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Josie, sitter in Worksop S80

I am Josie, although young I am absolutely great with children! Not only have I succeeded as a young mother but I also spent the majority of the last 5 years helping family and friends with their children. Being this age I don't yet drive but I can cook, care and clean to the best of my ability and hopefully meet your standards. I am a very creative person with qualifications in art and design as well as childcare. Art and music as well as basic Spanish are just a few of the ways I can entert...
Morgan, babysitter in Worksop

I'm Morgan , 16 years of age, 17 in August 2016 and have a brother and sister of ages 1 and 4, I have done a lot of work supporting my siblings and parents in taking care of the children. Not only this but I have done a lot of work with other children such as; work experience in schools of which I have worked with 5 year olds through to 14 year olds. I am also an NCS Mentor meaning I have been involved with a variety of activities where a requirement is a sense of humour. I have excellent gr...
Joanne, baby sitter in Worksop S80

Hi my name is Joanne and I'm a mum of 2boys I'm 26 years old and I love to garden bake and love knitting I love playing games with the kid and making stuff I Can do. Part time care or babysitting iv love trying to make up new game for the kid and enjoy. Listening too there idea of a game as for my own qualities i can cook clean and look after multiple kids if there is anything else you want to know plz feel. Free to ask thanks
Kayla, babysitter in Worksop

my name is Kayla Marie Reed and I'm a 15 year old girl my birthday is in January and it's the 9th 2002 I will be 16 in 2018 and I live in Worksop with no sort of transport, I walk so I would be grateful if the area was close to where I live. I'm looking for a babysitting job with children that are any age under 5 years old as this age range is what I feel most comfortable with and I feel that I can handle a lot better. My qualities for this job are that I'm friendly with children very patien...
Naomi, childcare in Worksop

My name is Naomi , I am 18 years old and I live in Worksop Kilton. I am currently studying health and social care level 2 at college. I have a qualification in CACHE Level 2 for children and young people last year at college, along with a two day paediatric first aid course. While I was studying childcare at college I had a work placement in a primary school and I absolutely loved it. I’m currently a babysitter on a Saturday night and have been doing that for nearly 2 years.
Natasha, sitter - S80 Worksop

My name is Natasha I am 16 years old and I love children. I get along with people very easily and love to have fun. I have looked after other children before ranging from under 6 months to over 6 years. I have quite a big family so I am used to children all around me as I'm the oldest. I can cook, clean and also help them with any homework if they have any. Being the oldest in my family I have plenty of experience with children as I have helped my mum look after them all from a very young a...
Shannon, occasional childcare in Worksop

My Name is shannon I am 20 years old I am looking for work around worksop area like part time or maybe full time depending on the hours . I'm willing to learn different things get to know your family and how you how willing I am, I have my own little boy Riley single mother but I live kids and your kids will be happy in my care I clean cook everything you would need in your household. At the minute I'm working with Autism East Midlands so I have had a DBS check. You wouldn't have to worry ab...
Eve-ruby, childcare in Worksop

I am 17 years old and have babysat for family and friends for over 2 years, there is a lot of little ones in my family and I enjoy looking after them. I study Health and Social Care Level 3 at North Nottinghamshire College and since I have been here I have gained my first aid certificate. Within this course I study "safe guarding young children" and "psychology" so I have a great understanding of what children's needs are and how to deliver that to them. After college I hope to go on to unive...
Sarah, after-school childcare in Worksop

Hi my name is Sarah (age 27) Im caring, patience and helpful enjoy looking after children of any age and have two little ones of my own which have kept me on my feet so nothing I've not done beforeI. Babysitting and part time child caring. I can help with the day to day duties school runs, meals, homework, outings, playing, ect and would be prepared to train further if required for any special needs or requests. I have experience in a supported care home where I helped assist with all t...
Denim, childcare - S80 Worksop

Hello my name is Denim , I enjoy working with children and have had babysitting jobs in the past with family members and friends children. I am a reliable person and very trustworthy. I will always only be call away if In need for an emergency and can do late nights if needed. I will also do any other requirements if needed such as clean up and cook for the children. I've been able to baby sit for more than one child too and am able to settle them down too.
Gina, babysitter in Worksop

Hello, my name is Georgina. I am 17 year old and I am studying health and social at college at the minute. In secondary school I took health and social which got me a level 2 in qualifications. I am lucky to say I grew up with a wide range of aged children in my family so I have gained experience from looking after family members. Being a nanny/ carer for a child or elderly would be a great opportunity to gain more experience for my course.
Kennedy, sitter - S80 Worksop

I'm Kennedy Lee, currently studying for a my A levels at Outwood Post 16. I help my mum look after my 2 year old niece every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I enjoy it so much that I am willing to spend more time doing it in my spare time. I also have a younger sister who I used to look after when she was younger than she is now. As I am 17, I find looking after children enjoyable and love getting involved with painting and playing games that children enjoy!!
Eleanor Grace, baby sitting in Worksop

I am a 19 year old that loves children. I get along with them and they seem to love me, I have looked after 6 children (1-9years) with my sister and 3 child (2-8years) on my own. I love spending time with my partners niece that is 9 she is slightly autistic. I am currently doing an art and design foundation course at North notts college but I will be finished in July 2015. In my spare time I like to go for walks with my grandmothers dogs and spend time with her.
Leah, babysitter in Worksop S80

Hello, I'm Leah! I am 16 years old, I have recently just left secondary school. Seeing as I have around 12 weeks off school until I got to Post 16, I am looking for a babysitting job to keep me busy over these couple of months. I have 6 siblings, who are all younger than I, so I definitely have experience with looking after younger children, the youngest being 3 already. I am easy to talk to and incredibly approachable and I think this helps me get on with people easily. I am a hard-work...

