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the 18/09/20 : I’m looking for an occasional nanny from September 22nd, 2020

the 11/09/20 : I would like to employ a live in nanny

the 18/08/20 : Nanny to care in our home

the 18/08/20 : I’m in need of a nanny to provide childcare and also help around the house if needed.

the 14/02/20 : Help needed for approx 3 months Monday to Friday 6am - 9am with 1 Child.

the 07/01/20 : I'm looking for a Nanny/Babysitter/ who could help us with only occasional childcare. Our son currently attends nursery 4 days a week and the main times for which we would need additional childcare would be pick-ups from nursery with evenings (17-22:00) and occasional weekends.

the 18/04/19 : The child is 11 years old. He can do standing transfers with one person. He needs assistance with personal care, toileting, dressing and feeding. He has slurred speech so needs somebody who is patient . He can get frustrated and behaviour can be difficult to manage, so he needs somebody to be firm at times. He needs somebody who is proactive and fun. There is another carer for 2:1 working to take the child out. His brother may need care if the parents have to attend appointments with...

the 14/03/19 : Hello We are ideally looking for someone to be at our home to meet our son Calum (currently 12 will be 13 on 08.04.19)... after school. He attends Stone Lodge Academy and the bus drops him off at 4.05pm. Max his brother will already be at home having independently making his way home from High School . Calum is a beautiful boy and has learning difficulties (Autism & sensory processing disorder) so requires supervision. The usual process for Calum is to make him a snack and set-up a ...

the 22/02/19 : I have a 7 year old son who will need collecting from school at 5pm Monday to Thursday with some possible school holiday work. Hours during the week may vary but would mainly be 5pm to 6.30 ish. Pick up from Ipswich school and then walk home to our house round the corner, until I get home from work from London.

the 13/02/19 : I ideally need a child minder from 7.30am until 12.30pm, Mon to Friday term time.

the 08/02/19 : Friendly child. I need a baby sitter a few times a month only in evenings

the 07/01/19 : One night babysitting

the 04/12/18 : Looking after the kids, doing the school runs, helping out with cooking and light cleaning, especially when the kids are in school. We're a very approachable, friendly bunch - you'll quickly feel that you're the 6th member of this family! No to mention that your privacy is important to us so you'll have your own ensuite room.
Gemma, offer babysitting in Ipswich IP4

the 17/09/18 : .hellooooo

the 06/09/18 : Looking for a childminder who can look after my 2 kids on an occasional basis for 3 hours

the 10/07/18 : I work outside Ipswich 2 days a week the rest in Ipswich. Need flexible carer to pick up from school and take home until I arrive home. Prepare food by heating up in oven if needed , help with homework if needed and supervise with bedtime routine. May need help taking to activities and during school hols.

the 03/04/18 : I need eaither a hours collection from after school club. Or school pick up till 6.30. Approximately 2-3 days a week to be confirmed.
Lorraine, offer part-time childcare in Ipswich IP4

the 24/02/18 : Weekend hours are 06:30 to 14:30 Or 06:30 to 14:30 And evenings is 18:00 to 21:00

the 20/01/18 : I need a good women with good behaviour

the 10/01/18 : Someone to mind my children while I complete work hours. At my house.

the 03/10/17 : and partner are looking for someone who can drop out 6 year old son to and fro from school. I have 3 other children below the age of 5 and i desperately need some just to drop and pick my son. Thank you

the 16/08/17 : I am returning to work full time and because I commute I need someone at my home from 6am to 7:30am, get the kids ready and drop off them (3 and 1 year old) to nursery everyday (or just Monday to Wednesday). I would then want them picked up after nursery between 5:30pm and 6pm. I get home by 6:30pm most days but may run over if there are delays with transport. I would consider full time nannying for my 1 year old until my 3 year old goes to school next year or to drop some nursery days.

the 01/02/17 : Part time school holiday childcare and possibly for an hour before school in the morning

the 15/09/16 : seeking care for morning school drop off and picking up after school and taking kids to after school activities

the 11/07/16 : Summer holiday help

the 07/05/16 : Full time housekeeper/nanny needed. Mainly to take care of 18 months twins and help the family with some light housekeeping jobs ( to be agreed).
Heidi, offer part-time childcare in Ipswich IP1

the 17/04/16 : I work shifts and every week would be different. I need childcare before school and would need the school run done and also school pick ups my child attends Sproughton primary. The latest I would need a childminder would be 6pm. As I said I work shifts on an 8 week rota which does not change so would be able to organise with plenty of notice
Gabi, looking for nanny in Ipswich

the 03/04/16 : I have 4 year old daughter, from September she will start school hopefully at either St Mary or Clifford Rd, I am looking for help on Tue, Wed and Thr as I am working full days those days. I might need some help asasp too as she goes atm to nursery but due to my working hours I might be looking for different childcare. Kind regards, Gabi

the 15/11/15 : Hi there I'm looking (in advance) for a nanny just for1-2 hours per day next year around September 2016. I'm look for support for our newborn and myself. We've got our beautiful baby boy who will almost 4 years of age and as I had post natal depression last time I'm looking for someone who can come and help and be there for a chat and mental support. I'd only need 1-2 hours each day but it would be such a lifeline for me. Thank you kindly! x