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the 07/06/21 : We are looking for someone to look after our 8 year old daughter for two lots of two weeks during the school summer holidays. 12-22 July and again 23 August - 5 September. We'd like someone who is prepared to provide stimulating activities both at home and on day trips and potentially take a second child along too. We both work from home and we're fairly relaxed about noise and activity in the house and we'd also be on hand for pick ups and drop offs to activities if needed. Our daughte...
Genevieve, looking for babysitter - PO5 Portsmouth

the 03/06/21 : Lives in Dacorum and need a childminder for a few hours to attend daughters graduation in Portsmouth as children are not allowed. Would also need one close to the Portsmouth university.

the 08/05/21 : We are looking for a kind patient nanny or babysitter to look after our 18 month old daughter Mon, Tues & Weds from 1pm- 6pm This would be on a weekly basis until April 2022

the 04/04/21 : For someone to do before school and after school and to keep in the evening

the 01/08/20 : Hello, My name is Leah I have a two year old son called Logan. As I’m a career my hours are really Strange. It’s normally the weekend I work Sunday morning 8:30/1 and Friday nights. So I need someone who can do breakfast in the morning and lunch for when I get home, on Friday to put him to bed

the 30/06/20 : Looking for someone to take care of my little girl between the hours of eight - six Monday to Friday from October 2020 but before then between nine - four monday-friday

the 10/06/20 : I would like a childminder to look after my Daughter she is 9years old.She will have online work to complete.Loves being creative watching films , Doing activities in the garden.Going out for walks and exploring .

the 03/04/20 : Hi, My name in Andreea and I have a daughter Sofia wich is 1 year old. I’m looking for a childminder with experience to teach play and look after her when I’m working on long days.

the 20/03/20 : Am actually looking for someone that will help to look after 3 children while am at work from Mondays to Fridays. 2 of them to be dropped off and picked up at nursery while the 3rd one is being looked after at home.

the 16/03/20 : We are a fun and adventurous Family living in Portsmouth, where there is loads to do and great transport links to the rest of the UK. I am a single parent with two active and fun boys (9 and 7). We really are looking for someone to do the school runs, take care of meal times, wash/ bath times and basic house work. This will mainly be Monday to Friday for a few hours before and after school, but with some weekends too (planned well in advance), which will attract extra pocket money. ...

the 29/02/20 : I’m looking for a child minder, either in my home or happy for them to mind from their own home. Hours to be arranged depending on when I return to work and hours I will be working. Will be a minimum of 24 hours to begin with, then increasing to around 32 after 3 months. Need to be easy going and great with babies. 9+ months of age. Thanks!
Natalie, is looking for an au-pair in Portsmouth PO5

the 19/08/19 : I am a single working mum to a nearly 3 year old who is in nursery 3 days per week. I need someone who can have him the other two days and help me at other times- occasionally I have to work away overnight. And sometimes I have evening meetings. So I needs a bit of flexibility. I would also want some help around the house with housework and possibly meal preparation if this was an option. Car not necessary as live very centrally and everything is in walking distance. Have a nice big, fresh do...

the 29/07/19 : Looking for someone that could help out one day a week during the holidays for my 3 year old daughter

the 25/06/19 : Hello, we are searching for a responsible, reliable and registered childminder with a few years experience who can help us with our son when he starts school in September. We'll need drop off and after school care including giving him tea. Thank you.

the 23/06/19 : I need a Nanny to come to our family home and look after our bubbly little boy and our puppy from 5:30am until approximately 9am every Monday for the foreseeable future. I am starting a new job and it's early mornings. The nanny needs to start ASAP. If we are happy, there may be more hours avaliable. Thanks

the 23/06/19 : It would consist in 2 days per week after school care where I would like some German involved.

the 30/04/19 : My daughter will start school in September and as I work full time I need someone that can take her to school in the morning (from 8.30) and collet her from school and take care of her until around 5.30. She will attend St John's Cathedral school.

the 17/04/19 : Hello, I am.looking for someone who is available from 5:45am to 3pm on Tuesdays & 5:45am to 4pm on Thursdays. I have a 2 year old little girl who is very outgoing and bubbly.

the 15/03/19 : We need childcare from 6:30-8:30am for a 3 and 6 year old.

the 22/02/19 : I have 2 gals who go to school

the 07/02/19 : Just need someone to be in the house with my ten month old son to feed him milk when he wakes up, he goes to bed at 5 but will occasionally wake up, as I have a few dinners and leaving parties etc and will be looking for a babysitter I can use In the future

the 06/02/19 : Looking for a nanny that can come in daily to look after children,

the 06/02/19 : Someone to look after my little boy so I can have a break/time to get things done and he can do some socialising and activities with others.

the 05/02/19 : We are a family of four looking for a friendly and bubbly au pair to look after our kids
Kim, is looking for childcare assistant in Portsmouth PO5

the 05/02/19 : I am looking for someone to look after my little boy (3 in June 2019) just one morning a week to begin with, a Tuesday would be preferable any time from 8:30-12pm, But a Friday is also another suitable day. Someone that can help my little boy develop his speech more and help him to intergrate with other children (including how to share) Preferably looking for someone located in Drayton/Farlington Area. Thanks X X X

the 05/02/19 : I'm looking for a nanny to look after my children after school Monday to Friday from 3 until 4:30 except from Tuesday which will be till 6 I have three children one 6 year old girl and one 11 year old 16 my 16 year old is normally at school untilbbout 4:15 so it's just the other two that would need a nanny to look after.
Amelia, offer part-time childcare in Portsmouth PO5

the 03/02/19 : I am looking for a part time nanny in Southsea to help with the school runs for my children, aged 9 (boy) and 6 (girl). They go to different schools, so you need to be able to drive. I am looking to employ someone for 16-20 hours a week: 7.45-8.45am and 3-6pm every day, but can exclude Fridays. Duties include drop off / pick up from school and taking them to clubs and after school activities during term time, doing homework and cooking meals. Would be helpful to have some flexibility in th...
Eva, is looking for nanny in Portsmouth PO5

the 14/12/18 : We are looking for a babysiter for our little girl she will be 2 months this December. I am planning to return to work in February and we are looking for babysiter to come to our place . the days required are - Monday - Wednesday and possible Friday from 8:15am - 5:30pm Please let me know your availability. I would like to know your CRB and DBS check - documents to be provided. Previous experince babysiting baby’s is essential I am looking forward to hear from you

the 26/11/18 : Looking for a babysitter to look after my 2 boys for a few hours on Thursday between 12-4

the 25/11/18 : Looking for someone to drop my child off at Gatcombe Park school for 7.45am for breakfast club. Will be needed from 7am