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Paige, babysitter in Morecambe LA4

Hi, my name is Paige. I have experience working with children aged 0-2, 2-4 and 4-8 years old, from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I have first aid training and a criminal background check. I have almost completed my level 3 diploma in childcare, I have 4 months left until I am fully qualified. I am looking for evening and weekend work, looking after your child(ren). I have experience working with children with special educational needs. I can help with their home work, read them storie...
Natalia, sitter in Morecambe LA4

I am a cheerful individual with a range of interests. I was able to sufficiently provide a safe and calm environment for all children. I participated in activities and made the children feel comfortable in my company. I was able to comfort a child if in distress, and never failed to improve their mood and help them join in on the creative play that I had designed. I would be able to independently provide a professional childcare service that would cater to the needs of every individual. Even ...
Megae, sitter - LA4 Morecambe

My name is Megane, I'm sixteen years of age. I have been babysitting for just coming up to four years now. I have experience with children from six months up to eleven years. I'm reliable, friendly and easy to get on with. Childcare comes as a second nature I'm fun, different and can make frowns into smiles. I have previously worked at a pre-school with children ages two to four. I babysit part time, purely because I'm going into further education.
Lesley, babysitting in Morecambe

I am a female, 24 years old. I have a fun loving personality with the ability to keep children entertained for hours at a time by partaking in different activites especailly those that hold educational values, unfortunately I do not posess a driving licence Although I have no professional experience I have gained a range of skills and knowledge of childminding by looking after my sibling children and my cousin children and I absoulty love doing. To me there is nothing more heartwarmin...
Alice, sitter in Morecambe LA4

My name is Alice , 19. I am just finishing my A-Levels at Lancaster Girls' Grammar and hoping to save some money before hopefully going to Lancaster university in September. I have lots of experience with children ages 3-15 from babysitting for my friends children over the past 3 years. I am looking for mostly evening hours (4pm onwards) however some afternoon hours (12pm onwards) are also possible, in the Morecambe area. I can easily adapt to individual children and am happy to follow an...
Jenny, babysitting - LA4 Morecambe

Hi I'm Jenny I consider myself a fun, bubbly person who loves to socialise with friends and family, whilst also enjoying the outdoors. I am currently working full time in a primary school as a teaching assistant. I have recently gained my Higher Level Teaching Assistant which allows to me cover classes within school. I have worked at my current job for 2.5 years and have previously worked here before which was a temporary contract. Whilst working within school, I have been a childminder for ...
Alice, babysitting in Morecambe LA4

My name is Alice I have just finished high school, when I was 8 my brother was born and from about two years old (my brother) I used to look after him while my mum and dad used to work (the worked down under our house) and I still look after him now when my mum and dad go out. I also have a 2 year old nephew who I babysit sometimes and look after when my sister needs me to. I grew up with siblings and we learnt to lol after each other so i am very maternal. I am now 15 years old turning 16 an...
Kyle, babysitting - LA4 Morecambe

I am 17 and love to babysit I have nearly been babysitting for family for about 2 years now and really enjoy it, I was born in Morecambe and my family are based all over Morecambe If the child has a computer I would happily be able to play on it with them , or if the child asks me to do something like cook tea or play a game with them I would be happy to and would help them in doing it, I would really like this opportunity to help you
Kenise, babysitting in Morecambe LA4

I know being a parent can be stressful and challenging at times and we all deserve a break!!! ( I have 3 children of my own)!! I have looked after children since completing my level 3 certificate in children’s care, learning and development back in 2009!! I am a very approachable and caring individual and also very capable!, so please get in touch like I said everyone needs a break. Whether it be a last minute night out or a planned in advance mini break ?
Holly, baby sitter in Morecambe

I am a female, aged 16 who has just left high school studying my GCSEs. I have grown up with both older and younger siblings and love being around children. I have experience in sports leadership with young children and helping coach them in activities such as football. As I have younger siblings I enjoy sitting down and helping with their homework or helping them read, I also enjoy taking part in children's activities such as playing with puzzles or just sitting down and playing with dolls o...
Mollie, after-school childcare in Morecambe LA4

I am a 16 year old girl, setting out to help families in need of childcare. I have experience looking after my sister and younger cousins, and would love to gain more experience before leaving secondary school. I am fun and chatty, with enough character for an army. I love board games and jigsaws, but I do have a soft spot for the odd video game when i have some free time. Singing is my passion, and spend all day singing - while doing chores and cooking. Im not a completely serious person, I ...
Olivia, babysitting - LA4 Morecambe

Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm 16 years old, I am looking for a weekend job as a babysitter as caring and looking after children is something I enjoy. I have several nieces and nephews who I take care of often and enjoy doing, I have never had a babysitting job but it is something I would like to do and It would really benefit me as I am currently doing a childcare, learning and development course in college.
Annabelle, baby sitter - LA4 Morecambe

