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Gabriella, babysitter in Coventry CV1

hello my name is Gabriella, Gabby or Ella for short. i love working with children and i am passionate for this. I'm 19 years of age. I am very bubbly and easy to get on with, i even have a very childish sense of humour but can be professional when i need to be. I am trustworthy, kind and caring and reliable. I don't mind pets if you happen to have any. I have quite a lot of experience with children, When i left school, i went to City College Coventry and completed and passed my level 1 Ch...
Lucy, sitter - CV1 Coventry

Hello, my name is Lucy . I'm 16 years old and am very friendly and bubbly . I have a younger brother and have been babysitting neighbours and family friends for a couple of years . I feel as if I can work and cater for any age group since I'm not afraid of getting down to their level such as playing with younger children such as role play . Older children may prefer to do some reading or may require help with homework , and again that's no issue . I am very responsible and feel I could be ...
Elizabeth, baby sitting in Coventry

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am 19 years old. I am currently taking a break from education and looking for fulfilling jobs to do in my hometown, Coventry. I have previous work experience in a local nursery where I looked after children ages 1-5. I found it really enjoyable and natural. I'm the baby of my family so it's really nice to be able to look after someone else for a change and I find myself falling into it very easily. I'm available for any babysitting or part-time care and am...
Paige, baby sitter in Coventry CV1

Hello, I'm paige, I'm 16 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm super sporty and enjoy various sporting activities, I am an artistic roller skater for Great Britain ( like ice skating but on roller skates, quads!) so I'm the great babysitter if your children are sporty. Also I'm very smart and try very hard at school, I've currently finished my secondary school and start sixth form in September for a levels so I can help kids with homework, I'm awaiting my results but currently passin...
Charlotte, baby sitter - CV1 Coventry

Hello I am 19 I have 10 GCSE C+ 3 Alevels I am studying at university I play the violin I am a good listener I Enjoy cooking a lot but only do balanced healthy meals I do have a assistance dog named Layla but she is child safe for all ages and very calm. I love working with children of all ages I am very creative I would enjoy working for you and helping to look after your children
Elina, au pair - CV1 Coventry

I am a 19year old student studying in Coventry University. I would describe myself as a positive person, I like to look after children, but I also like to help them with homework they may have. Not a big TV lover, more prefer playing outside or inside if wheather is bad. I have two younger brother, I have looked after them (and still am looking after the youngest one when I am at home), I also have four younger cousins, I have also looked after them and still look after them when I am at home...
Deanna, babysitter - CV1 Coventry

My name is Deanna , i am 17 years old and take an interest in looking after younger children. I'm looking for a babysitting job which i can do outside school hours ( weekends and week days after 4pm ). I consider myself as a comfortable person to be around, trustworthy and hard working. I'm a very bubbly and positive person and this will show whilst looking after your children, i'm very good at playing and interacting with children as i have been around younger children all my life. My firs...
Irum, child care in Coventry

I am a very calm, understanding, caring, helpful, polite individual. I enjoy cooking cleaning and what ever environment i would always make sure it is tidy and safe for children. I have a lot of experience as i have looked after family and friends children and my partner has a 9yr old girl who i have known from when she was a baby. I do not only feel affection and enjoy the company of children but also understand how important child care activities are. My experience has taught me that child...
Georgina, babysitter - CV1 Coventry

I'm Georgie. I am 16 years old. I'm an enthusiastic motivated individual looking for any type of weekend babysitting, with any ages, to fit around my college work in the weekdays. I would be happy to help children with homework, as I have 9 GCSES' so should be a good help, and I also enjoy teaching children new things. I used to be a young leader at my local church group (girls brigade) For this I gained a Foundation qualification and worked with children aged 5-8. I also h...
Atlanta, babysitting in Coventry CV1

I am a 20 year old Business and Marketing Student, about to enter my last year at Coventry University. I have a very large family with most kids being younger than me so I have a lot of family babysitting experience. The main is my 4 year old half brother; with 17 years difference between us, I have helped my mother care for him very regularly in these 4 years right up until I went to university. We play pirates, firemen and car games and use our imagination most times I see him in order ...
Carly, after-school childcare in Coventry CV1

