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Chyna, is looking for childcare - NN16 Kettering

the 26/01/22 : I have recently returned to work from maternity leave but as a first time single mum I am struggling to cope, I work from home 9:30am-6pm Monday to Friday and find it hard to work and look after my baby, I’m looking for a nanny/babysitter for those times, I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t guarantee that the pay will be amazing, but my baby is 5 months old and his name is Colton, if you’re interested please message me

the 16/01/22 : Assistance with homework

the 12/01/22 : Help to get them up every morning and bathtime every evening on weekdays. Help with feeding Look after boys all day Monday and Wednesday as well as any other days they are too unwell to go to nursery. They are normally in nursery 0730 to 1700 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Doing the boys' laundry and ironing. Any help with housework would be appreciated, perhaps on days the boys are not at home.

the 16/12/21 : Some to sleep at night time with kids while am at work.

the 15/11/21 : Night time child care for my kids.

the 02/07/21 : Seeking nanny in kettering Need help for long hours during school holidays and after hour once school start need to pickup from school and help with homework too

the 25/05/21 : I am looking for Nanny to look after my two sons.

the 21/11/20 : to look after 9yo

the 15/10/20 : Same as the summary.

the 07/07/20 : Hi, i work night shifts 10pm till 6am. So jist basically need someone to put them to bed and put them back to sleep of woken up. Nappy change for my youngest of needed.

the 27/04/20 : Monday 7am-9am and 3pm-5pm School and nursery drop off and pick up Thursday 12pm-9pm School and nursery pick up 12pm for youngest 3pm eldeat , homework, dinner and bed Friday 3pm-9pm School and nursery pick up, homework, dinner and bed Saturday 8am-2pm General childcarre 25hrs Spanish and English speaking preferred but English only is acceptable too.
Tracy, is looking for part time childcare - NN16 Kettering

the 25/04/20 : I’m a single mum police officer and need help with childcare for my 15 yr old (who has ADHD) and my 12 yr old daughter, for when I’m on lates.

the 20/03/20 : Days to be agreed and not full time

the 10/01/20 : We need a childminder to do school pickups and look after the children until bedtime on wed, thu and fri. Youngest is at toddlers preschool om crown street and oldest is at st marys primary.

the 19/11/19 : Both kids go same school one day would be 3 hours one week come to my place get them ready drop off and pick up and stay with them for an hour other week just one or two hours get them ready and drop off only

the 10/05/19 : Need an honest and diligent person

the 25/02/19 : Childminder for 2 days a week 7.30-2.30

the 12/02/19 : Keeping twins entertained and help with development. Help feeding lunch.

the 07/01/19 : I need a nanny for a Monday and Tuesday 7:30 - 5:30 if possible

the 06/12/18 : Need someone to help with 35 hours per 4 weeks

the 24/03/18 : One week I need Monday-Tuesday , other week Wednesday to Friday

the 01/12/15 : hi there, looking for someone who can help us in the morning from6.30 am to 7.30 am. thanks

the 01/12/15 : i am looking for someone to saty with my kids from 6.30 am to 7.30 am, and 6pm to 8pm, i will be able to let know in one month advance which days i needed

the 20/04/15 : I need someone whom the kids can build up trust with as they have never been left before other than with my mother! I would like a regular evening baby sitter for a local cinema or restaurant visit- maybe a couple of times a month , BUT sometimes collection from school- or after school club, able to give dinner and get ready for bed, I would be coming home on late train so would need the sitter to be experienced and competent in first aid etc if I'm in London.