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the 12/03/22 : We are looking for a nanny to look after our 1yr old daugther.We would prefer Mon to Fri 9 to 4.We live in Waverley Near advance manufacturing park. Thanks,
Heather, is looking for nanny - S60 Rotherham

the 27/02/22 : We are needing a nanny from around September time with a new born, this due to me having to return back to work around one month after the little one comes, I will be then working part time. This will be for 2-3 days a week from 9-5. Needs to be pet friendly as have a springer spaniel who is very gentle and loving.
Amsden, is looking for part time childcare in Rotherham

the 04/02/22 : I have two children and I'm looking for a reliable, friendly person to take care of my children whilst I'm at work, it will be the hours after school and maybe some weekends , I only work 4 hours , please if anyone fitting could get in touch and help me out , my kids are amazing I have a bright eyed , beautiful little girl she's 5 and a little boy who's 3 he definitely keeps you on your toes but a laugh a minute and such a cutie , I'm located in the rawmarsh area of Rotherham, thanks again, Ams

the 30/12/21 : I am currently looking for a job at the moment for myself and i am just looking at the cost for a babysitter for my two children.

the 28/11/21 : Picking kids up from school and looking after them until we finish work

the 27/11/21 : Hi I looking for qualified person look after my twin lads for consecutive Saturdays roughly about 9 Saturdays for 8 hours

the 22/11/21 : I am looking for a childminder to collect my son, 8 years old from Roughwood School and provide childcare until around 4.30 to 5pm

the 14/10/21 : The position is from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. It involves dropping off and picking up my daughter from school and looking after the younger one . Thanks
Ishleen, looking for nanny in Rotherham S60

the 20/07/21 : I am looking for a nanny for my 2 boys aged 4 and 7. Flexible hours. Good pay. Car driver and ofstead registration essential

the 28/06/21 : I will be attending college 1 day a week, so would require childcare for my 1 year old all day and someone to collect my 5 year old son from thorpe hesley primary school in the afternoon.

the 19/05/21 : Someone to be with 2 girls children one aged 30months and the other 11yrs old at night as im looking to start working 11pm at night to 7am monday to friday only

the 23/04/21 : we have a one year old boy who we will need childcare for 2 days per week on a thursday and friday from around 8.30 - 5.30 pm

the 31/12/20 : We have two boys aged 4 and 5. They are polite, friendly and caring. Most of the time they get on with each other as well. We need childcare for our youngest in the morning till 12:30 when he needs to be dropped off and nursery(which is at our eldest's school) for the afternoon. We also need both of the boys picking up of school at 15:15 and looking after till one of us finishes work.

the 25/12/20 : Hi My name I Sami I need baby sitters to look after my children school holidays and every Saturday

the 10/12/20 : Working week flexible childminder to look after 2 year old
Jessica, looking for nanny in Rotherham S60

the 16/11/20 : I am needing a nanny to look after my son who is 3 years old. He will be going to nursery also but have been unable to get full time hours so will need a nanny to take care of him for the rest of my work hours. I do work from home however due to the nature of my work I still need care for my son. I will also need my son to be dropped off and picked up from his nursery.
Stephanie, is looking for part time nanny in Rotherham

the 14/10/20 : I'm needing someone to pick my little boy up from school at 3pm and look after him until 6pm. Days and hours required are; Monday - Thursday 3pm to 6pm

the 28/09/20 : Someone to take care of my son to the highest of standards, he’s 7 months old. I’m wanting to go back to college for a few hours 2/3 days a week. He naps 11/11.30 Dinner 12.30 Nap again 3.30 Tea 5.30 Bed 8

the 15/09/20 : I can collect kids from yourself

the 11/09/20 : Nanny to pick up take to my house do homework, play maybe prepare dinner

the 27/08/20 : Im a single mum with 7 years twins, a girl and boy. Would like to spend some social time with my friends just to get abit of a break. So need a babysitter for the twins so I can enjoy some time for myself. They don't have any special, they are very well mannered and behaved. Easy to babysit, just give them reading books and their happy.

the 24/06/20 : Returning to work from mat leave and need nanny support mainly for Grace and stop offs for boys at school

the 02/02/20 : need an after school nanny for period of approximately 2 hours

the 29/01/20 : we are currently looking for someone to care for our youngest two between the hours of 11 and 4 but also collecting the eldest from preschool which is a 5 minute walk locally to us.

the 29/01/20 : Looking after my 2 youngest and then collecting my eldest from preschool which is down the road.

the 14/05/19 : Need school pickups from Brinsworth Howarth school for Mon - Fri starting after the May half term.

the 20/03/19 : I’m in search of a babysitter for the occasional evening for my 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter

the 07/03/19 : 1 day after school pick ups

the 30/01/19 : Looking for a childminder from Sept 19, to look after my little girl in the mornings but able to drop off at nursery at lunchtime

the 18/01/19 : Need 1-2 hour care in evening between 6-8pm. Hours can be negotiated and earlier time agreed