Hello, my name is Carly and I am a 34 year old mother of five! I am a qualified teacher and have thirteen years experience in education and childcare. This is from foundation stage to KS5 both in mainstream and special needs schools. I am also a swimming teacher, activity coach, an experienced early years manager and private day nursery deputy manager. I am fluent in British Sign Language. I am looking for a position as a part time nanny/ governess and I am also available for babysitt...
Iulia, sitter in Coventry

I am an English and Creative Writing student at Coventry University. I’ve always been described as enthusiastic and I have been told I have a curious personality, which makes me willing to experience work as a new activity. I am a hard-working individual, as shown by my school merits and high grades, and I have a positive attitude towards work, judging by my community work service. My voluntary work before included taking care of primary school children and helping them with their homework. I...
Gabriela, sitter - CV1 Coventry

Hello, my name is Gabby, I'm 20 years old. I've been here in UK 6 months, I came here for study but first my priority is improve my language. I'm working full time but I would love to do some more job. I have experience in childcare field. I was doing like a babysitter around pepole in my family and friends. I have proof of working in volunteering, exactly I was doing art class for kids from pathological families, to give them chance for personal development. I really enjoy spend time with ba...
Megha, sitter - CV1 Coventry

I am a management student at coventry university. I have a bus pass to travel in the entire west midlands region. I am great with the kids but picking and dropping from school could be an issue as I don't have a vehicle. However, I can help them complete homework and work till late hours. At present, I can work for 20 hours in a week. From January 2021 onwards I would be able to work 40 hours in a week. I prefer being contacted through my email.
Haydn, babysitter in Coventry

I am trustworthy and energetic, I am available every day of the week due to finished education, good hourly rate and a kind hearted and nice person. I have experience looking after my little cousin and friends of the family's children, I know how to play all consoles so can sit with the children and keep them entertained, I am strict with bedtimes so will not let them stay awake any longer than their bedtime. I am a very flexible person and am willing to do anything asked of me.
Lucy, child care - CV1 Coventry

I am a sixteen year old almost seventeen I enjoy photography and making people happy I have a positive attitude and enjoy helping, I can follow simple instructions and complicated ones, I get on with children well I have 4 siblings two are six and I have helped care for them their whole life, the young boy has autism and I have taken to learn his triggers and the young girl has mutism and I am calm, patient and understanding of children with the different disabilities. Im certainly for indivi...
Phoebe, after-school childcare in Coventry CV1

Hello my name is Phoebe and I'm 16. I am looking for a part-time care/babysitting job. I have just finished school so i’m pretty flexible. I am happy to help with primary school homework and prepare meals. I will also finish some household chores so you can relax when you get home. I have had some experience babysitting with my younger cousins as i’m the oldest child in the family, but I am happy to get to know your child and understand their personality and needs. I cannot drive but my mum w...
Kasey, babysitter in Coventry CV1

My name is Kasey I go to stoke park school at technology collage. I leave this year and am staying in at sixth form. I am a 16 year old female I regularly look after my siblings and cousins so I would be fitting your children in around this. Also If your children are good with others that would be fantastic as if I was babysitting (for example) my 9 month old cousin I would be able to take your child with me or bring my cousin to them and they could play together. Also I enjoy playing child...
Harpreet, baby sitting - CV1 Coventry

I am 19 years old, currently studying Psychology at Coventry University. I am looking for babysitting or child care on certain days. I have bought up and lived with my cousin from a very young age and have cousins and step-family who I often look after. I have been a tutor with children aged 6-15 years of age. This would show my experience and encouragement to helping the children with any homework. Also, I have done work experience in schools where I worked with different aged children f...
Czarrina, after-school childcare - CV1 Coventry

Hi my name is Czarrina, I'm 19 yrs. old. I am naturally caring and calm person. I have completed Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social care with a Merit overall, and I have achieved D* D* D* (Distinction) for my BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. These courses allowed me to work with children. Previously I have volunteered in a Pre-school, here i have provided asistance to staff and children with different activities; including painting, storytelling and more. I grew up with ...
Theodora, baby sitter in Coventry

Hello, my name is Theodora, but I'm known as Teddy or Dora. I have two little sisters that I pretty much raised because my mum was poorly while they were young. I have also baby sat their friends. I am willing to help with any homework your children are give, because I have high GCSE results. I have pets of my own so it is no problem if you do have animals of your own. My favourite thing to do is reading and acting so your child will be in safe hands with me, I will play imaginary games...
Louise, baby sitter - CV1 Coventry

