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Marleen, sitter in Preston

My name is Marleen and study at the moment Journalism and Languages at Uclan. I am a out going passionate person and always enjoyed working with people. Since a young age I liked to help in my community which helped me to gain experience in child care. I worked in holiday camps and a nursery but mostly did sport with children age 3-8 and Babysitting. During that time I gained qualifications as team leader and as assistant sport instructer as well as making my qualification in fist aid. Be...
Charlotte, babysitter in Preston PR1

Hi, I am Charlotte :). I'm a 21 year old student, studying Psychology at UCLan. I am due to graduate soon and will begin my masters in Psychology of Child Development in September 2016. I am just looking for a babysitting job to go alongside my studies as I have always loved being around children. I am happy to do household chores, help with pets (e.g walking dogs), help with homework, cook, and all babysitting duties. I have previous babysitting of children aged 0-2. I have also worked wit...
Subha, baby sitting - PR1 Preston

I am a student doing master degree in chemistry at the University. I would love to do child care. I could help children with their homework, picking up from school and assist them in the day to day activities. I have worked as a volunteer to assist hearing impaired students whilst doing masters. Also, I have tutored a kid and helped her with her assignments. . Reading, hearing music, drawing and learning language are the usual hobbies, so I could happily engage children with these.
Rosie, childcare in Preston

Hi! I'm 20 years old and I'm living in the Preston area. I have just finished my 2nd year at university studying children's nursing so I have lots of experience with children of all ages! Within my course I have done paediatric life support and if you would like to see a copy of this I am more than happy to show you. Unfortunately this year I have decided to take a year out and work instead and I would love to become a nanny in the meantime. I am enthusiastic and creative and willing to eng...
Lydia, babysitter - PR1 Preston

Hi I am Lydia, I am 19 years old and have always grown up with children around me. I have always been keen to look after children as to why I took up an apprenticeship in Childcare. I enjoy my job very much. I am looking for evening and weekend work in the PR1 area only. I am very patient and confident and I can be very laid back but also always on the ball with children. I have also had experience in looking after family members, I have 1 niece and 5 nephews all under the age of 5 and a lit...
Katie, sitter - PR1 Preston

Hello my names katie You may think its unprofessional for a young girl aged 17 to want to have a job with you but im quite experienced for example i had to babysit for a young girl who had downsyndrome she was my foster sister it was quite a regular thing waking up with her bathing her feeding her etc i loved it its a bit harder than looking after someone without downsyndrome but not much i loved babysitting for her i loved watching her grow up into the beautiful little lady she is now i als...
Cindy, babysitter in Preston PR1

Hi =) My name is Cindy and I'm a portuguese girl of 23 years old. I'm currently doing an intership at the UCLan university. I love children and for that reason I'm looking for a part-time job as a babysitter around Preston area in order to earn some money. I have a younger sister and a lot of younger cousins which I took care when they were younger so I'm used to that kind of job. I'm a funny person, that likes to play games and chat. I know all Disney songs and love cartoons (I...
Tianna, babysitter in Preston

Hello My Name Is Tianna i am 16years old . I dont have any experience with children as i dont have any sibilings . When i am older i want to be a speech therapist or work with childern .I am very good with enteraining childern with games and activies . I bond very easily with childern (specially small one's). I can help them with there homework (but i am not very good with maths but i know the basic's). I can cook a little bit e.g eggs or beans on toast if they are hungry and i can ...
Lillia, baby sitter in Preston PR1

My name is Lillia , I am 22 years old and i am a full time international student at the university of central Lancashire (UCLAN). I am from Ghana and my ethnicity is black African. I am very dedicated, passionate and hard-working. Friendly and love to meet new people and discover new places. I do not have professional experience with children but i was brought up in a very large family where i had to care of my little siblings, nieces and nephew from the ages of 3 months old to 11 years ...
Sophie, baby sitter in Preston

My name is Sophie , my friends call me Soph, i am 16, turning 17 in 3 weeks. I am currently at Cardinal Newman College studying health and social care getting distinctions in all my course work. If you don't know what distinctions are, it is the highest grade in health and social. but you probably do know :). I absolutely adore children. I enjoy looking after niece and nephew when my sister isn't available. I've been told my members of public that it seems that i know what i am doing with ch...
Wiktoria, childcare in Preston PR1

