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Addobea, babysitting in Milton keynes

My name is Addobea . I am 19 years old and am an undergraduate studying History and Sociology, with the hope to become a secondary school teacher. I am looking for some babysitting jobs, to look after the children, ensure they are also stimulated with new fun games and activities. Although I lack the official qualifications, from the experience I have had with young children I feel I am more than capable to provide a high standard of care. I was child-minded from a young age and kno...
Lizzie, after-school childcare - MK9 Milton keynes

Hello! I am Lizzie, I am 19 years old and currently a student studying at the University of Northampton to be an Early Years teacher. Studying this course means that I am full of ideas of things to do with your children both inside and outside. I have also had a number of different paid jobs. The first being at a bowling alley, where I had to host children's birthday parties. The second is with an organisation which host free open access play events to children. This also means that I am full...
Clare, babysitting in Milton keynes

Hello, my name is Clare and I am a student who is currently studying A-levels. After that I want to go on and do medicine as an undergraduate and finally go into surgery. I love science, particularly biology but I also have other interests. I love swimming and baking, and I love music. For me I would love to give a helping hand and do some babysitting. If the child is quite young, I realize the importance of interaction and getting down on to the floor and playing games with them, and if the ...
Abigail, babysitter in Milton keynes

Hello, my name is Abigail and I am 17 years of age, I am currently at school studying my A-levels. I am looking to move on from my part time job In a retail store and hoping to work with children, I am currently 5 months pregnant but very healthy and capable. I will be leaving school on the 22nd of May which means I can be a lot more flexible with my working hours. I am looking for some part time care e.g. Daytime or after school hours. I am looking into caring for children as I am very pas...
Kacey, baby sitting in Milton keynes MK9

Hello, I’m Kacey, a responsible, kind, intelligent helpful young lady, I’m mainly looking to work with children under the ages of 13 I can cook for them, feed them, teach them in a fun educational way, I’m not boring and just sit there whilst they play I will play with their toys with them will take good care of them and will be the best for you, I know how to do first aid and I’m alway happy to help around the house, I will also help your children do their homework. Thank you!
Clare, sitter - MK9 Milton keynes

hello, my name is Clare . I am currently a student in Milton Keynes looking for some part time or occasional work with baby sitting children. I adore children and have previously looked after my younger cousins, one of which is 9 months old, and the other is 4 years old. I'm more than happy to play with the kids as well as help with homework. I am also willing to help around the house (e.g. cooking). Providing I have some a few hours notice, I can babysit if needed to unexpectedly and w...
Ida, childcare in Milton keynes

Hi, My name is Ida, I’m currently in sixth form studying and looking for a part time job. I have experience with looking after my nieces and nephews since they were young so I’m able to do things like change nappies. I love working with kids and also did it for work experience. I would love to be your child’s best friend and gain not only their trust but yours too. I’m available mostly on the weekends but also on the weekdays too ( times can be discussed for weekdays), I can also help with ...
Bethany, babysitter in Milton keynes

My name is Bethany , and I would like to start earning money by babysitting. I am a 17 year old college student studying level 3 childcare, and have some experience from work placement at a pre-school. I really enjoy working with children and think I do a good job at it. I’m a friendly, polite person and I’m always happy to help where I can. I will be happy to entertain your children and keep them safe until you’re back home. I would really appreciate your consideration if you ever need a ...
Liva, baby sitting - MK9 Milton keynes

Hello, I am mother of 3yo daughter. On our days off I was babysitting my friends daughter but she moved to another country and my girl is really missing a company. I can offer all the school breaks and weekends. I was a dental nurse back in my home country and most of my work experiences are medical related. I always obtain information about allergies and as well emergency contact information. I am exceptionally proud to be trusted by my friends to look after their precious kids. Looking ...
Roxanne, babysitting in Milton keynes MK6

My name is Roxanne and I have studied and worked in childcare for 10 years. I have a level 3 in childcare and education as well as a degree in early years education. I currently work in a crèche which I love and would like to work alongside this job. I am a kind fun and bubbly person and love singing dancing and acting and being creative. I also have gained lots if sports skills with my current job role. I hope to help a family with any babysitting requirements on the weekends and also in the...
Shenay, babysitter in Milton keynes

My name is shenay and I am 14 years old and I love children I'm looking to babysit your children and also interact with them playing games activitys cooking etc my qualities I can look after children under the age of 13 and bond with younger ones much Easier I don't reallly have any qualification only ones where looked after family baby's or younger kids or children around my area or people that need a babysitter I hope you are willing to give me a chance.

