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Georgia, babysitting in Waterlooville

Hello, I am a 19 year old student and I am local to Waterlooville. I am currently studying for my Children's Nursing Degree at Southampton University so have training for basic first aid and am used to looking after, providing care and being around children of all ages. I have had experience looking after very young babies in hospital so can help with feeding/washing/changing as well. I am friendly and approachable, I love children and have lots of experience with games and using imaginat...
Nicole, child care in Waterlooville PO7

My name is Nicole I am 17 years of age. I love working with children, I have got a lot of siblings and have looked after them before. I have had a newish edition to the family who is now 14 months old and I look after him every week. I am used to a daily routine. I have had expierence in a nursery and child care setting, I have babysat for others and always been thanked and asked back
Gracie, babysitter - PO7 Waterlooville

My name is Gracie, I am almost 17 years old. I am looking to babysit for children or babies as I feel as though that is what I am good at. I am a very patient person who deals with children regularly as I have quite a large family which I am around often. I am looking for any child care of any ages, I have 2 younger siblings my sister who is 4 and my brother who's 12 who I look after regularly in the holidays or when my parents are busy. I like to think that I am good with children as when I ...
Keane, childcare in Waterlooville PO7

As a parent, you will know that the quality of care we wish provide our children is simply that of the best. It is through that philosophy that I ask for consideration in your childcare options. The stress and demands of everyday life inevitably sometimes require us to seek support and my objective is to provide that support in a way which is flexible, of a high quality and full of enthusiasm. Through my work experience as a teaching assistant in a local school, I developed a passion fo...
Katherine, babysitter in Waterlooville

hi i am Katherine a 16 year old girl from waterlooville although i'm quite young very good with children and very mature for my age but due to my age i'm still in school so unfortunately i can only work weekends . i have quite a lot of experience with children as i grow up around babies when i was young as my next door neighbor was pregnant quite a bit , i look after my cousins since they were 1 when my uncle went out but they have moved away now so i don't look after them ant more and finall...
Sarah, childcare in Waterlooville

I am a happy, trustworthy and reliable individual when in and outside of the working environment. I am approachable and confident when meeting new people and I can be very expressive and independent. I would say I am very organised and keep on top of my work load so I do not get behind. I am a very quick learner and enjoy learning new skills. I have a passion trying for my hardest and working to the best of ability even when learning new skills along the way. My goal in life is to be successf...
Stephanie, occasional childcare - PO7 Waterlooville

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am 20 years old with two younger brothers who I have baby-sat for my parents since they were 7 and 4 also I have had experience in looking after and helping out with a nursery for 2 weeks for work experience. I looking to help parents in need of someone they can trust, I am that person. I am friendly and polite, I will be able to keep the children entertain and help with chores around the house.
Chloe, baby sitter in Waterlooville

My name is Chloe, I am 16 years old and am currently in my last year of secondary school. I love children of any age and enjoy engaging in fun activities that they like e.g. Reading, homework, cooking, painting, hide and seek. I am very responsible, reliable, trustworthy and honest. I often look after my younger sister aged 7 and my three cousins aged 9, 6 and 4. I am able to cook simple meals safely, pick up children from local schools, play games with them and any other tasks I am asked to ...
Rebecca, babysitter in Waterlooville PO7

My name is Rebecca and I am looking for a general job with children where I can progress and gain experience with children so that I can soon work in a school and become a teaching assistant in a primary school. I do have experience in looking after 3 children for a family previously and I can give a reference for them too. I love working with kids as I like to act abit silly and mess around with them myself but of course all fun has to have some seriousness, I am very responsible and hard ...
Darcie, child care - PO7 Waterlooville

I have cared for family friends children and family children in the past, I have a DBS check done and is available on request . As part of my work experience I did work in a day nursery for two weeks. Family friends always recommend me to their friends and say that I'm trust worthy, very polite and caring.

