ? It would be great if we could have some support with additional household chores like ironing, hoovering which might be on one of the afternoons as we may not need support for our daughter during one afternoon.

the 20/12/17 : Me and my husband are doctors working full time.We are looking for a nanny who could pick and drop children to and from school feed them and if possible help in doing homework.

the 25/11/17 : Hello All, I am after someone who can watch my children while in work. I am looking for a professional person who has experience in this. There will be no driving necessary and will be in my own house. Please let me know

the 09/10/17 : I work shifts and need someone who can do early mornings and at times work until 7_8 pm

the 09/10/17 : Need a child minder or nanny to look after one child

the 16/09/17 : I need a nanny/babysitter from Monday to Wednesday 1-7 pm during term time and 7-7 pm during school holidays. The hours may vary according to our work schedule. I need someone who is flexible, reliable, caring and punctual. The job is up till August 2018. I can offer £7/hour depending on experience. Many thanks Tania

the 05/09/17 : To take the youngest child to school and collect To take care of both children in evening and over night for two nights a week only

the 15/08/17 : for details please contact me between07.30am-10.00am and after 8.30pm.Thank you