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the 15/09/20 : I can collect kids from yourself

the 11/09/20 : Nanny to pick up take to my house do homework, play maybe prepare dinner

the 27/08/20 : Im a single mum with 7 years twins, a girl and boy. Would like to spend some social time with my friends just to get abit of a break. So need a babysitter for the twins so I can enjoy some time for myself. They don't have any special, they are very well mannered and behaved. Easy to babysit, just give them reading books and their happy.

the 24/06/20 : Returning to work from mat leave and need nanny support mainly for Grace and stop offs for boys at school

the 02/02/20 : need an after school nanny for period of approximately 2 hours

the 29/01/20 : we are currently looking for someone to care for our youngest two between the hours of 11 and 4 but also collecting the eldest from preschool which is a 5 minute walk locally to us.

the 29/01/20 : Looking after my 2 youngest and then collecting my eldest from preschool which is down the road.

the 14/05/19 : Need school pickups from Brinsworth Howarth school for Mon - Fri starting after the May half term.

the 20/03/19 : I’m in search of a babysitter for the occasional evening for my 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter

the 07/03/19 : 1 day after school pick ups

the 30/01/19 : Looking for a childminder from Sept 19, to look after my little girl in the mornings but able to drop off at nursery at lunchtime

the 18/01/19 : Need 1-2 hour care in evening between 6-8pm. Hours can be negotiated and earlier time agreed

the 17/01/19 : Someone to look after my little girl who's 17 months old on a Wednesday and Friday from the hours of 1pm until 22.30pm

the 22/11/18 : I need a childminder for my 6 month old son from January whilst I am studying at university.

the 14/11/18 : Will involve picking up from Roughwood School on Wed Thurs and Friday around 3pm until around 5.30pm some days and 8pm other days depending on shift patterns

the 09/10/18 : Testtesttesttesttest

the 06/10/18 : Need som to drop of and pick up my son from nursery

the 23/09/18 : I need a childminder that can pick my children up from school and watch them 1 week until 6pm the following week until 8pm monday to friday my children are very well behaved and are used to me working these hours now just been let down by family for the child lcare i needed.

the 09/01/18 : Looking for someone to pick up my son from school and keep him entertained with games and play until my partner Finish's work at 5.30. Must have experience

the 10/09/17 : My wife and I are both doctors and so are very busy. We have unpredictable schedules and work night shifts and weekend shifts hence the need for a live-in nanny/Au-Pair/Mother's help. The job is primarily about the children's welfare. We like serious-minded, honest, committed person whom we would be confident to leave our children with and who can work very well unsupervised. Our daughter is 2 years and 8 months old and goes to daycare 2-3 days a week. Our son is 4 years old and goes t...
Amanda, is looking for nanny in Rotherham S60

the 01/06/17 : I need a childminder or nanny that can look after my daughter during day who will almost be a year old and do school drop of and pick up from my 2 sons school.

the 06/02/17 : Need someone to pick my children up after school and have them for a couple of hours.

the 19/01/17 : I am seeking a childminder for my 7 year old little boy 1 hour before school during the week as I have a part-time job.

the 14/03/16 : Seeking childcare for my 2 boys Zain and Faizan who are 3.5yrs and 4.5yrs old. Mainly needing after school/ evening care from 5-8pm or so a few days a week and a Saturday morning possibly.

the 26/11/15 : Need someone to take my 5 year old to school and pick up and take my 3 year old in afternoon and pick up after please

the 29/10/14 : I need a regular childminder to take and collect from school, also look after my 2 years old daughter