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the 05/04/19 : Hi I am looking for childminder for my daughter most likely twice a week to drop off/ pick up from St Mary School Loughborough.

the 14/02/19 : I need some on to take and pick my son up from school and in the holidays.

the 12/09/18 : I am looking for a baby sitter who can collect my two children from Thorpe acre schools in Loughborough, and drive them to our house 10 mins away. We would return from work before 6, until which the babysitter has to care for the kids.

the 17/12/17 : Seeking daytime care for our 13 month old daughter
Marta, looking for nanny in Loughborough

the 19/10/17 : Hi. I am currently seeking Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday after school childminding for my 4 year old .please also feel free to drop me a text as I may not be logged on here. My ph9ne number maybe found on my Account
Marta, offer childcare - LE11 Loughborough

the 05/08/17 : Hello i am looking for a babysitter to watch my 4 year old tonight. I would like someone with ID DBA check if you have. Experience of more that a year first aid and perfect reference . If all goes well when we meet i would also request help with picking up and dropping off my son from school on various day..if you are interested and have the required information please contact me. Thanks

the 25/05/17 : Need help to look after 9yr old soon to be 10 in the morning or after school.Will need to pick up from school. Or a night sighter if unable to do during the day. Goes to school at Fairfield preprep school.

the 31/03/17 : Looking for someone to collect my son from Stonebow School either at 3.10 or from after school club a bit later each day. On a couple of occasions a week need that person to carry out bedtime routine. Occasional weekend cover required plus regular holiday work. Am looking for a versatile person who would be happy to mix care in his own home with care in their own home and also some outings when possible. Thank you.

the 01/03/17 : Hello I am looking for the person who took care of my 6 year old son before school from 7:00 am (7:20) and lead (fail) to school Stonebow (Stonebow Cl, Loughborough LE11 4ZH) as well as pick up about 15:15 to 16:30 I bring my son and reception
Haif, offer part-time childcare in Loughborough LE11

the 18/12/16 : someone dependable and trusted to look after our children while we are out.
Marta, offer babysitting in Loughborough

the 23/09/16 : Looking for a babysitter for tonight NINE THIRTY P.M TO ONE a.m I live in loughborough . It has to be somebody trustworthy and with abit of experience. Send me a message asp if you are interested and fair rates
Marta, offer part-time childcare - LE11 Loughborough

the 04/09/16 : Hello my name is Marta and I live in Loughborough. I am looking for a occasional nanny who is able to take care of my 3 year old son especially when I'm running errands. Mostly after school. I would appreciate somebody who is energetic fun kind honest loving and sociable. Somebody who can cook would be great too.we live in a flat so he gets bored being inside alot. I need somebody who is responsible and cautious to take him to the park and other outdoor places when possible. No house work w...
Marta, is looking for part time nanny in Loughborough LE11

the 02/09/16 : I need a babysitter for tonight
Katrina, looking for babysitter in Loughborough

the 13/08/16 : I need a babysitter to sit at my house of an evening to look after my child. I would feed, bath and put her to bed. Would just require checking on her a few times through the night

the 23/06/16 : I am looking for a caring trustworthy person who would be able to look after my son in our home so I can get on with my chores. Perhaps some cooking too, eg making lunch. If my son gets on with you and I can see that he is flourishing in this set up then this could be a long term plan. Ideally a couple of mornings or afternoons per week. I am willing to pay up to £8 per hour. Many thanks.

the 23/06/16 : I'm looking for a childminder to look after my (will be) 9 month old son from October. It would be for 4 days a week (not Tuesday) from 8:35 - 3:05 each day (6.5 hours in total). I will also need someone who can be flexible and (with a months notice) be able to have him from 7:30am occasionally. On these days I'd need you to also have my 4 year old and take him to Thorpe acre infant school.

the 22/06/16 : I want to see how my son who is 22 months old responds to being cared for by another person...hence I want just part time at the moment eg. a nanny to come to my home and stay with him for an hour or two say twice a week, just so I can assess how he gets on before I increase the childcare. I've thought about nursery, but he does better the less people/children there are. The ideal care provider would be calm, but playful especially enjoying outdoors.

the 11/04/16 : Babysitter required for after school and evenings during weekdays. 4 hrs per day.

the 09/02/16 : We are moving into the area and require someone who can drop of and pick up our soon to be 9 year old daughter to school and look after them during summer holidays.

the 07/09/15 : Walking or driving children to school, pick ups, occasional evening babysitting.

the 23/01/15 : Please could you confirm if you can provide overnight child care for one girl aged 13 in May on a Saturday night. This would be on a regular basis. If this is not within your range, I would be delighted if you could refer me to someone who can. Thank you for your help. Skylor Call - zero seven nine two five. zero three one. two nine two.