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the 15/06/22 : Hi there, We have 2 children, a girl who is 2.5 years and a boy who is 6 months. Me and my partner work full time from home and need a pair of helping hands to take the load off one or 2 days a week. If you could help out with light housework during your working hours that would be appreciated (making meals, tidy the toys before you leave etc). We are a English speaking household, however my partner is Spanish and the children are being raised bilingual, so being able to speak Span...

the 03/06/22 : My wife and I are looking for someone to babysit my 5-year-old daughter on Friday 17th June from 3.30pm to around 10pm (maybe longer)? We are a family from Ireland who are flying over to see Elton John, and are making a long weekend out of it, but will need our little girl looked after while we are at the concert. The address where we are staying is 22 Church Road Flat L4 5TX Let me know if you can do this for us. Regards Gary

the 13/05/22 : I need an overnight babysitter for my 2 kids (4yrs female and 2yrs male) Time: 7pm-8.30am twice a week (one weekday and one weekend) £40 per night

the 03/05/22 : Hi I need someone to pick up my child from school until I come jome

the 03/05/22 : .nanny to mind the baby overnight once a month

the 08/04/22 : Hi I am Masters student from kuwait with my family here in liverpool I need help with morning routine before nursery as I need to be out by 8:20, also after nursery the kids will be home at 6:15 and i need help to wash change feed and entertain them and do a bedtime routine, thanks Nora

the 16/03/22 : Looking for a child minder to look after my 9 month old between 7:30 and 1pm Tuesday and a Thursday

the 12/03/22 : We are travelling from Australia and have a family party on 15th April. So we're looking for a babysitter for our two boys age 4 and 7. They are pretty easy kids if you're happy to talk about pokemon and star wars!

the 09/03/22 : Looking for au pair to help my wife few hours per day while I am working
Rebecca, looking for childcarer - L1 Liverpool

the 07/03/22 : We are looking for a native Spanish speaking nanny/childminder for occasional care. My husband is Peruvian and I am British but we speak Spanish to our daughter. She is 7 months old and a very bubbly, bright girl. She’s very energetic and loves to play. We are based in Liverpool, L8 area.

the 10/02/22 : School drop off, starting at 7am from my residence and drop her at Kensington Primary at 9am School pick up from 3.15pm to 1700pm School holidays some of them from 7am to 1700pm at my residence or yours... Weekends off

the 10/02/22 : Seeking nani for early mornings School run drop off and maybe after school run 645 am to 9 am Needed asap

the 09/02/22 : Hi. I am looking for someone to mind my 2 years old baby girl. We would need the occasional support, maybe once/twice a month. Usually Saturday but it may vary. Thank you!
Sarah, is looking for nanny - L8 Liverpool

the 09/02/22 : Hi, I’m looking for a creative, imaginative and energetic person to look after my 15 month old son when I go back to work in April.

the 11/01/22 : Myself and my sister both looking for a child minder to care for our little girls whilst we are at work they will be 8 months and 9 months in September 2022.

the 26/12/21 : I will need from 6.00 morning till 5.00 pm and seeking to ensure that my kids get the right care including, food, games, and leisure for the whole day. The big is clean however the younger is not yet clean I mean he will need twice his nappies to be changed. My toddler are sociable and friendl. The like people smiling and happy.

the 11/12/21 : Hi I need an overnight babysitter for my 2 kids 4years and 2 years.Am looking for someone who will do 3 overnight a week.

the 24/11/21 : Hi all, Due to the COVID-19 policy, no children is allowed in the hospital. Hence, I am looking for a nanny or babysitter to look after my 2 children, one is 5 years old and one is 15 months, on 27 Nov 2021 from 08:00 to 15:00. Thank you very much for your reading.

the 13/11/21 : Due to attending medical appointment in hospital under COVID-19 restriction, no children is allowed to enter hospital. Hence, seeking a babysitter to look after my 15 months baby. Thanks.

the 06/11/21 : Hi I need a child minder or Nanny for my 2 kids. They are 4 years and 2 years. The Job will 7pm-8.30am 5 days a week and sometimes 6 days a week. I will offer £30 for each night.

the 21/09/21 : Morning minding

the 31/08/21 : Hi, I need someone that can stay with my kids Details: Tuesday 6.30am-8.30am, Friday 6.30am-8.30am and Saturday 7pm-8.30am. 2 Kids: 3years and 1year Payment: £20 per day and £40 for the Night OR Monday Nights 7pm-8.30am, Tuesday 7pm-8.30am, Friday night 7pm-8.30am and Saturday night 7pm-8.30am 2 Kids: 3Years and 1 Year Payment: £30 per night Venue: 137 Dacy Road L56RZ

the 05/08/21 : An experienced, flexible and professional childminder.

the 25/07/21 : I can afford to pay £35 per night. This is will be a constant job every week.

the 21/06/21 : I need someone who can stay with my 2 kids twice a Week and this will be regular for a month. I will need the childminder or nanny from 6.30am-8.30am twice a Week.

the 20/06/21 : We have four lovely, happy, healthy children, aged 3, 8, 10 and 12. We need a caring nanny to drop them to school, pick them up from school, feed them and then lookafter them untill 6:15PM. We are educated doctors family and will have no issues in paying regular salary to nanny.

the 24/05/21 : Planning to go back to work and just looking for a professional childminder to take care of my son during the working hours. Would be great if French speaking as well :)

the 17/05/21 : Looking for a nanny who can take my children to school (come to my home for 7am) and pick them up from school and take them to their activities up until approx 5pm they are ages 5 and 9 Many thanks

the 02/05/21 : Mon-Friday School pick up at 3pm and 3.15 To keep them until 4:30

the 12/04/21 : part-time work during week days