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the 26/04/19 : I would like my son who is 10 to be collected from st. George's Primary school and then I can pick them up from the Nanny or they can drop him off at my house it will be 4 days but sometimes if he is registered to do school activities after school then I will not need a nanny for these days because I will be able to pick up my little boy I live in Ketley Hendy Avenue but for some reason it's not recognised on your website it is a new build that may be the reason

the 08/04/17 : Hello, I am looking for weekend childcare for my two girls age 3 and 4 due to working in retail. It would be alternate weekend, 1 day either Saturday or Sunday, but occasionally both for 6 hours. It would be from 1 to 7 pm on a Saturday or from 11:30 to 5:30 on a Sunday. I'm happy with childcare from my home, and as we live within walking distance to town park and town centre there is always something to do. Please message me with any questions Kind regards Pauline

the 12/03/17 : I'm looking for a childminder, live in or out nanny or a au pair, (child minded and nanny would need to be ofstead registered and work during school Holidays :) ) I have two little active girls who I urgently require child care for, I have always had a live in au pair so I am new to nanny/childminder any information would be appreciated My girls go to nursery until 11:30 am Monday and Tuesday and until 12:30 pm Wednesday-Friday. For a live in position school drop off in the mornings w...

the 25/02/17 : Hello I am a single mother working full time in Telford and are looking for a live in nanny/au pair, I don't mind having a couple living with me and please message me for more details

the 16/02/17 : We need a child minder to take care of our kid in Hollinswood, after school hours

the 03/12/16 : Need help in getting children ready for school and some help after school

the 03/11/16 : need a nanny/babysitter to look after my 2 children from half 5 - half 8 in the morning. only needed 1 in every 3 weeks due to myself doing shift work

the 31/03/15 : Research on who can provide what is required