Hello, My name is James. I am a 17 (going on 18) year old, with several years of experience looking after children. I have a younger sister who is 13 and a younger brother who is 6. Although my sister is old enough to take care of herself I still cook for her frequently when the parents are working, and many years prior to this I looked after her in much more depth. I am currently in college, although now finished for the year, and am looking to offer most kinds of care for over the summe...
Suzanne, sitter - PO7 Waterlooville

Hello there! My name is Suzanne, I am 24 years old and live around the Waterlooville area. The past year I have had experience teaching English to children abroad, the ages ranged from 2-13 year olds, so I am very diverse, and can work/take care of various age groups. I have recently travelled back from Italy where I was working in a summer camp and had to look after a whole class of young teenagers, where I would teach them conversational English and plan very fun, exciting and enga...
Paige, babysitter - PO7 Waterlooville

Hi, I’m Paige, I’m 26 and am deputy manager at a nursery school. I have been working with children since I was 17 and have gained my qualifications and worked my way up! I have worked abroad also, Tunisia and Cyprus! I love to travel and spend time in the sunshine! I am fun to be around and ensure children are safe in my care!
Fiona, babysitter - PO7 Waterlooville

My name is Fiona . I'm 16 and finishing school on 12th June 2015 and am currently able to work after school (from about 3pm) and weekends. I have done work experience and volunteer work in an after-school club and a preschool doing activities including reading, putting children to bed, helping with work and supervising. I play the guitar and piano and I take French, Geography, Music and Business for GCSE.
Luciana, babysitting in Waterlooville

Hello. my name is Luciana, I am 18 years old and I am currently working towards my level 3 BTEC Diploma in childcare at Southdowns college. I am looking for anyone who needs a part time babysitter in the Waterlooville area! I am a fun loving person with a great personality and am easy to get along with. I am great with children and am a great communicator. I like planning activities for children to do and to take part in to help there development. I have lots of experience working with childr...
Suzannah, occasional childcare - PO7 Waterlooville

Hello! My name is Suzie and I have recently graduated from the University of Bristol with degree in Spanish and Italian. I am super bubbly, organised and professional. I am looking for regular babysitting jobs or after school care. I am currently still living the post-university life at home with my family so I have no other commitments! Having cared for a variety of children, old and young, English and international, girls and boys - I feel that I am suited to lots of different famil...
Elly, babysitter in Waterlooville

I am currently at college doing level two hairdressing maybe going on to level three hair. I live in waterlooville at home with my mum and dad and my two sisters and my older brother. Very good at looking after younger children and older children as I have around them I would be very suitable as a babysitter or a carrot for younger children and Oder. I am not driving at the Moment. I am taking my lessons. I can use public transport to get to places if needed.
Lucy, sitter in Waterlooville

I'm Lucy , I'm 16 on the 3rd October 2016, and looking for a part time job so I'm able help my mum financially. I'm a great auntie and have a huge family of my own and always around little children! I've got great patience and very mature and won't ever let you down. I also work well and do what is expected of me.

My name is Kirsty, I am 25 years old and have lots of experience working with children of all ages. I currently work at a private school as a teaching assistant in year one and attend uni one day a week training to become a teacher. Previous to this I have worked in other schools and have experience in nurseries. I also work for a holiday club with mixed age groups and have worked abroad as a children's rep. I have a first aid certificate as well as safeguarding.

Hello I am 14 years old and Permantly out of school due to mental health issues, I suffer with really bad anxiety but I absolutley love to be around kids! I have neices and nephews and I baby sit them on special occasions! I'm a happy and playful girl and would do anything to see a child happy!! I'm happy to look after kids up to the age of 6, I can cook and clean well, I am also Capible of putting kids to bed if needed, any money given will be used to get a lift home! I just love to be aroun...

My name is Harriet and I am 17 years old. I am currently studying AS levels and I have three siblings who I have babysat on various and many occasions since I was about 14 years old. I have also babysat for neighbours, friends, family and also for a family I did not previously know. I have babysat children as young as 7months old and as old as 12 however I am more than happy to babysit and look after children of any age. I love children and caring for people which is why I am pursuing a car...

i have raised my own 3 children. One of which has mild learning difficulties. I have also been a foster parent to a teenager for 3yrs. I have a sister who i am close to who has got 5 children with ages from 1-13 which i have been a part of.

I am a loving caring and kind person I treat babies with respect and kindness u have a lot if manners I do not swear I love to make kids laugh and play with them