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the 22/06/19 : Im a grand mother raising a 5 year old grandson. I require help when i am working , evenings and occasional weekends. I do not at this point need overnight care

the 15/01/19 : Childminder to pick daughter up from school and be given tea

the 17/12/18 : I need a live in mothers help , start in January. To help in daily chores, take care of kids before and after school. She may be needed to be on duty on about 1-2 weekends a month if I am working .

the 19/08/18 : Hello! I am looking for child minder who can drop off/pick up to/from Conyers school in Yarm 11 years old boy and look after him till 8.30pm. This is Mon to Fri only.

the 15/08/18 : I am looking for part time nanny to help with after school care 4.30-7pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Probably full time 8-6pm during term holidays.

the 25/06/18 : Nanny needed for part time after school pickup and bedtime routine

the 25/06/18 : Part time nanny needed for after school pickup and bedtime routine.

the 06/06/18 : Looking for part time nanny to look after my 2 sons . 7 year old goes to school and has after school clubs . 3 year old goes to nursery part time . Work days currently would be Tuesday/Thursday. Nit Krish

the 25/05/18 : School drop offs and pick ups

the 14/05/18 : Need a Childminder that can pick my son up. From his home.

the 20/02/18 : Looking for somebody to look after our 2 year old on Friday’s and possibly pick our 5 year old up from school the same day.

the 22/01/18 : I am looking for a childminder for my 2 children. Lyra will be 1 in May and Oliver will be 4 on 21st July. For Lyra I will need 2 full days a week from 8-4:15 (Can be flexible with days) and for Oliver I will need the same days and hours bit he attends Crooksbarn Nursery 9-3 so would need school drop off/pick up. I will be going back to work in April so was hoping to begin transition in March. Is this something you can accommodate? 

the 14/01/18 : We are both employed, we don't get much time as a couple to spend time together with the two boys. We would love for someone to come and take care of the children on a Tuesday/Wednesday evening so we could take a few hours to go for a meal/watch a movie

the 27/12/17 : My name is Pattie Kunene-Moyo . I'm looking for a Live In Nanny, Registered Childminder, Babysitter, Au Pair or After School childminder. I have 2 boys 7years and soon to be 5years both go to St Patrick's rc primary school. I need someone to help me look after my boys during the times that I am at work as I do shift pattern. I would appreciate someone who is flexible and understanding of the job that I do. please feel free to contact me if you feel you might help or know someone who might be ...

the 02/10/17 : Ideally I need my little girl collecting from nursery at 11.30. Nanny to make lunch and play entertain until time to pick up other two at 3pm, Then prep dinner for me arriving at 4.30

the 08/07/17 : Taking children to school in the morning and pick them up afterwards. Do there tea, till we get home in the evening

the 19/05/17 : Saturday morning childcare

the 07/02/17 : not sure this is relevant

the 23/01/17 : Babysitter to pick my son up from school and look after him until I get in from work
Jerome, offer part-time childcare in Stockton-on-tees TS19

the 07/01/17 : I work full time so just need a childminder/nanny to have my 3 boys on a morning, drop them at school at 8am, then collect from school until I'm back. also I'll need some help in the holidays

the 01/12/16 : I am needing a school pick up from Hartburn. I would collect before 5.30. I also need holidays 8.00 until 5.30. My son is waiting for a diagnosis for adhd. He can be challenging at times.

the 03/11/16 : Seeking nanny to help with the care of our little 9 month old son. I work away from home during the week so the help is primarilly for my wife who sometimes feels like she just needs that little bit of help with the little man. You would only be required for one or two days maximum just to break up the time in between me being home and away.

the 18/10/16 : seeking for a nanny ASAP for Monday near TS22 5HL for my 9, 7 and 5 year to do afternoon school pick up from holy-rosary school

the 15/09/16 : I am a local doctor looking for a part-time nanny to take my 2 children to and from school on a Tuesday. Hours are negotiable, however childcare is required after school on a Tuesday until approximately 7pm. My daughter is 13 and my son is 5.

the 31/08/16 : A babysitter for our 5 year old son, Frank to be picked up from school from High Clarence at 2:45pm on a Wednesday And Thursday until 5:30pm. Might be a little bit earlier depending on work pattern of that week :)

the 24/04/16 : Looking for someone who can do school runs morning and afternoon 4 days a week. Caring for and looking after 4 children whilst being prepared to cook tea and supporting homework. Kids are aged between 8 and 13. All great kids and need a caring, understanding, patient but also fun loving nanny who will look after them whilst I am at work. May need to drop them at the odd after school club. Approximately 20 hours per week. All kids are well behaved and toilet trained!!!!

the 23/04/16 : Twins on way, one beautiful 17 month old already. We may need a regular day a week to assist and sometimes be solo due to work commitments

the 03/04/16 : We are a working couple with a 3 year old daughter, seeking before school, afterschool and school holiday childcare. We are based in Yarm and school located in Yarm. Start at 7.00 am. Get her ready and give breakfast. Drop to nursery /school at 8.00am. Collect her from school at 3.30pm. Give food, bath get ready for bed and wait till parents arrive between 6.00pm to 7.00pm.

the 30/03/16 : Hi there we are seeking the occasional babysitter to look after 3 children once a week on an evening for a few hours. 2 of the children are autistic so would require someone who can deal with their needs if possible. Thank you in advance

the 23/03/16 : my two boys are easy to manage the 12 year old has aspergesand the 14 year old has moderate adhd, you possibly wouldnt know unless you where told the 12 year old is just super charming with people