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Abigail, babysitter in Finedon

My name is Abi and I'm 16 years old, in 6th form and currently doing A levels. I like to help looking after children, which is something I've had to do a lot at home for family and for friends. I have worked with some difficult children in the past who families do not like to send to childcare elsewhere as they can act up around people, but I am able to cope with the children and calm them down. I enjoy playing games with children to keep them entertained, and helping with tasks such as homew...
Mercii, after-school childcare - NN10 Higham ferrers

Hi, I'm Mercii :) I'm a twenty-one year-old Events Management student, and I am looking for extra work to finance my studies. I have a huge amount of experience with babies, toddlers, children and teens (given that I am the eldest child with my youngest Sister being just 5 years old!) I still help all of my siblings with their homework on a regular basis, including early reading/writing/speaking, computer skills, motor skills and maths, right through to advanced (high-school to A-level)...
Antonella, after-school childcare in Higham ferrers NN10

Hi! My name is Antonella I'm 21 years old and currently in my third year of university studying primary education. Through this degree I have been on placements in primary schools ranging from year 1- year 6 and planned lots of fun activities for children and had experience communicating with a broad range of ages. Activities include creating stories together, designing our own characters, building bug hotels for outside and using our environment to gather data for maths work. I'm ...
Nicol, au pair - NN10 Rushden

I am a young energetic girl with positive attitude. I am always on time and work hard. I am quick learner and always willing to help, looking for a summer job to gain new experience and practise English language. Key skills and experience: -Hotel cleaner: cleaning rooms, help in the kitchen -Babysitter: up to 4 children at a time -Housekeeper: cleaning, ironing, serving food -Office help: sorting paperwork, putting data into excel spreadsheet, categorizing folders -Horse rider...
Kyla, babysitter - NN10 Rushden

My names Kyla I’m 15 years old, I live in rushden I have 3 siblings aged 2, 7 and 11 I’m really interested in babysitting and carring for people I have baby sitted children numerous times and I’ve havent got any bad reviews back on it this year and next I’m trying to get a course in child development and this experience would help me out due to my course I’m wanting to take. I love taking my little brothers to the park My qualities as a childcarer is I have patience’s
Connie, childcare in Rushden NN10

Hello, my name is Connie, I am 20 years old. I have worked in a care setting already just not with children, although I have done work experience in a nursery and reception. I'm currently working as a home carer so driving myself to houses and caring for individuals. I enjoy my line of work but I would like to go into child care. Two of my friends have children, one which I used to babysit during the day and sometimes at night since he was born, he is now 1 year and 3 months, I enjoy spending...

Hello my name is Jasmine I am only 17 years old but I would love to work with children and I think this is a great way to start. I am a loving and caring person who wants to make sure everyone is in a safe place but still having fun at the same time. I have already had some experience with looking after children as I volunteered at rush2theden in rushden helping out with the tots and occasionally the youth group sides of thing.
Kelly, babysitter in Finedon NN9

I have worked in childcare since I moved to Finedon in 2009 and have reached up to my level 3, I currently work in a preschool and out of school club where I have babysit one of the after school children when mum had no one else. I do have experience with babies but only little. Babies and toddlers are my favourite to work with. I am limited to using buses so it would be preferable if your around my area but I can always work around it if possible. I hope you will consider me. Thank you.
Stephanie, childcare in Rushden

My name Is Stephanie, I have two children of my own 2 year old and a 11 month old. I have worked in childcare from a young age and i have now been in the industry for 6 years. I have worked with 3 month old - 11 year old. I am bubbly, full of character, outgoing and very friendly. My nearest and dearest call me "Tinkerbell" as I am short but full of love and care. I am looking for babysitting on an evening OR during the say Sunday. I can also work part-time with a family localy or looking ...
Molly, baby sitting in Irthlingborough NN9

I consider myself to be a very enthusiastic and caring person, I am currently working as bank staff in a nursery with children aged from 5 months to 4 years and my job is my passion, at the nursery my responsibilities include general cleaning, creating Activities for the children, preparing food, changing nappies, documenting and reporting and abnormalities within the children's behaviour and protecting the children from injury or danger. I am a very resposable person and a hard worker. I hav...
Mia, baby sitter - NN10 Rushden

Hello, My name is Mia I am currently in school education, but am looking for childcare work not only to earn money, but to help anyone that may need me! I feel I am a trustworthy and loyal person, I am not new to looking after children as I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews which I regularly look after this is actually what made me want to express my pation for childcare further. It is important that a family know they can but trust in anyone that may be asked to take care of their child or child...
Danielle, occasional childcare in Rushden

my name is Danielle I'm age of 19, I have just finished and passed my child care level 2 at tresham college with a distinction and have also done work placements at various nurseries I have passed level 1 child care and love looking after children this is what I want to do for a living. I am reliable and hardworking and come from a large family background and have a wide network of children who i have looked after and care for on numerous occasions. I can play a little piano but have not...
Katie, occasional childcare in Irthlingborough NN9

