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Chloe, babysitter in Livingston

I'm Chloe and I'm looking to babysit. I'm currently a secondary school student. I'm polite, hard-working and I learn fast. I don't have much experience with babysitting except occasionally looking after my little cousins. I'm happy to help with homework, do the ironing and cook if needed. I am not first aid trained but I can deal with asthma attacks and seizure due to my cousins having asthma and epilepsy. I may not be the oldest or the most qualified but I would try hard and hope to improve...
Louise, babysitting - EH54 Livingston

My name is Louise, I am 19 years old. I'm experienced in caring for my cousin's children, who are aged 3 and 5. I am friendly, hardworking and I enjoy singing and telling stories to children and can sing the child a lullaby at night if required. I am not experienced with children under a year old. I will be willing to do household chores around the house while I work, I can cook and I would prepare healthy meals for the children, providing you have all of the ingredients necessary. I...
Megan, childcare in Livingston EH54

I am Megan . I have a HNC in Social Care with an SVQ Level 3 to certify me to work with a range of different groups of people including children. I have a PVG with Disclosure Scotland which is valid until October 2016 and will be updated after that. I have babysat for many families which I can give contact numbers for. I worked with a childcare company in Ireland for the summer every year for 3 years. I have a letter of reference from the owner of this company. I am a happy, fun loving b...
Stacie, babysitter in Livingston EH54

My name is Stacie. I am an 18 year old female, currently studying my HNC additional support needs at college after doing my higher early education and childcare last year. My aim is to become a primary school teacher, however in the meantime I am looking for some work in the area I love most. I am looking for evening and / or weekend hours due to fitting it round my studying. I have experience from siblings and also from a job similar. I cared for an 8 year old girl for just short of a year...
Susan, child care in Livingston EH54

I am a young enthusiastic adult, hoping on Persuing a career in Primary Education. I am of a large bubbly family of 10. With 8 brothers and sisters. I have taught as a classroom assistant in two primary schools. I have been coaching boys and girls aged 3-10 at SBC academy for a year and a half. I am first aid qualified and am due to reinstate my PVG. I have took Care in school therefore also know the theoretical side to childcare. I have already baby sat children in my old street on occasion...
Annaya, baby sitting in Livingston

My name is Annaya, I am 16 years old. I am looking to babysit children from newborn to 6 years, for the last 3 years I have looked after my nephew and also a little boy who lives across the road from me. One of my favorite hobbies is to cook, I also like to bake and think it is great for children to interact with baking and it can teach them new skills such as patience and listening skills. I hope you will consider me.
Becca, childcare in Livingston

Hi there, my name is Becca and I am a registered nanny. I have a HNC in Early Education and Childcare. I have experience taking care of children of all ages, especially 4-7 years old. I am warm, kind and creative and love to make things with children. I enjoy carrying out fun activities and expanding on children's imaginations. I also love to bake and try out new recipes. I have been a nanny to a 6 year old boy for almost two years but now that he is at school, I am not required for as many...
Mhairi, babysitter in Livingston EH54

Hi there, I am an Accounting and Finance student, currently on my summer break. I spend my free time with my partner and friends, and family. I am very friendly and approachable, and I get on very well with children. I'd say I'm funny and I can make kids laugh. I am the eldest of 3 children, and I started looking after my younger brothers when I was 12 and they were 3 and 5 years younger. Nowadays, I look after my much younger cousins that are of primary school age. I cook for them...
Abigail, babysitting in Livingston EH54

Hi there I'm abigail, I stay in the knightsridge area. I have two children of my own, my daughter is 3 and my son is 5 months. We have just moved to this area but my daughter will be starting the local nursery and will be attending there messy play groups ect. We enjoy messy play, my little girl loves dressing up. We have a huge selection of toys and books for all ages. A local early years centre with lots of groups. My son has a milk protein allergy and reflux so I have experience...
Lianna, sitter in Livingston EH54

I am a young girl with a lot of experience both looking after and educating children. I have spent 7 years helping out at a brownie pack and have studied Primary Teaching for a year and a half at University so have been on various placements. I have a full PVG, am first aid trained and can drive with my own car. I have babysat for both friends and family and families I do not know as well. I have looked after children with slight additional support needs and dietary requirements such diabetes.
Caitlyn, babysitter in Livingston

Hi, My name is Caitlyn , am 16, still at school but willing to work around my school and college hours, I volunteer at the yellow teapot club on some Thursdays to help out with the younger children. Because I volunteer am going to be getting a PVG done. I like to work with kids when am older and right now I enjoy spending time with children, Am really good with, am really careful around them I make sure they are well looked after and if they need anything and am able to help I am willing to...
Kacey, baby sitter in Livingston

Hello my names kacey, I'm 15 years old. I am doing full time beauty therapy at west Lothian college. I have history of babysitting for my mum when she goes to work and weekends, my sisters were the age of 3&7. I helped with homework, entertained them and gave them food when they asked. I put then to bed but kept a listen out Incase there was any problems. I've been looking to expand my babysitting for occasions or events parents have and need a babysitter to do so also a little more pocket t...
Rebecca, babysitting - EH54 Livingston

I am extremely confident and outgoing. I really enjoying working and playing with children. I have plenty experience with looking after my younger cousins and doing regular babysitting for family friends. I am very enthusiast about cooking. I enjoy taking part in creative activities and various games. I am good at thinking of new ideas and developing solutions to problems. I would consider myself very friends and easy to talk to. I enjoy being around other people and getting to know them.
Nathaly, baby sitting in Livingston

I am a very loving and caring person who loves children, I have taken care of my brothers and a few of other children. I clean and cook really well. I've always enjoyed taking care of kids and really enjoyed playing with them.
Tayler, babysitting in Livingston

My name is Tayler and I am 17 years old. I am looking for a family that I can help by babysitting their children for them. I could do weekdays and weekends plus holidays if needed. I had my work experience in a crèche for under 5's which was great fun and I also have experience looking after my little cousin since he was young. (he's now 8) I have always enjoyed babysitting children and getting to spend time with them and getting to know them. I can play the keyboard which my little cousin en...

