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the 26/05/18 : Someone to arrive at about 7.00/7.30am get the children ready for school in the morning, give them breakfast and take them to school. Then to pick them up again at the end of the day and bring them home, give them a snack and look after them until we get home from work at 5pm.
Sarah, looking for nanny in Sheffield S14

the 09/05/18 : I have a 2 year old and 3 year old and a 8 year old will need to do school runs in afternoon I work 10 till 5 Monday to Friday

the 26/04/18 : l work full time and a mother of 4 children. oldest in secondary, two at phillmore over 6 yrs and young in full time nursery. l only need help with collecting two over 6 yrs from school and stay with them until 6 pm when l am back from work. Mond -Fridays. thanks

the 03/11/17 : Seeking registered childminder for the Christmas school holidays 27 December - 9th January (excluding weekends)

the 21/09/17 : My wife & I are doctors and so have variable schedules including working at night and on weekends. A live-in nanny is preferred but a live-out nanny is fine with us as well. Flexibility is very important as we do not have fixed 9-5 jobs and a doctor's life can be unpredictable. We have 2 kids: Our daughter is 2 years 8 months and our son is 4 years old. A nanny who is flexible is needed for immediate employment. Flexibility is very important as our jobs can be unpredictable.
Rachel, is looking for part time childcare in Sheffield

the 11/09/17 : I need someone to look after my 2 children up to 13 hours a week ranging from 6am to 6.30pm.

the 03/02/17 : pick up from Athelstan Primary School

the 27/01/17 : I am desperately looking for a child minder to have my two boys before school and drop them off and then pick them up. i am back at 6 to collect them. They are two lovely boys. Please help!!!!

the 16/12/16 : I need someone who acts as a reference if my step son should need anything. We have 3 children but the eldest wants to stay home and I need someone just to watch over him. I work for nhs and the flat is at the hospital accommodation.

the 30/11/16 : Someone to look after my child who is 2 yrs old . one morning as i have an important meeting. . Professionally qualified , non smoker.

the 27/11/16 : my kids are aged 8 and 6. They attend Aston fence junior and infant school.All i need is help with school runs every morning and afternoon plus occasional babysitting.

the 23/11/16 : looking for childcare near tinsley sheffield

the 14/11/16 : In need of a nanny or babysitter to look after my to small children on occasions when I want to go out for the night or an overnight stay somewhere.

the 07/11/16 : I need childminder for my 8 moths boy near S141TD in sheffield , i am a student at Hallam Uni I need childminder for Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 am to 7 pm, fee to be discussed.

the 04/11/16 : Need someone from 7-30am - 3pm Monday the 19th December - Friday 23rd of December. Needs to be able to make dinner and provide snacks/drinks (provided) Keep entertained.

the 23/09/16 : I am looking for a child minder or nanny to look after 2 children aged 5-6 years. Drop - pick from school and stay with them until 6pm. Monday to Friday's

the 23/09/16 : I am looking for a nanny or child minder to drop and pick children from school 3pm until 6pm.

the 27/04/16 : Babysitter neede

the 27/04/16 : Someone to pick up my daughter from school and look after her until 5.45ish

the 20/04/16 : My son will be starting school in September - he will be 5 in December. I plan to drop him off at school myself but will need someone to pick him up from school at 3.05 or later if he is doing an activity. I will pick him up between 5.30 and 6pm (I work in Leeds and finish at 4.30pm). During the school holidays I may need some all day care as well. Thanks

the 01/04/16 : Will be hoping to have the odd night off per month so would rather someone willing to babysit more than once.

the 26/03/16 : I need a flexible person to help with picking up, taking and returning a 10 year old boy to his swimming lessons. This could be once or twice a week. The lessons are at Graves and Springs leisure centre. The times mainly from 4.30pm to 6.30pm

the 26/03/16 : To be flexible to take my grand son to swimming lessons when I am at work, he goes twice per week. This will be sometimes only once per week depending on my work rota. I am looking to explore diving lessons at ponds forge later Currently he goes to Graves and Springs leisure centre

the 01/03/16 : An ofsted registered nanny who can do school pick up and after school care with other household duties such as cleaning and cooking meals

the 27/02/16 : Hi, We are a family of 5 looking for help with the children during school holidays. Mum and Dad both work in Sheffield on regular office hours. Mum works half time which is split over 3 days - so we are looking for about 25 hours care. We would also appreciate a little help for one or two afternoons (Tues/Wed) during the school term - although this would be a 'nice to arrange' rather than a strict need (it would make my life easier but if you are already working at those times ). We...

the 05/02/16 : 3 nights a week Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm to 08:30 am.

the 05/02/16 : I need 3 days baby sitter evening

the 11/01/16 : I've been offered a job which is shift work and long hours. Needing someone to take my children to school in a morning so generally would need to start at 7am-9am ish and then pick ups in the afternoon. My youngest finishes at 2pm and eldest finishes at 3.15pm. My youngest is ADHD but is medicated for this. After school will need tea cooked possible bath my kids and put them to bed. Generally I would finish at 8pm but it's shift work so that's just an estimate. I also have a pet dog whom wil...

the 10/01/16 : I am looking a childminder who drop off and pick up my elder daughter from school and to look after my baby until I return from work.

the 08/01/16 : TAKE CARE ON 2 BABIES