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Well as you can see my name is ElleMay (i like to be called elle) im 15 years old and i live with 5brothers and i adore my 4year old brother, i also have 3sisters and another brother at my dads house, which you can see is a big family. Im looking to help families out when they need time together, needs a babysitter or any emergencys and they need someone to help them out .. Also Ive always helped my mum with my youngers brother since he was newborn so i understand when a baby is hungry, need...

I have 5 children and have raised mine and my siblings children. I have also previous nursery experience from several years in Norway. I have my daughters at home too that can speak English very well. I am learning to speak in English but will learn quickly. I am available any time and can provide to take good care of your children. I can not travel to places because I don't have driving license. I cannot babysit in parents house but in my own house. I can take care of children in all age eve...

Hello, My name is , i'm 25 years old and i'm married. I'm patient, calm, friendly, sociable, honest, kindly, energic, hard working person I like cooking, pets and classic music I like play, study and differnts activities with kids.