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the 28/03/21 : Looking for a qualified ofsted registered (can accept childcare vouchers) nanny/childminder for 4 year old little girl and 8 year old Little boy, Monday to Friday 3pm to 6pm. Will require additional hours during school holidays and occasional evening on a weekend.

the 25/03/21 : I am looking for a new childcare provider to start in the next 7 to 10 weeks. I have 2 children age 5 and 11. I am looking for the following days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before school and after school and during the holidays. My children go to woodlea and St Andrews the schools are next door to each other.

the 28/12/20 : Someone to collect child from after school club and cook tea, general tidy round

the 14/11/20 : We are looking someone who is dedicated to our family during work hours. Someone who will travel to our holiday home and help out with the children. Last minute weekend childcare of me or my partner decide to have a weekend away. House cleaning would be great whilst our oldest is at nursery and our youngest naps, however this is not essential, we can get outside help for domestic work. Cooking would be a great help. Overall someone who would be willing to work with our family an...

the 22/08/20 : Seeking reliable, trustworthy nanny for a part-time position in a lovely house for 5 year old twins. Nanny required for after school pick-ups and after school care. Must have own car.

the 20/06/20 : Help with Homework after school

the 05/11/19 : Help with home work, home tutoring, basic reading, writing, numbers

the 05/11/19 : Hi I am looking for after school care for my two children aged 4 and 6 on a Tuesday from the start of December onwards. Thanks

the 22/08/19 : Nanny/childminder who is available to look after my 7 year old son either at our home or in your home for 2 or 3 days most weeks of the school holidays (approx 9.30am to 4.30pm). Possibly to also pick up from school 2-3 times a week until approx 4.30pm or 5pm). Looking for someone reliable and who is available to do this long term.

the 21/08/19 : Someone to look after my 7 year old son on a regular basis for 2-3 days each week in most school holidays. Possibly occasional after school care in the future on 1-2 days each week

the 25/04/19 : Looking for child minder/nanny between following dates: 3rd june to 7th june for 5 years old girl between (9am-5pm or 12pm-8pm). Please contact asap. Regards, Amit,

the 14/05/18 : Would require someone to come to Ingol on Friday mornings at 6.30am get my 9 year old child ready for school and drive her to Broughton primary school for 9.00am. Only 3 hours work but will pay £15 an hour to anyone available

the 16/04/18 : I have 2kids my daughter is 8 years old and son is 3 and half years old. I need baby sitter or nanny for early morning or evening Monday to Friday. This requirement is for 10 weeks, starting from 14th of May to 20th of July. .

the 14/04/18 : I have 2kids my daughter is 8 years old and son is 3 and half years old. I need baby sitter or nanny for early hour monday to thursday.

the 12/04/18 : I need a baby sitter who can do early morning 6.30am to 7.30am or 6.00 pm to 10.00pm in the evening. I have 2kids my daughter is 8 years old and son is 3 and half years old. The hours of baby sitting will depend on my shift pattern weather, I need early morning or evening. Also, the baby sitter should be able to drops kids at breakfast club or pick them from after-school club. The club is situated within the school and it's five minute walk from my place.

the 17/01/18 : Hi, Ian looking for childcare mainly from after school pick up until one of us( parent) is back. Days I require are every week Wed- Fri. Most of the time will be between 6-6.30, but may need sometime till 8pm. Thanks Shalini

the 13/01/18 : Hello I’m looking for after school child care for my 2 children ( 5&7yrs) . Mon - Friday . 3-5 pm . Picking up from Deepdale community school at 3:15 and bringing Home and staying with them for almost 2 hrs until we come home at around 5-5:30. If you are interested please contact.

the 08/12/17 : As a mother of young children im responsible for organising the home, including ensuring the meals are prepared on time. I have excellent time management skills as demonstreted when ensuring that the children are woken , dressed and ready for day ahead.

the 05/12/17 : To look after the kids whilst am work

the 05/12/17 : To look after the girls whilst am work

the 14/11/17 : Childcare needed mainly picking up my son from school and my daughter from bus stop after the school hours and tacking care until one of the parent is back from work.
Charlotte, is looking for childminder - PR5 Walton-le-dale

the 26/10/17 : Saturdays and Sundays or just Saturdays, early start 6:30am-3:30pm my son is 16 months old

the 19/10/17 : To pick my son from club nearby under 10mins walk, Take home, make tea and stay till I get back from Work.. We are looking for 2hrs on 2-3 evenings a week.

the 07/10/17 : Nanny help of 2-3hrs / day Help give tea , help with homework

the 26/09/17 : We need someone to pick son up from after school club bring him home give dinner / snack look after till parent come back from work

the 03/09/17 : I am urgently looking for a babysitter to look after my 5 month old boy from 10 am to 12 pm tomorrow 4th September 2017. Please call my mobile number if you are available. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Laura

the 30/08/17 : A trustworthy reliable baby sitter occasionally, and if needed someone to help with homework.

the 05/07/17 : i have 6 month old baby girl and need togo to an appointment

the 07/12/16 : Need a childminder for 2 hours on 22-Dec morning.

the 01/11/16 : flexible hours babysitter