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Jessica, babysitter - NN16 Kettering

I have 4 younger brothers who I have helped care for from birth, from bottle feeding to changing nappies, dressing, winding and bathing them. I am currently at college studying level 2 health and social care, I am also doing placement in a school and I have been for over a month now. I help them read, write, and mainly just play with them as they are the ages of 3-5 years old. I am very patient caring, reliable and trustworthy, and my future job is working with children as I have always wante...
Katelyn, babysitting in Kettering

My name is Katelyn. I am 16 Years Old and I love looking after children. My dream job is to work in a nursery. I finished high school and went to college for 3 months but then figured that I am a practical person so I am currently looking for an apprenticeship in a nursery. I would prefer to look after babies and toddlers but I do not mind looking after children at all ages that are. I am a very responsible person for my age. I have babysat for my little sister who is currently 8. My cousin w...
Colao, sitter in Kettering

Hey, I'm Colao. I'm 16 years old. I'm based in Kettering. I have finished highschool and have my GCSE qualifications. I can work anytime until the 25th August when I start my A levels and then will only be able to work weekends and Friday nights. I'm looking to earn some money to help my parents out and start paying for more things on my own. I have experience looking after infants and children. My mother is a 5 star rated registered Oxford Childminder. I'm trained in basic first ...
Evie, sitter in Kettering NN16

I am currently looking for work 2-4 days per week part time starting at the end of February/beginning of March Hi, I’m Evie! I'm a fun, open-minded, reliable and honest person looking to find a short term job as a nanny. I am DBS checked and have a full drivers license. For about 5 months (beginning March 2021) I spent my time caring for a 2.5 year old, and occasionally their younger newborn sibling too for a few hours here and there. My main care was the 2.5 year old and we spent l...
Kathryn, babysitting - NN16 Kettering

My name is Kathryn , I am 18 years old and I live in Kettering, Northamptonshire. I currently work as an apprentice at a nursery school in Kettering so I am progressing towards getting my NVQ Level 2 in Children and Young Peoples Workforce. I love being around children, I am with them all day, 5 days a week, and when not at work, I love to spend time with my cousins' two little boys (ages 3 and 1) who I have been around since birth(I have looked after them and other family friends' children)...
Abrainna, foreign au pair in Kettering NN16

Hello my name is Abrainna. I am 15 years of age. I do not have a lot of experience but ever since my sister who is 3 now I have been looking after her when my mum is not around I bath her almost everyday and dress her as well. I also do a lot chores since my mum and dad are very busy with work when they are not around me and my sister tidy up the kitchen and hall. I would love to do babysitting because I just want to be happy when the parents are busy that they know that there are children ar...
Lena, sitter - NN16 Kettering

I currently work in care home for people with mild or a severe cognitive impairment but I am looking for another part time job that will give me an extra income.I have some experience working with children through several college placements and through looking after my niece regularly and sons or daughters of friends of mine.I am trustworthy and reliable and can do just about every task whether thats taking the child for a day out to the park, making their dinner and attending house keeping d...
Ellie, baby sitter - NN16 Kettering

Hiya, I'm Ellie, and I'm 15 years old. I live in Kettering but can travel to surrounding areas for jobs. I grew up in a large family so I have lots of experience dealing with children of all ages. I often babysit the younger children in my household and 2 of my youngest cousins(Ages: 2, 4, 5, 9, 9). I provide activities that I can bring along with me such as games or crafts. In my profile picture you can see 2 of my siblings: Matthew, now 9, and Olivia, now 4.
Sian, babysitting in Kettering

Hello my name is sian , I am 14 years old and looking for a babysitting job just to earn some money. I am willing to cook and clean aswell if needed while babysitting your child. I can do mon-Friday's half 3-9pm and can also do school pick ups if needed. Also on weekends I can do from 8am-9pm. Also I can take your child to any occasion if you can not take them, and most of all I will make you children feel comfortable and confident to speak to me. My experience is not ranged but I have cared...
Molly, babysitter in Kettering

