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the 04/05/21 : I need someone to look after my children night just 1hour and half. Start at 21:20 till at 22.40

the 09/03/21 : For childcare around school hours/school holidays

the 06/03/21 : school pickup from St Clair's school and staying with the kids at my own home until 6 pm Mon-Fri

the 04/01/21 : I need childcare after school on Mondays and Wednesdays and long days tuesdays and thursdays.

the 23/01/20 : Childcare cover while I am at work. Occasional weekends and nights

the 23/01/20 : I have a two year old son and I have just started a new job which requires overnight stays and long hours at once. What I'm looking for is someone to help with picking him up from nursery, giving him tea and possibly occasionally overnight. I'm still unsure of my exact hours but will know soon I need someone with a car also.

the 28/12/19 : Hi I’m looking for child minder in walton le dale area from 4-7 pm Monday to Friday

the 28/12/19 : Hi I’m looking for nanny to look after my 6 years old son 3 hours a day Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7pm

the 13/11/19 : Hi, I'm Ti-han, and I have a son who's about to turn three. On the 20th of Nov. We're thinking of attending an event that evening. Thus we'd need a nanny to pass the evening (from 5:30 to 9:30pm) with him. For the evening, we're expecting you to give him his dinner(will be prepared in advance), a bath, some stories, and put him to bed (if you can). Our proposed hourly rate: £8.50.

the 12/11/19 : I need someone to come to my house 8 hours a day to look after my 8 month old baby

the 22/05/19 : Responsible reliable caring indidvidual who can provide various shifts of care. Some school drops/ pickups Will get days off Balance early or late shifts Willing to attend local playgroups etc
Sadia, looking for nanny in Preston PR1

the 21/05/19 : Hi I have twin boys, Lathyn and Asher who will be 13 months when the childminder is needed (mid September 2019). My partner works fulltime and I will be in university full time, commuting from Preston to Manchester daily , so I will need somebody reliable to care for my children during working hours.
Fiona, offer babysitting - PR1 Preston

the 29/01/19 : I have two children who will be 13 and 11 in the summer. They need care to ensure they eat, don't spend all day playing computer games and venture outside. My husband and I work and would like someone to keep an eye on them for part of the long summer holidays. Ideally you would take them on some days out e.g. for picnics, park, museums. You would encourage the children to tidy up, help with laundry, shop and cook some meals.

the 17/12/18 : Seeking a great nanny who can take good care of our kids

the 28/09/18 : I need someone who will take my child to school and then pick him up from school.

the 24/08/18 : Looking for a Child minder 2days a week 10am till 4pm for my 1year old daughter
Zainab, is looking for part time nanny - PR1 Preston

the 23/08/18 : I am a single parent and also at university currently I need a sitter as the children are not at school due to summer holidays therefore I need someone to watch over them whilst I work. I am a carer so this could be 2 or 3 hours in a morning or a few hours in the afternoon. Looking for someone cheap

the 19/08/18 : Im looking for a babysitter to my almost 3 years old son. When I work in early shifts, every second week 5:15 - 2:30pm

the 18/07/18 : Need a childminder for two hours (3.30pm to 5.30pm) four times a week

the 03/02/18 : I am looking for someone to pick my 5 year old daughter from school PR1 Week one: wensday, Thursday and week 2: Thursday, Friday. From 3 on to 5pm as work full time. I

the 25/10/17 : Flexible childcare for my 3 year old daughter

the 19/09/17 : Hello I need a nice lady that might be interested everyday to come at 8:30h take my baby and drop her to nursery at 9:00h then pick her 3:45h afternoon and drop her to mosque at 5:00h as i really urgently want to start work. If anyone interested please message me ????

the 11/09/17 : Due to my work we will need occasional help. Right now some hours on Mondays until November. We are looking for someone we can count on (when the schedules allow it) in the long term. Please, contact me so we can have a chat. I will be happy to provide more info. thanks!!!

the 01/09/17 : We are seeking for an occasional nanny to take care of our 22 months old boy. Day care to cover the days he gets sick and cannot go to nursery, some school holidays and occasionally pre-school or after-school extra hours.

the 12/06/17 : Not always the same hours and can vary from a couple of hours to more different each week. Before and after dchool

the 22/12/16 : Im working 5 till 7 o clock.If nanny can collect my child with car or If can look after in my house/ Sometimes I will need in the morning but only during school holidays

the 30/10/16 : Need a child minder every friday for my my little boy

the 27/08/16 : Can someone contact me to look after my child while I'm at work.

the 25/07/16 : Someone to take care of my daughter and I em at work