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the 08/04/19 : Nanny/babysitter/au pair needed for almost 2 year old. Negotiable hours.and light house work included.

the 21/11/18 : I'm looking for child minder to collect my son from school for one week

the 17/10/18 : A nanny to look after my son for holidays

the 08/10/18 : Needed Mondays and Fridays between 1.00pm and 6.00pm.

the 06/10/18 : I need a nanny to help me with my 2 kids and light house work

the 22/09/18 : Need help with school run and occasional babysit in the evening

the 20/06/18 : Sole charge of 2 small children while I work night 3-4 night per week.

the 23/05/18 : Hi, Seeking for a professional and a very trusted Nanny to look after my kids after school for 2 hours each day in the Bletchley Area . Thanks Ash

the 26/04/18 : Hi, Myself & partner work full time & usually one of his parents babysit during the day while the other runs the pub they own. However due to his dad recovering from an operation we need a little extra help for the two weeks while he's recovering.

the 10/03/18 : Hello, We have 2 children: a girl nearly 5 years old and a boy 21 months old. Both children are in full time care from 7:30am-6pm for the girl and 8am-6:30pm for the boy. The school and nursery are in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. We require someone WHO HAS HER OWN CAR AND DRIVES, to pick the children up at 7:30am and take them to school and nursery (1 minute distance apart) and to pick them up at 6pm and care for them in our house until 7:30pm when I return from work. Essentially 2 hrs in...

the 07/02/18 : Pick up from school (5 min walk from child's house), entertain child(ren) for a couple of hours, feed snacks/tea.

the 29/01/18 : Our daughter will be a year old in April and we are looking for someone who can provide attentive and enriching care. We will be looking for care from Monday to Thursday

the 24/01/18 : Someone who can look after asd child with challenging behaviour at the times

the 17/12/17 : Hi, I am looking for a nanny/babysitter to look after my 9 year old son at the family home. He is very independent and keeps himself occupied. Days required 3.1.18 from 12-3.45pm 5.1.18 from 8.30 am -1pm

the 27/11/17 : 3.30 pm pick up and if possible 6.30 me picking my daughter up after work Monday to Friday but we could do from our house ie you pick her up and go to ours for 3 hours 15 hours per week

the 13/10/17 : Hi, We have 2 children, one nearly 5 years old and the other 16 months old. I am due to start a new job in December and am looking for someone to babysit/care for them very occasional weekdays and occasional weekends. I would give ample notice for each time. No housework or cooking needed except to warm up the children's already prepared food. Would this service be something you would offer please? OR 2. Would you be able to babysit in the mornings at 7am and drop off 2 child...

the 04/09/17 : After school care picking up from Abbeys Primary. Tues, Weds, Thurs till 6pm for my 6yr old son.

the 01/08/17 : I need some to look after my 2 young ones on theses days

the 22/05/17 : Hiya, I'm looking for a childminder please for my 8 year old son. I have a meeting directly after work thursday 25th May and need a childminder who can look after my son. He will need to be collected from his after school club in blechtley at 6pm, and looked after for an hour until I can collect him. I appreciate any responses. Thank you.

the 14/05/17 : Hello, I'm a mum to a lovely 8 year old boy. He's an easy fun person to be around, however I have an engagement I need to attend Friday 19th May. From around 6pm to around 2am. I would like an experienced DBS checked childminder to take care of my son, feed him and put him to bed. To stay with him until I return. Hoping to find someone trustworthy, kind and caring and who gets along well with him to cover any other occasional events. Thank you

the 02/05/17 : Seeking childminder to drop off and pick up from nursery

the 21/03/17 : Need nanny or au pair who can manage twins with the mother and also can help with some light house work

the 20/03/17 : I look after my grandson as his mother my daughter has mental health problems and is receiving professional help My eldest daughter works from home Mon/Tues so collects from school I need cover for Wed/Thur/Fri and will be long term

the 11/03/17 : I really need someone really reliable for my children

the 23/02/17 : Baby girl, turns one on 21st April 2017. Childcare requirements: - mid April 2017 onwards: Mon-Friday, 9:15am to 5:45pm (8.5hrs) OR 8:00am to 5:00pm (9hrs), depending on childminder hours - March 2017: couple of days a week for varying duration, towards settling in period

the 13/02/17 : We are looking for childminder before school from 7:30 to 8:30 and drop off at Knowles Primary Bletchley Mon to Fri. Then Mon , Tues , Thurs and Friday pick up from school till 6:30 I will collect . I'm a mum working in education and my husband works in London. We have 2 daughters ages 7 & 6 !

the 08/01/17 : Some one I can see has experience patients and the right attitude to there work

the 27/12/16 : Help with childcare in my own homw