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the 01/11/18 : I'm looking for someone to sit with my 7 month old and 18 month old between 7am - 8.15am 2 - 3 mornings a week. I work nights and my husband leaves at 7.15. So we are looking for to sit with the children until I get home at 8.15. It will just invoke watching the children and maybe giving a bottle to the youngest if my husband hasn't already done so, changing nappies if needed. We also have a 12 year old but she will be busy getting ready for school so won't need anything.

the 08/07/18 : Supervision and activity. Occasional driving

the 25/10/17 : I have a 13 yo daughter in secondary school. I need someone to stay with her whilst we go away on a quick trip for our anniversary. She will be in school during the daytime (and takes the bus from Warminster to Westbury), but I need someone in the mornings, after school, and to stay overnight here in our home.

the 18/09/17 : I work in Bristol and do not get home until around 7pm. The children get home from school at 5pm. I am looking for someone to be there until I get home, and help with organising the kids and the house

the 29/05/17 : We need someone to pick up the children st 5pm from the station, take them home, prepare snacks, wash their uniform, prepare supper (mostly left prepared already). Both children are independent and responsible but still need looking after and organizing and I need help with keeping the house tidy/clean. Maisie is 14 and Oscar is 12 and they are fun and polite children.

the 14/04/17 : Hi, we need a fun easy going childminder to look after a 14yo girl and 12yo boy for a couple of hours each evening after school. They get home at 5pm and we need someone to be there for them and supervise homework, getting out of school uniform etc. They are both polite, friendly and great company.

the 24/03/16 : Pick my daughter up from Crockerton on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during term time.