My name is kea I am 16 years old . I’m looking for a job in the child care a hard working dedicated individual who adores children I’ve had experience as I’ve looked after younger siblings and volunteered at a baby group .im in a residential children’s home my self so I’ve had a lot of issues with my life however I’ve always wanted to work with children as being in care for nearly 5 years as been my inspiration. I’ve participated with a wide range of activities with the young people...

I have just finished my secondary school exams and now I'm looking for work opportunities. I'm free any time, any day, any where (in Worksop and surrounding areas) until 5th of September. I'm going on to doing my a-levels, and will be able to work afternoons and evenings during that time. I love looking after children, and have baby sat and picked up others children from schools in the past. I'm happy to do any other chores and help children with their learning and homework. I'm looking to ba...
Leanne, sitter in Worksop

I'm Leanne and I'm 16, currently studying my GCSE's. I am open to caring for children aged 2-12 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, alongside Saturday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday's. I am polite and well-mannered, patient and have a genuine love for children. I am open to doing anything the children wish, playing games, playing with toys, craft activities or anything that requires lots of energy!
Chloe, babysitting - S80 Worksop

Hello my name is chloe im 23 years old and i have a 2 year old son called william. I am a very friendly person who loves the company of children and babies. I have looked after children since being 16 as looked after my cousin a lot. i am looking for babysitting jobs within worksop whether it be a couple of hours or more a week. I am a very hands on practical carer and would play all types if games and activities whilst being responsible and helpful.
Fiona, sitter in Worksop S80

Hi my name is Fiona and I am 32 years old. I enjoy working with children and it is a role I am passionate about. I pride myself in having a high standard of care and find it easy to build good rapport with people of all age groups. Since having my baby a year ago, it has made me even more determined to find a job where I’m working with children. I have looked in to child orientated courses; however these are quite costly at the moment. I have been working with children for over 5 years ...

Im klaudia, I have been working for Dominos in the past and now i am looking for a new job with more hours. I love children, i have been looking after my sister since she was born. I like to play with children making sure they have fun, helping out with homework, cooking and putting them to sleep. I am currently doing a health and social care level 3 course at college that helps me understand how to care for people in the best way possible.
Nicole, after-school childcare - S80 Worksop

I love spending time with children I have alot of experience with children I look after my little sister on a daily basis also my cousins I also have a part time job helping children from the age of 2 upwards to swim and i am a carer i am currently work in a nursery and i have a DBS .
Michaela, baby sitting in Worksop S80

Michaela season babysitting college
Hollie, after-school childcare - S80 Worksop

Hi, I'm Hollie, I'm a trainer Primary School teacher at Sheffield Hallam University looking for some part term work taking care of children, either after school or at weekends. I have another part time job taking care of adults with learning disabilities, but I can chose when to pick up shifts, so time management will be of no issue. I have experience from 6 months to 13 year old children, I can help with homework and any extra curricular activities. I enjoy exercise especially swimming and I...

I am fun, outgoing and love working with children. For the past 4 years I've worked as a dance teacher in a studio and a school. I really enjoyed doing this but I've learnt that looking after children is more what I want to do. I'm very reliable and I seem to have a connection with children where I get on with every child so well. Any type of care is great with me. I know lots of different games to play with the children to keep them occupied and know when you need to be firm but not too firm.
Holly, baby sitter - S80 Worksop

I am 14(15 in December) looking to earn some extra money on the weekends. I enjoy playing games e.g board games I think a young child would find me really funny.

my name is Shannon , I'm 19 years old. I've been looking for childcare work and getting the change to work with children either in homes or in a nursery. I've been to college for 2 years and I've studied childcare level 1 and 2 and passed them both I have qualification certificate to go with this. I had 12 weeks at alphabet house where I was working with children under 5 years. on a Tuesday I would baby sit my little cousin while mum was at work, my duties was stuff like nappy cha...
Hannah, childcare - S80 Worksop

I am hannah and I love caring for other people ? I am looking for a job where I can start saving up money for my future ahead as I'm only 16 ☺ I love all different kind of activities and be up for anything.

Hello, I'm Alicia . I am 17 and currently studying French, English Literature and History at Worksop post 16. I don't have any paid experience with childcare however I am used to looking after and playing with my niece and nephew as well as the son of a family friend. As a current student I am happy to help tutor or complete homework. I have 6 A*s and 3 A*s at GCSE level and currently study the AS levels stated above. I love children and I am excited at the prospect of helping busy ...
Lyric, babysitter in Worksop

My name is Lyric , I am 16 years old and love children. I am currently at North Notts College studying level 1 childcare and also doing my GCSE's. I have been babysitting for my family and family friends for a couple of years with different age groups. I have always wanted to work with children. While babysitting I like to do activities with the children, help with education and interact with the kids.

I am looking to do some part time nannying/babysitting to work round my existing part time job