Hi there, my name is Katie and I'm 18 years old. I’m a very dedicated, hard-working individual. When I find something which interests me, I become extremely motivated to be a part of it and learn as much as I can. I am creative in many aspects, and I put my all into being as imaginative as possible with projects I undertake. I also consider myself as a completely trustworthy individual, as well as reliable and responsible towards projects and people. Children have been a part of my li...
Shannon, baby sitter in Rushden NN10

I am a very outgoing person and I am very easy to get a long with, I have worked in two different nurserys over the last 3 years and have worked with every age group but spent most of my time working with babies aged 0-2years. I have had a lot of experience with the EYFS as I have completed a childcare qualification level 2 so I am very familiar with what different things children need and how I can give this to them through doing many different types of activities that are suited to each a...
Maegan, babysitting in Rushden

I'm Maegan, I am 15 years old and I am looking for a babysitting job, whether the odd occasion or part time routine. I am willing to babysit for any day of the week from after school hours on weekdays. I would also be willing to give up some of my half terms in order to babysit. However I have no qualifications in childcare as I only leave school this year, but in the previous years I have looked after my younger sibling since he was 7. Although, given the chance, I would be able to lo...
Kayleigh, sitter in Irthlingborough NN9

My name is Kayleigh I am 21, I am looking to babysit any age children , I love to be happy and smiling all the time . I am always bubbly and so good around the children I also want them to have fun and enjoy themselves . I have a level 1amd level 2 childcare certificate . I always love to have cuddles and play board games with the children and also play different games like hide and seek , peek a boo etc. . I just love to be fun and bright towards the children . I have also experience by...

My name is Bethany and I have recently been thinking about a variety of different career paths. I have only just turned 18 and have studied health and social care at Kettering Tresham for the past two years. I have got an up to date DBS check and would love to be given the chance to show my love towards caring for others. I currently live in Thrapston and am unable to drive, that is the reason that I need the extra money. I have spent a lot of my childhood growing up around children in the ...

i'm 18 years old and i have some experience working in a preschool/primary school while i was at college last year. While at the preschool I supported the children with their painting and drawing skills and also their maths and literacy skills. I make sure the children are always safe and are enjoying themselves. I also have 5 younger brothers and sisters who I have helped care for through the years as they were growing up, making sure they were clean and fed and happy.

Being the oldest I was always on babysitting duty and it's something I've grown to love. I have such a passion for caring and looking after children. I have been trusted looking after children by friends and families. I use to regularly visit Milton Keynes at the weekends to babysit a family I have always looked after but their eldest daughter is at the age where she's more then capable to look after her brothers. Currently I look after 1 little boy (aged 8) every now and then I'm trusted by ...
Sade, sitter in Thrapston

Hello my name is sade and I’m looking for a part time job in the way of looking after children cause they make my day I want to spend time with them like doing sports to them wanting to read etc.. I want to help them be encouraged and will be there to do homework ect and do anything you need me to do
Rebecca, baby sitter - NN9 Irthlingborough

Im good with kids and i will only be able to work weekends because of six form. I have no expexreince with kids.
Roxanne, baby sitter - NN14 Woodford

Hi my name is roxanne. I am 21 years old and i am very enthusiastic about about childcare. I enjoy arts and crafts.I have previously volunteered in playschools and nurseries. I am happy to look after children of all ages, i can only babysit at the evening due to my part time job. I have a level 2 in childcare while having a 6 month work placement in a nursery.
Megan, childcare in Irthlingborough NN9

My name is Megan and I'm currently a student at tresham in Kettering, I am looking for work on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day and a Wednesday afternoon Ive worked in a nursery and have younger siblings I have a DBS and am trained in first aid

My name is jess, im a very motivated and out going person. I love being around kids, and seeing as i have a youngee brother and three cousins- judging by that, i think kids love to be around me too. I know exactly how to make the kids laugh and enjoy being in my company. I'm very punctual and i put my all in to everything i do. I would be happy to look after the children between the hours 5-8pm on weekdays, and 10am-4pm during saturday and sundays.
Rosalyn, babysitter in Rushden NN10

Hello my name is Rosalyn I am 25 and looking to do babysitting/housekeeping duties around Rushden , Wellingborough area.I have some experience in looking after my cousins , niece , nephew and kids that are 6+ years old.I love to cook and I have over 5 years experience in housekeeping.I am very good at adding sums up too.I love to play games with the kids that I have looked after and enjoy keeping them entertained.

My name is Jordan. I'm a 16 year old student at treaham kettering college. I am looking for a weekend job Friday-Sunday. I have baby sat for my 4 sisters. I love children, they alway manage to make you smile. I am a punctual person, I'm happy to work with any age children. I absolutely love dance, and playing sports. I play Xbox and Kinect with my sisters. I'm also very good at cleaning and cooking. Also helping children with there homework. I'm happy to work mornings and evenings, whatever s...

Hi im Carl and im 14 years old (young i know)and im looking for babysitting jobs in Rushden/Higham ferrers.I am a very child friendly person and love working with children. I can work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.On Mondays and Wednesdays i can work from 5pm till 11pm and on Saturdays and Sundays i can work from 2pm till 11pm.Please consider giving me a job.

Hi I am a parent myself and I have hands on experience caring for children from newborn to adults. I have a valid first aid certificate and current DBS. I love children