Hello, my name is Molly. I am 19 years old, soon to turn 20. I have experience looking after children of all ages through family and friends. I am currently looking for part time work to fund my work from home business. I love children of all ages, I am honest, punctual, kind, understanding, but most of all patient. I am a non-smoker. I encourage manners and common courtesy to others. I don't believe you should talk down children, they understand more then we know. Educational play will play ...
Nadiya, babysitting in Kettering

My name is Nadiya, I am 17 and looking for a baby sitting job. I would make a fun, kind and caring baby sitter for your child\children. I love kids and would make productive use of the time baby sitting such as playing games, getting them involved in helping me make the dinner if needed, watching movies, doing homework and just having a laugh. I am a very reliable and trustworthy person and would make sure tasks are met. I have had experience with baby sitting neighbours children and family m...
Rebecca, sitter in Kettering

I am 16, 17 in December and currently doing an apprenticeship at Toddlerz Day Nursery and i have been working there for the past two years in the school holidays whilst i have been at school. I am currently doing my level 3 in childcare and my food hygiene course. I will be doing a first aid course that is booked for October 2017 which will allow me to have essential medical skills and qualifications needed for children. I have a lot of experience with the care of children and it is a passion...
Charmaine, babysitter in Kettering NN16

Hi my name is Charmaine I am 22 years old, I love looking after children as I used to look after my siblings and my mums neighbors children. I will help them with their home work, cook for them, play games like hide and seek, I spy with my little eye, we could colour in some pictures, paint some pictures. I'm looking to babysit children, I would this is enough to be come a babysitter as I would love to have the opportunity .
Kate, babysitter - NN16 Kettering

Hi, my names Kate and I'm 16 years old and live in Kettering I have recently completed my GCSE's at Southfields school for Girls. I'm looking at evening and weekend babysitting that would not interfere with school hours, I have experience when looking after children already as I have a 3 month cousin whom I have been a baby sitter for and am a brownie young leader. I'm a friendly person who can accept a challenge and gets on well with children I look forward to hearing from you.
Alisha Marie, babysitting in Kettering

Hello, my name is alisha marie im 18 years old ive looked after all young children all over my years of growing up. Also ill be able to be there any point of the day to help out you or the children, i would help around the house like cooking, cleaning. Ill also take the children out to the park or places that you would like them to go. Thank you for reading this but hope you get back to me.
Amy, babysitting - NN16 Kettering

im amy 18years old I come from a big family and I have 2 sisters that I used to look after and help my mum with them and play games and do activites walk them to school with my mum and I also have looked after my mums friends daughter and I could also get a refrence from her I love looking after children I would like to go a head and do childcare in the future this would help me get a job in the future.
Jodie, babysitting - NN16 Kettering

My name is Jodie Cole and I am 16 years old, currently at sixth form studying for my A-levels. The 3 subjects I am taking are child development, health&social care, and psychology. I want to be a primary school teacher when I am older, and I love looking after young children. My hobbies include swimming, babysitting, dog walking and baking. I am a kind, positive-natured and bubbly person. I don't mind giving up a couple of evenings a week to do some babysitting. I won't just stick children i...

Hello I'm Harry, I'm 16 years old and I'm a sporty person. In addition; I'm looking for a way to get money. I have looked after my mums friends sons which are currently 7 and 9 years old and I loved it, they wanted to see me again but I never got the chance too. I'm looking to look after other children and earning money if possible. I'm well spoken and a mature person for my age and willing to have fun.
Amy, babysitter - NN16 Kettering

I am a sixth form student at Kettering Science Academy currently in my first year of A-Levels. I am confident with children of all ages as I have grown up with different ages of children. I believe I am easily approachable, outgoing and easy to talk to. I enjoy childcare and I am willing to take part in games and activities with the child/children. I have a lot of experience with babysitting including a part time job with a family friend for 8-9 months.
Michelle, childcare in Kettering

hi, i’m michelle and i’m 15 [turning 16 in August]. i am going into college for childcare and i’m always looking after my siblings and baby cousins so i am very trustworthy. i would love to have more experience with children and form a bond with them. i love cooking meals, playing games around the house and cleaning is no problem for me. i enjoy being energetic - fun orientated children are not problem. i have experience with special needs from my brother and my cousin.
Ciuclea, sitter in Kettering NN16

