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the 13/05/19 : I'm looking for a qualified nanny to look after my 6 month old son must be available for early mornings.

the 16/12/18 : Seeking a nanny to pick up my 2 year old from a nursery and then a 5 year old from a school and bring them back to their home. Monday, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 3-6/6.30pm

the 17/11/18 : Day time Nanny wanted! Me and my partner are both working and by the end of the year I will be doing day shift which means we are going to need a sitter! I am looking for someone to get to know us and is happy to look after our daughter at our home. We have animals so must be happy with dogs and cats
Hayley, looking for nanny - PL2 Plymouth

the 03/07/18 : Hi, I’m looking for a nanny who is able to look after my baby twice a week when I go back to work and on these days facilitate taking my 4 year old to school and picking up from school with the possibility of completing part of their evening routine, dinner, bath , homework etc Many thanks

the 27/06/18 : Nappy required from 3-8pm mon-wed each week

the 19/01/18 : Need a Nannie as my daughter is 1 she is 2 in February most nursery’s in my area won’t take her yet I will be doing part time work of 8 hour shifts

the 19/01/18 : In need of a Nannie so I can go back to work and my daughter is 1 she’s 2 in February but most nursery’s can’t take her yet I will be doing part time work 8 hours shifts

the 20/06/17 : After someone to watch my 9 month old twin girls.

the 11/05/17 : We are a lovely family in Plymouth seeking an aupair/mothers' help to help with childcare. The main duties include looking after the twins at home and school pick up for our daughter. Her school is nearby just 5-7mins walk from our home. We are open to either live-in or live out but live in will be preferable. Hours will be flexible as we do shift work. You will have a private room en-suite with toilet& bathroom and free access to wifi. Fees and benefits of the job will be discussed privatel...

the 22/04/17 : Hi, I'm looking for an experienced childminder to collect my 5 year old daughter on a Mon, Tues, Weds from Plympton St Maurice school to be looked after until 5.45pm.


the 30/12/16 : I am a divorced mum to 2 girls aged 9 and 10. Help is needed please for my youngest to be cared for at home. We will need Monday a.m. help and possibly Weds a.m. also (on rotating weeks from Monday 9 January). Punctual arrival for before 5am is needed. My youngest daughter 9, will sleep on at the house whilst I take her sister, 10, to swim squad training (session time 5-7am). There is no work needed to be done at my home, just the assurance of a responsible adult being here. You can read,...

the 01/10/16 : Education, playtime, help with laundry. Just help!!!

the 22/09/16 : From 5:30 to 9:30, To monitor my children's homework piano playing , food will already be prepared, see to them wash and bed.

the 05/07/16 : Hi Seeking a childminder for my two year old son for wednesday afternoon.

the 19/10/15 : My name is Rhiannon, I live with my husband and children in Higher Compton Plymouth. I have two lovely boys - one 7 and one 5. Im looking for a regular part-time nanny to pick up my eldest from local school (car essential) and bring him home each weekday afternoon and then to look after both boys until around 6ish. The job would include cooking a dinner for the children (sandwiches usually!) and perhaps some help with the children's homework. I work from home, so I am usually at home too work...
Katie, is looking for part time nanny in Plymouth

the 07/06/15 : Needs to be fully flexible I'm on a zero hour contract so can get any hours between 8am -7pm (9pm in run up to Christmas) The first two weeks my son is on half days at school so the hours may be longer than normal A b4 school job would be 6.45am till 8.50am getting him up breakfast n walking him to school Afternoons are generally 3.25pm till 6.45pm but these can varies depending on shifts So u would be picking him up making sure he has his dinner a shower n in bed for 6pm Due to be...

the 25/05/15 : Seeking before and after school care plus drop off and pick up from dunstone primary two days a week

the 02/04/15 : Hi we are looking for someone to take our children 8&6 yrs old to school and pick them up, plus take them to after school clubs. We work shifts so it will be different days each week, with lots of notice before hand. Also to have SEN experience Like dogs as we have 2 dogs Also would need school holidays cover

the 26/02/15 : I am looking for a very caring but fun person to look after my 2 little boys. They will need collecting from school but this is only a 5 minute walk from our home. I would like someone who would not mind putting on some tea to cook and maybe carrying out some light cleaning duties & ironing. The will be collected from school at 1515 and I will be home from work no later than 6pm.

the 07/10/14 : I need flexible childcare to cover shift work of 20 hrs a week so looking for about 25 hrs of childcare a week

the 29/09/14 : Full-time nanny needed to start December, must have some childcare experience.