I'm Wiktoria and I'm 19 years old. I love spending time with people especially with children. Since I remember I was always around children's, I helped my neighbour with her new born baby and I really enjoyed that. Also I spend lots of time with others children, learning and playing with them. I was taking care of my niece since she was 3 months old. My last experience with children younger than 2 years old is that summer 15' I met my sisters friend who's just gave birth to twins. I had lo...
Kelly, baby sitter - PR1 Preston

Hello, I'm Kelly! I'm looking to babysit and offer part time child care, as I love looking after children, and I always have a smile on my face! And although I have no qualifications yet, I do have some experience in childcare, I have babysat for my family and friends children, I also ran a workshop for small children at Leyland Live which was very successful! There were lots of games and singing nursery rhymes. It was a break for the parents and the children loved it! I can also help your ch...
Alice, after-school childcare - PR1 Preston

I'm a very cheerful happy-go-lucky person that loves to do arts and crafts and I also love to play board games.i also love to make up my own little fairy tales to tell the children at bedtime.
Melissa, after-school childcare in Preston

Hello! I am Melissa, but you can call me Lily. I am a student at University of Central Lancashire with the hope of going into teaching! My experience with baby sitting is minimal as I have only looked after children of relatives or friends, I have been a leader at several camps and play group activities, however I always make the best out of new situations. I like to work around routines set by parents to not set a divide from life at home. I am happy to organise activities, cook, help wi...
Hannah, child care - PR1 Preston

I am 17 and a very reliable and calm person with an interest in working in a childcare or health and social care environment. I have recently achieved a distinction* in level 2 health and social care and am now working towards level 3 in college. I also took part in work experience at Holy Family Catholic Primary School for 2 weeks and worked in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, as a result of this I believe that I can adapt myself to any situation I am put in. I often babysit my nieces ...
Nadia, childcare in Preston

My name is Nadia and I'm 16 years old. I go to school but just twice a week for an hour or twenty minute for personal reasons. If you would like to ask questions on that I will be happy to give you as much information as you would like. I love to read and play piano but only play what I can. I can cook a Little and would like to cook for the children and I wouldn't mind if it was supervised. I can play, walk and read to the children and do what they prefer or you do.
Hannah, childcare in Preston PR1

Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm currently a student at UCLan. I've been looking for a job and I thought what's a better job than looking after children in my spare time. I have siblings of my own, 2 brother and both younger by 3 and 9 years so I have experience with babies. I'm looking for mainly a babysitting job but I wouldn't mind doing part time care too. I play 3 musical instruments, and very sporty. Hope to hear from you soon :)
Laura Heather, childcare - PR1 Preston

Hello, I am Laura I am currently studying at Edge hill university and am looking for a part time job to help me through this. I have worked with children on many occasions such as looking after my cousins, as well as going to america to look after children in a summer camp who are underprivileged. As I worked with a lot of kids I know a lot of fun games and actives that will help work with the children and get their minds going.
Toju, babysitter in Preston

Hi , my name is Toju . I am 18 year old student of university of Central Lancashire studying forensic science and anthropology . I am very warm and friendly and get along perfectly with children and my nieces , nephews and cousin refer to me as "cool " and "fun " ^_^ . I absolutely adore children and would someday love 6 of my own. I am patient , attentive , caring and a generally happy person . Although my experience baby sitting is limited to family and friends of the family , i have ...
Zohra, baby sitter in Preston

I am the youngest child on my mothers side of the family and oldest on my dads side so i’ve had the experience of being babysat and babysitting. my siblings are now 3 and 5 years old with opposite personalities so I have gathered tons of experience babysitting. I am a second year university student with a foundation degree and i am available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day. I am available for emergency daycare on any of the days mentioned above. Feel free to send me a message fo...
Izzy, babysitter in Preston

My name is izzy, i’m 14 looking for a starting job. I have experience with baby sitting and caring for children with my cousins, friends siblings/family members and friends kids. I love playing hide and seek or dress up. I love talking to kids and teaching them things. I’m extremely helpful not only with the kids but within the house, i love cleaning and i am happy to help around the house. I am also happy to cook for the kids and even leave some food for you too if needed.
Claudia, childcare in Preston