Hello ! My name is Louise, I'm an 18 years old French student studying Business management at Coventry university (I'm in my second year). I'm the second of a family of 8 children so I'm really used to take care of many children of different ages at the same time. I'm serious, dynamical, motivated, and very organized and I really like spending time with children of all ages. Thanks to my experience in the European Scouts Association (and particularly as a Team Chief), I'm a respo...
Harriet, childcare in Coventry CV1

My name is Harriet Elizabeth , I am a law student and Coventry University. I have a number of younger cousins and my partner has two nephews, one is 19 months and the other is 8 weeks. I love looking after children and I believe children like me. I am a keen cook and a clean cook. I am very active and love to spend time outside. I have a lot of energy so I would be great to play games with the children and tire them out! I am looking to baby sit or provide part time care. I have a full drivi...
Millie, babysitter in Coventry CV1

I'm Millie and I'm 14 years old, I live in Cheylesmore and would be willing to babysit for families in a 3 mile radius. I've been a babysitter for family for 1 and a half years. I love working with kids as I have a lot of younger cousins, I have also had experience in working with children at work experience. I worked at a pre-school for 1 week and I have written recommendations. I would be able to work Friday night- Sunday and would look after any age from 1-10. I would cook for the chil...
Amy-louise, foreign au pair - CV1 Coventry

Hello, My name is Amy- Louise , I am 18years old. Currently studying at the university of Coventry. I move to coventry four months ago from London to pursue my career in sociology and criminology. I am highly sociable- I believe every children matters regardless of their ecological environment, status or race. I have worked with an array of children with learning difficulties and physical difficulties. In 2010 I attended two weeks experience within a local primary school, the children lik...
Petra, babysitter - CV1 Coventry

My name is Petra and I come from the Czech Republic. Right now I live in Coventry where I've got a job at secondary school as a support worker for particular kids. I am pretty new in that as I have been doing it last two months, before that I was living with a lovely English family in Lichfield where I was a 'big sister' to two litlle monkeys aged 5 and 7. Eventhough I arrived as an aupair and I loved doing it and staying with 'my' family for 6 months when I got this offer for my current jo...
Jainaba, childcare in Coventry

I'm Jai, I'm 23 and I'm a second-year photography student. I am a very bubbly fun person and I love to set up games and different activities for children to do to make sure they're not bored. I have experience in looking after 6-16-year-old children and I also am the eldest to 4 sisters, the youngest being 3 years old so I look after them often too. The activities I love to do with the children are arts and crafts and anything creative as I'm very much a creative person.
Tehreem, baby sitter in Coventry

Hello there! My name is Tehreem :) I am a first year medical student at the University of Warwick. I am looking to do babysitting and part time care in your home. I am very bubbly and love to look after kids. I have previous experience working in a nursery and have been a teaching assistant at Kumon. I also volunteer at the UHCW in the children's ward where my role is to play with the children at their bedside. I love to play most games and am very active.
Natasha, after-school childcare in Coventry

I am a single parent of two boys aged 18 & 16 the eldest has autism and learning difficulties. I am confident and happy and love being a parent. I have always looked after different children and really enjoyed it. I have an NVQ level 2 in Childcare development and learning. I have also been a scout leader, a cub leader and assistant beaver leader. Although my boys are older, my nephews are both babies and i help take care of them.
Weronika, baby sitter in Coventry CV1

My name is weronika, I was born in Poland so I can speak polish but I lived in England for the past 8 years. I am 16 years old. I have just finish secondary school and I'm looking for a summer job. I have good experience with little children and older children. Last year in February I have done 2 weeks of work experience and I was working with children age 5 years old and below. I love playing with children and I love sports so going to the park or on a walk won't be a problem.

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Lucy, sitter - CV1 Coventry

I have know Lucy and her family for over 10 years. She has helped look after my two children when they were young on many occasions. From an early age, Lucy has shown a mature and responsible attitude and she has grown to be a very sensible and lovely young lady. I would not hesitate in asking her to look after my children again if she lived closer.

Paige, baby sitter in Coventry CV1

Paige is reliable and very helpful and patient gentle person willing to help all the time excellent with children

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