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the 02/06/21 : I'm looking for a babysitter in Oxford (OX3) for our 1 year old daughter for 3 days a week (Monday to Wednesday) from 8:00 to 16:00

the 18/05/21 : Baby sitter needed for my 3 year old.

the 21/04/21 : One parent is currently working and other parent want to work, I have work but can't work due alone child at home. So one of us need to stay at home to look after the child.

the 16/03/21 : I am looking for a greek speaking nanny to take care of my baby on Tuesdays while I work.

the 07/03/21 : Need a child minder to look after our son who is 1 year old.

the 06/12/20 : Hello, We live in Oxford (Ox4 4eu) and have 3 young children. 7 year old girl, 5 year old boy and 10 months old baby girl. From Jan we need help with school picks ups at 3.30 and 4 pm (same school). We are a loving family and pretty relaxed. We would like someone for our children to build friendship with and to be like part of our family. On Thursdays we need help with taking them to gymnastics club at 4 pm and on Wednesdays we need help with looking after our 10 month old baby from...

the 23/08/20 : Hola, Somos una familia que esta estudiando en Oxford. Buscamos una cuidadora responsable, respetuosa, alegre y facial para vivir, que cuide de nuestro pequeño y haga tareas fáciles en casa. Viajamos mucho y tb tenemos bastantes vacaciones. Tiene que saber cocinar lo básico una vez al día. Necesitamos que este un año con nosotros. Tb viajamos y tenemos bastantes vacaciones.
Derya, offer part-time childcare in Oxford

the 07/06/20 : Hi, As a family of four, we live in Oxford and are looking for a nanny for our two kids (aged 7 and 4) – for full time OR part time (until September) and then part time (after schools open in September). They are both well behaved kids who love playing together. We just need them to play and do some very very basic primary school things (definitely not homeschooling!), but mostly play. We are both working from home these days and will possibly go to the office after September...

the 20/02/20 : My husband and I have a 25 month old toddler and another baby due later this year. We are looking for a full time nanny, ideally live in. Start date: mid-April, though we can be flexible earlier/later. Location: central Oxford. We offer generous holiday. Experience with young children essential - newborn experience would be helpful. Please contact me for further details if interested.

the 18/02/20 : We are a professional couple with a 26 month old toddler and another baby due later this year. Full time position, though there could be some flexibility on this. Live in or live out. Start date: mid-April, flexible. Location: central Oxford. We can offer generous holiday. Experience with young children essential and some childcare qualifications. Please contact me for further details if interested.

the 18/02/20 : Full time care for 2 year old and potential new baby

the 16/11/19 : Assist me in looking after my baby from Monday to Friday from 10-5

the 16/11/19 : please A babysitter for 2 kids boy 11 and girl 7.

the 13/11/19 : Hi, working in oxford looking for childminder around the cowley area. Or nearby. Thanks

the 07/11/19 : I am looking for someone to look after my child, he is bilingual englis/italian and I am hoping to find someone who is a native italian speaker and can speak to him in italian

the 15/07/19 : I need a supernanny to help me with my 3 lovely kids. As my oldest is 12, the help is mainly with my younger 2, ages 3 and 6 months. I need 2-3 hours of sole charge a day with someone who is experienced with babies so I can do activities with my other children and also run errands and the rest of the time, it would be helping me with the children and helping me run the household.

the 10/07/19 : My son is 18 months now hes very playful and easy going not fussy baby, looking for a childminder for monday to friday when im at work

the 06/07/19 : We need someone to pick him up, provide meal, play withuntil 17-17:30 onwards. We are a bilingual german/english family living in Sutton Courtenay.
Louise, is looking for part time childcare in Oxford

the 02/07/19 : I need someone reliable to look after my 3.5 year old son, Monday to Friday, from 3.30pm to 5pm. I start work at 4pm, and my partner gets home from his work at 5pm, so we need someone to amuse and care for our son in the intervening times.

the 07/03/19 : Child minder for a 3yr old during week days

the 02/02/19 : Nanny needed from Sept'19 to look after a 3 month old baby, at our house in Oxford, from about 8.30am until about 5.30pm Mon-Fri.

the 02/10/18 : Childminder for school pick up Mon to Thursday please from Larkrise Primary+

the 24/09/18 : Hi, need school drop off from 7am to 7.45am and pick up from 5.45pm to 6.30pm 4 days a week max

the 19/09/18 : Here on a visit and would like to be on my own a few hours per day. Thereof this need for a Nanny. Thanks!

the 11/07/18 : I like children and Babys

the 22/06/18 : Looking for a babysitter 9-12pm on Tuesdays for our bubbly 4 year old

the 05/01/18 : Hello, We’ve just moved to Oxford and are looking for childcare for our 3 year old during the day on Wednesdays and after school care for our 3 year old and 5 year old on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please get in touch if you could make this work. All the best, Caroline
Robin, offer babysitting in Oxford

the 07/09/17 : We need a babysitter to look after our little girl for an evening.

the 13/06/17 : Hi there. I work part time at Hawkwell house in