Hi I'm 15 and I go to college I babysit alot of kids I have two nephews that are 4 and 1 that I babysit I babysit for twin boys age 2 and loads more
Shannan, baby sitter in Morecambe LA4

well im indepented Love Babysitting kids Ide help around the house cook ect

Hi, I am Ellie a student studying Early Years and Childhood Studies. I have previously studied Childcare at sixth form and have achieved a Btec Level 3 National award. I have had many different experiences with children, mainly working in primary schools. I have worked with 2 different primary schools over a year, and have gained a huge insight on children and working with them. I have gained experience caring for vulnerable children in a primary school, working alongside Morecambe children's...
Isabelle, baby sitter in Morecambe

My name is Isabelle and I am new to the morecambe area. I studied Child Development at GCSE level and I passed with a C. I also then went on one year at college Child Care and passed unit 1&2 with a certificate. I have had many experiences with babysitting in my past locations and I have also had a work placement with my college. I get along very well with children, making activities fun.
Katie, babysitter - LA4 Morecambe

Hi I'm Katie, I'm looking to get some experience within Childcare as I'd like to work with kids when I'm older!
Anita, babysitter in Morecambe

I am a single mum living in the morecambe area. I have two teenage girls aged 14 and 16. I am seeking part time work. I have previous experience with children. In the past i have worked as a nanny looking after choldren from ages six months to five years. My hobbies include dog walking and listening to music.

I am a 22 year old female who has been around babies/children all my life. I have always been babysitting friends/familys children and i have been told that i am very good with children/babies. I always get down to the child level and introduce games and fun. I have always wanted to get into childcare as i do want a future with children. I always put the childs needs first and always happy to help them learn and grow. I am always happy to help parents with any chores that need doing.
Lauren, baby sitter in Morecambe LA4

I'm friendly , Kind , helpful , fun , love kids stuff and I love TV shows and making child happy and I love reading books and I did animal care at college for 2 years so I know alot about animals but babysitting sounds like a fun first job to start off with.
Shannon, sitter - LA4 Morecambe

My name is shannon am 20 years old I do not have any siblings but have a lot of young children around me (patners cousins, nephews, friends children). I go to college 3 days a week and have been doing that for the last 3 years. Iam study hairdressing level 3 I Am a very patient person and hope I would be a good candiate for the job.
Coral, babysitting in Morecambe LA4

I love working with children and available on weekends rather than weekdays as im in college, but I am available to work nights, I have a bus pass so will be able to come to the house by bus, I'm 100% trustworthy and willing to do whatever it takes to look after the child(s). I am around 90% organised and I'm 99% punctual. I love playing all kinds of games with children and reading them stories.
Demi, babysitter in Morecambe LA4

i'm demi, i have babysat family friends children, my own siblings and i enjoy it alot.
Alice, baby sitter in Morecambe LA4

My name is Alice I have done babysitting for family and friends before my siblings have special needs so I am experienced in that department I love being around children of any age I am currently doing a child development course at college I can work any time after 16:00hrs on a Monday and 14:30hrs Thursday to Friday and I am free any time other than those days thankyou I hope you consider me to be your babysitter
Amy-leigh, after-school childcare in Morecambe

I'm a 16 year old (17 in July) experienced babysitter who is at sixth form who can work flexibly to suit. I am fun but assertive and have experience with working with children both in secondary education and in primary and baby's. I can help all children with homework and will happily do things such as colouring and story time. I'm also happy to cook for children and to do domestic work, collect children from clubs and to take them to local parks or on days out to help parents if needed.

Hi, i'm Kimberley, i am 16 (nearly 17) years old, attending sixth form. I enjoy babysitting, as I am interested in going into a career that involves looking after young children. I volunteered at rainbows for 8 months, so I have a good understanding of playing with children. I am a very happy and outgoing person, and since it wasn't very long ago since I was a child, I understand their needs to want to someone to just listen or play with them. If kids themselves can't think of games to play...

I am a mother of 1 child who is now 12 and I work in a professional part-time role and I'm looking for some additional work in the evenings, weekends and holidays. Extremely trust worthy and can provide character reference.

I am the second youngest child of five. While being 18 I have worked with children from scouts, guides, brownies, junior church and holiday club. I play guirtar and the ukulele and dont mind teachering as I tutored lower years in reading. I currently have a level one in safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults.

Hiya I'm Claire I'm 31 years old and i have been looking after children for 19 years. The first child I looked after was my cousin who is now 19 and i look after my friends children. They love to come out with me i try and do things with them. if you wish to meet me please feel free to contact me many thanks Claire

I have been working within Childcare for 14 years. I have NVQ Level 3 in addition to degrees in Psychology and English. I have first aid training and current DBS. I have a daughter who is almost two so understand the anxiety surrounding finding the right childcare. I am a caring and reliable person who is suitably qualified and experienced to provide the highest level of care.