Hiya am a 28 year old young women. I have just moved from london currently doing my nvq level 3 early stage learning. I have a 1 year old daughter and am activley looking for nanny childcare jobs. I have years of exoeriwnce having griwn up in a household of 6 siblings and working in two different montasory nurserys and having worked for two families in full time nanny job. Working with chikdren is a passion. My lifetime goal is to become a full qualified teacher for key stage 1
Zubeyda, baby sitter - PR1 Preston

Hello my name is Zubeyda. And although I may seem young I am very experienced. In my opinion my age has shown to be the perfect age when working with children. They will see me as some what an authority figure so they will listen to what they are told and etc. But I am young enough for them to also see me as a friend someone they feel comfortable around. I am not only a babysitter but I can do house chores and so on. Thank you very much for more information please contact me personally.
Taylor-anne, after-school childcare in Preston

I'm nearly 21, I have been babysitting for family since i were 11. I have experience with the age ranges from 1 day old- 12 years. I also have a level 2 childcare qualification and have worked in 3 different nursery's. In my spare time, I love to be creative! whether it's learning a new hobby (I recently learnt knitting and crochet) all the way up to D.I.Y projects. I'm also currently learning French, Polish, Hungarian and British Sign Language.
Giordana, babysitting in Preston

Hello, My name is Giordana and I am an university student at UCLan. I am Italian but I can speak English fluently. I love cooking and children. In the future I hope to have a big family. I don't have any experience as baby sitter but I have always cared about my little cousin. I have also experienced teaching in a primary school and I have been involved in doing children activities with children such as drawing and painting. I understand that this role is very important and I will be real...
Marta, baby sitter - PR1 Preston

i am mother of one girl, she's 5. i was looking for a job but without luck so i stay at home and take care of my girl, now she's in school and i can take care of other children in my spare time at my home, i like singing with my daughter and my partner, i know a lot of funny games for children, my mum is teacher in nursery in Poland so i help her a lot with some games and teaching
Amy-leigh, child care in Preston PR1

Hi, I'm Amy and I was really excited about this apportunity when I saw it. I am nearly 16 years old and I have wanted to help out with younger children for as long as I can remember. I would say that I am quite experiences as I have 2 younger brothers, 2 younger sisters and a step brother and another baby sister on the way so as you can imagine I have always been around children. I am the oldest and I try my best to help my dad with all of the childcare as he is widowed and really appreciates...
Marisa, childcare in Preston

My name is marisa i am 17 years old i am a student in my second year at college studying health and social care at level 3. I have my level 2 health and social care also. I am great with children i always get hands on and like to have fun with the children i make sure that there needs are met. i have done careing before and also my relatives i have cared for. I have done placements in schools nurseys the activites we did was painting, helping do their work like maths and english how to proun...
Amy, babysitting in Preston PR1

My name is Amy , I'm looking to help parents out by babysitting there children any age is fine, I've grown up looking after and caring for my own brothers and sisters, which there are 10 of, I come from a big family.... I've babysat a lot of families in the past, family friends and even just friends of friends, I can cook as my previous part time job before university was a part time chef, I'm also willing to clean up and help your children out with homework or whatever they need help with
Eden, babysitter - PR11 Preston

I am 15 years old, I am in my last year of high school. I am looking for a weekend job and one for during the holidays. I am willing to work any amount and any age of children. I have looked after my younger sister and family members from them being a young age. I am a quite bubbly and socialising person so I won't find it difficult to interact with somebody else's children. I am quite a sporty person and I am predicted A* in school so I am willing to interact with children keeping them activ...

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Charlotte, babysitter in Preston PR1

Charlotte has worked on our Junior University project which is an aspirational project for Year 10 students from a Widening Participation background for the last 2 years. Charlotte is certainly a role model for young people and has excelled with the students this year. Charlotte is reliable and always arrives in plenty of time for the sessions – her enthusiastic personality is quite addictive to everyone around her. She has bags of energy and is comfortable with all students she works with. The role that Charlotte had as a Student Ambassador on the Junior University Project enabled her to work with students (Year 10) on a weekly basis – Charlotte often took the lead in group work and the students related well to her, always reaching the aims of the session with a positive vibe to the class. Charlotte is able to work in a team as well as on her own using her initiative. Charlotte is a very approachable young lady who always gave her full commitment to each task she is given. She is reliable, punctual and professional.

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