Hello, my name is Ellie and I’m a caring, motivated and responsible 15 year old but 16 at the begining of July who loves children. My plan is to finish my last year in school (year 11) then go to college. My future goal is to obtain the necessary qualifications in child care. To kick start things, I’m offering a babysitting service in MK and beyond. I’m certified in First Aid and am able to provide a certificate. Also, I am able to provide references. I currently care for two children regular...
Chloe, baby sitting in Milton keynes MK6

Hello, I'm Chloe I'm a bubbly young lady, and willing to learn new things I love meeting new people And helping other people out, I'm always tidying or helping other people I hope to hear from you soon
Alina, baby sitting - MK8 Milton keynes

Hi , my name is Alina i have 26 years and i m romanian girl. I m a calm and patience person and i love a lot kids , i wish i had too one , anyway im my country i was teacher on primar school almost 2 years that mens for me is more than a job is a pleasure to stay whit them . I already have a job in Milton Keynes in a warehouse and i work in the morning , for that i look to a part time job .Thanks !
Emeline, child care - MK6 Milton keynes

Hello, I am from France, I am 23 years old and I enjoy working with children.I have previously nanning 2 kids from 6 years old in France and I loved it :) I am currently doing an internship in marketing for 1 year in Milton Keynes. I am patient, calm and hard worker. If you have any questions about me please don't hesitate to ask :) I can take care of our children all day the weekend and in the evening during the week from 6:00pm
Luis, babysitter in Milton keynes MK8

Hello, my name is Luis I'm 15 years old and I love to look after children, as I have younger cousins who are little nightmares but I still manage to take care of them so I believe I could babysit your child/children get back to me soon please regarding the offer
Blessing, babysitting - MK9 Milton keynes

Hi I’m Blessing and I’m 15 i love kids and I take care of my 5 year old sister and my 12 year old brother I have been doing this for a long time whilst my sister and my mum go to work.I would mostly be available in the weekends as I won’t have to take care of my siblings in that time.I can help with homework and chores if needed as well and household things.However I will make sure my eye is always on the children but make them have a fun time at the same time.I still go to school but this wi...
Christiana, baby sitter in Milton keynes

Hello I am Tiana , I am 21 year old. Am love to care for children. I have being doing this with my own silblings and other children too. I have learnt about children as well in school
Morgan, babysitter in Milton keynes MK9

My name is Morgan, i am a 15 year old female who is in year 11 in secondry school. I have experience babysitting younger children from the age range of 2 months - 11 years, i enjoy helping then with their homework, and playing games with them.!
Victoria, child care in Milton keynes

looking for a babysitting job that i am able to do at Weekends & Evenings. I'm a trustworthy person with much experience with children, taking care/caring for children is something that makes me happy to do:) i am kind/caring/outgoing and a happy person. I have much experience with relatives and my friends' siblings.

I am a caring, understanding, motivating and bubbly character. I love to help children through different experiences such as; learning to read, write, express themselves and learn new things. I have experience in physical education activities, as i believe children need active motivation and to keep fit and healthy. I am passionate and up for new challenges/experiences.

Hello, my name is Charlie, I live in milton keynes I have worked in 2 nurserys and have a level 2 certificate in childcare and education. I spend a majority of my free time with my family and friends. Im fun, reliable, hard working and flexible. I enjoy being around children and providing the best quality care I can. I love being creative and helping in whatever way I can. Childcare is something I had my heart set on from a very young age and ive never really done anything else. any q...
Rachele, babysitter - MK6 Milton keynes

Im a fun loving person, who is willing to do anything to help out. Can do bottle feds and bum changing have good practice as I have young niece and nephews.

I am available to babysit mainly evenings and weekends I have over 20yrs experience in childcare, plus have relevant qualifications and excellent references. Please contact me if you would like to know more. Many thanks :-)

Hello I am Belén, Im a teacher. I live in Milton Keynes

My name is Carmen, I'm 25 years old, I've graduated the University of Politehnica from Bucharest and I'm a positive person. During the college I've looked after my niece, 6 years old. I've a lot of responsabilities like taking her from school, cooked, taking care of her during the flu, doing homeworks and having fun together. Since I was a teenager I've looked after children (my neighbours and relatives).

I'm a bubbly, friendly and smiley person. I love playing with young children! I just find them so interesting and fun! I'm looking for a role as a babysitter for a few hours a week

My name Is Tea , im a trustful girl im 13 and go to school monday to friday from 8:00-3:15 i love to cook and bake i can help with homework i am very good with little ones and would love to help i can play lots of games with kids I have had lots of practice looking after little ones and i can work after skl from 5-8 and on the weekends i can work from 12-8

Hello my name is Lauren I am 19 years old and have a lot of experience working with children I have worked with children 0-11 years old I am currently awaiting my dbs check to come back

My name is Oumou , am 18 years old, I have a level 3 qualification in childcare and 4 years experience. I have done placement in different nurseries which has helped me to develop more and have new skills. I am looking to baby sit for full time, as am available the whole day.