Hi.I am a 31 years old energetic nanny with over 5 years experience in childcare.I have also got my own children.I would like to help out a family who needs an occasional babysitter or a part-time nanny /housekeeper.I am available ASAP.I am flexible with hours.Please get in touch if you are not hesitate to ask me if you have got any questions about me.I am available for interviews. Many thanks, Ibi
Lucy, sitter in Kettering NN16

My name is Lucy and I have little experience and have only cared for siblings before, but I have been told that I am a very quick learner. My goal for the future is to become a teacher so babysitting would really help . I love children and I can cook and love to help children with there homework and can do household chores if need I am very creative so will be able to come up with games and activities to help the children learn and also take into account the safety aspects to try an avoid ...
Jessica, baby sitter in Kettering

My name is Jessica , I'm 17 years old, love to interact with children and have a great personality and attitude towards everyone and anyone! I have a very caring heart and i make sure everyone is happy! I'm looking for children between the ages of 1-3 year olds but I am willing to look after any ages if in emergencies! I have cared for some of the people my mum cleans for and we take trips to the park, arts and craft and electronic games ( if they are old enough and are allowed) I'm very tho...
Sheralyn, sitter - NN16 Kettering

Hello, I am a 33year old mother of 4 children, ranging from 7years to 15years. I have brought all of my children up and have also been a help to my friend for 2years with her son so that she could go back to bed. I have also had experience of caring with a disabled child as a family member is disabled and i have had previous job roles in this position.
Simone, au pair in Kettering

I am a very loving individual, I am very family orientated and love children. I have three siblings and neice's and nephew's', so I am always around children. I am very flexible and available majority of the time. Thank you for reading this. Simone

I am currently studying Childcare, I am going into my second year in September and have really enjoyed spending time with the children in my placements and learning about childcare. I have babysat for a few different families and have been recommended by them before which has lead to more jobs. I have built a strong bond with the children I babysit and I really enjoy babysitting them and they always say that they love having me there. The children I babysit always have lots of fun and I lik...

Hello there, i am cerys, aged 17 and currently attend college studying level 2 health and social care. although it is not a typical, childcare course, i have learnt alot more about communication with children and what a child of a certain age should be having in their diets. furthermore, i have had an reasonable amount of experience working with and babysitting child. I lived with my nephew from newborn to now him being a two year old. this benefited me and got me to put my child working sk...

Hello I am Stacey! I am 19 and I live in Kettering. I am currently unemployed but am seeking work, I am looking for Babysitting jobs to fill my spare time and to gain more experience. I come from a big family I have 9 younger siblings so I am used to having children running around. I have spent time at my local youth centre volunteering with children during the school holidays. I learnt how to run small games and craft activities like making paper chain snakes.
Antony, babysitter - NN16 Kettering

I am a 19 year old boy, i am currently studying in uni and am wanting to go into teaching. I have had plenty of years babysitting and taking care of children from new borns to 13 years of age. I am more than capable of cooking for them and adore cooking. Housework is my friend, I'm not afraid to grab the hover and cloth and blitz the house. Being a boy i like to be outdoorsy and play lots of games and activities i.e colouring, reading, football anything under the sun I'm up for. if there ...
Leah, babysitter in Kettering NN16

Hello! My name is Leah, I am 16 years old from Kettering. I am currently looking for a job in babysitting to work throughout my summer and my a levels which I start in September. I am fresh out of school, meaning I am able to help children in primary and secondary with homework. I took Ethics and Philosophy, Maths, English, History, Triple Science and French, so I would be best helping in those subjects. I am extremely friendly, especially when it comes to children. I would love to be a part ...

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Harry, sitter - NN16 Kettering

Looked after my kids and he was so good with them in a babysitting style that I invited him back again and again, fantastic young lad. Best quality, although mine are young ones he had tremendous empathy with them, they reacted well in his presence

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