I am Stacie, I am 17 and learning to drive. I have experience with children due to a babysitting job I have done and because I have siblings/nephew and cousins I babysit regularly. I have had experience with children from birth to my own age. I have a national 4 in Early education and childcare. I am currently still in full time education and when I leave school wish to be a primary school teacher. Due to my experience I have practice doing general house work, playing various games with chi...

Hi there! I am based in Livingston, I am a post grad student, I'm going into my final year (of 7!!) of university doing a doctorate in counselling psychology. I'm 24, I'm from Ireland and I've been in Scotland for 3 years. I drive and have my own car! I have worked all the way through school and university, for a few years in Tesco and then I got into social care, to support my studies. I've worked for the last three years with adults with autism as a support worker. I really loved t...
Shaun, child care - EH54 Livingston

hello to whoever reads :) my name is Shaun i have taken time to show how much i really care for children i always put them first and i am always will to clean up do the chores and most importantly cook i love to cook. my resume may look slightly off but trust me i make children and caring my priority no matter what. I WONT LET YOU GUYS DOWN! :)
Chloe, babysitter in Livingston EH54

Hi, I'm Chloe I'm 16 I have had experience with children as i have little sister and other family members I have looked after I done my work experience in Williamson primary school I enjoyed working with the children, I can only do weekends and some evenings but other than that Im happy to help family's out, I'm very polite I handle children well I enjoy doing activities with them and if they need help with there homework I'm happy to help them if you need me to help do some choirs ill happil...
Rachel, sitter in Livingston

My name’s Rachel and I’m a 16 year old girl. I’ve been in the Army Cadet Force since 12 and so I have had a lot of first aid training (which I actually have Qualifications in) I’m hoping to go down the route of teaching as my future career! I’m able to help with homework (I am currently doing highers at school) and I can cook or clean if needed. I can also come up with games or activities for your child/children to play

I am a young, yet very mature person. I still go to school and am furthering my education into higher education. I would love to look after kids and become more developed in my childcare skills. Currently I have 2 nephews that I love to care for and get on well with. I use to help at a Musical Theatre School and supervise the kids. When I leave further education I want to be a Primary teacher as I am passionate about working with kids.
Courtney, baby sitter in Livingston EH54

I would consider myself as a very friendly, caring, approachable person who loves associating with new people & taking on new challenges. I will be available to childcare any children from 6+ months.I am very child friendly as I come from a big family that are very close which concludes to myself of having many years of experience with children. I have much experiences with games and activities etc from school & family events.
Fabiola, sitter in Livingston EH54

I am spanish. I am working in restaurant in the Shop Centre and volunteer in the British Heart Foundation. I looking for my free time. My qualities as a childcarer: I cared my little sister, now she is 22. I like cooking. I like playing some sports. I like to enjoy interacting of them.
Becca, baby sitting in Livingston

I am currently studying childcare at college and left school this year in May, I enjoy working and playing with children and I also have a 9 year old sister of my own
Lindsey, baby sitter - EH54 Livingston

Hi I'm Lindsey, 26 female living in Livingston. I'm fun, enthusiastic and reliable and full of fantastic ideas and activities for young children. I have been working in childcare/nurseries since I was 18 which has given me almost 10 years experience. I am a supervisor of a very busy 2-3 years playroom in a nursery that i have been at for 5 years. I am fully qualified and I am also registered with sssc. I am qualified in first aid also.

my name is Kacey, I am currently full time at college doing beauty therapy, during my spare time I love to babysit, its something I enjoy doing as I have babysat my siblings for almost 2 years and other family occasionally. i follow instructions giving by childrens parents very well, and and can adapt my availability sometimes, will need a little notice first (5+ days). as i have babysat for so long i have grown fond of playing games often, such as, hide and seek, any toys they may have, wat...

Hello I'm Melissa, I am 17 years old. I have experience with babysitting family members, siblings and cousins. Ages from babies to 14 year old's. As well as having a HNC in Childhood Practice. From this course I have experience working in nurseries with children aged 3 months to 5 years, and providing variation of activities and games, suited to the children's ages. Through arts and crafts, playdough, board games, literacy activities, outdoor games/ playground games. I am looking to gain ...

My name is michelle I am 17 nearly 18 , I go to school i have experiences in child care by doing work experiences for a week at the rainbow nursery in bathgate in this work experiences i have work with babies as young as 6 months up to kids at 5 years old , I have also have done babysitting for kids in primary school to high school in 1st to second year for my friend auntie and friend from college. I also have a first aid qualification and also know how to cook basic food for the children.

I am a bubbly and happy person with a lot of patience. I have experience caring for younger children such as my sister and cousins. I enjoy looking after children and as I enjoy crafts such as painting and card making I will be able to do productive things with the child(s). I can also help with homework such as English and Maths as I have qualifications in both from school. I have no issue cooking and helping around the house as I enjoy both.

Hi my name is Hajirah, I am 18 years old I enjoy listening to music, watching tv show/films and also socializing with friends. I also enjoy working and learning with children to gain more experience to achieve my goal to become a nanny. I have studied childcare for 4 years and have enjoyed it. I am caring, reliable, friendly, patient, trustworthy and I am creative and have a good sense of humour. I have had experience in working in a playgroup, primary school. I have also had an amazing expe...