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Aisling, babysitter in Inverness IV2

hello, my name is aisling, i am 23 years old and I am qualified up to SVQ level 3 in childcare. I have lots of valuable experience of working with children aged between 0-12 years in particularly 0-5 years, ensuring that they are cared for in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. I am passionate about providing good quality childcare to children in my care. I have an enthusiastic attitude and work hard to ensure good practice is demonstrated across all areas of my work from planning q...
Taylor, baby sitter in Inverness IV2

Hi, i am Taylor. I dont have very much experience apart from with cousins and a child care coarse i took while between studies but i am a very organized and caring individual, Im clean and always on top of things. Im very good with children and i am able to help with alot of there basic needs i.e. school work, food and first aid if needed. Ive always been smart, focused and friendly but also fun. I am 21 years old and just got of college education, i have studied many different subjects and p...
Debbie, childcare - IV2 Inverness

Hi, My name is Debbie . I am 19 years of age, I currently live with my parents in Inverness. I have 2 younger sisters. I love spending time with family and friends, I have a indescribable bond with children, the love I have for children is so strong. Although I don't have any kids of my own, I like to offer help to those that need childcare. From a young age I babysat 2 children from 4 weeks old and now the children are 11 years and 7 years, so I have a lot of experience. I also have experie...
Nicole, babysitter - IV2 Inverness

Hi there, My name is nicole I am 23, I'm a mother of one and a step mother to 2. I'm currently in the middle of registering to become a childminder at home and would just like to further improve my skills where children are involved. My son is 3 my step children are 8 and 6. So I have quite a lot of experience with children. I also have a little sister that is 9. Who I often have over. I'm looking for a baby sitting opportunity. I have a full child disclosure. And references available on re...
Sophie, childcare in Inverness IV2

i'm looking for a wee job just to earn a wee bit of money. I thought of babysitting to help people out and i love children. I sometimes look after my wee brother, Ciaran, who just turned 7, i help him with homework and play with him, and i do try to cook for him the best i can. Same with my wee cousin, Cassidy, who is turning 3 soon and has cerebral palsy so i can help out if they have any disability or needed extra caring for whatever reason. I am very reliable and responsible around childr...
Stephanie, babysitting - IV2 Inverness

My name is Stephanie and I am currently studying HNC Business at Inverness UHI.I am an enthusiastic 22 year old who is Responsible, Efficient and Hardworking. I am more than happy to help with homework and dinner duties for your children. I have a PVG as I have worked as a care assistant caring for the elderly for over two years. I have a higher qualification in professional cookery at City of Glasgow College. I am looking for part time work to look after and care for your children in a res...
Caitlin, childcare in Inverness

Hi there! My name is Caitlin, I am a 19 year old girl from Inverness. I would best describe myself as an energetic, lively, fun and out-going person. I have great communication skills with both parents and children. I am keen to deliver the best possible babysitting service and ensure that you trust me with anything. I am a very responsible and conscientious person as well as being very caring and down to earth. I am extremely reliable and flexible with hours. My previous experience has...
Jade, child care in Inverness IV2

I'm Jade, 21 years old and currently living in Inverness, working part-time as a pharmacy dispenser. Currently free for evenings and weekends. Three years experience looking after children (my own) and other experience looking after children ageing from 3-12years. I hold a certificate in childcare early learning and development from my Int 2 college course. More than happy to partake in any activities with the kiddies! I'm full of fun ideas and it should be no problem for me to keep your chil...
Keryn, childcare in Inverness IV2

My name is Keryn, I am 18 years old and live centrally in Inverness. I am currently working full time, Monday - Friday, 9-5. I have 3 younger siblings and 2 younger cousins who I look after frequently. I am a dancer at KC Dance Studios, currently learning to become a teacher and working towards a qualification - I currently teach a beginner street dance class, teaching kids from the ages 6+, I have also previously taught classes to kids 3-5 years old. I love working with the kids, inspiring t...
Sophie, occasional childcare in Inverness

Hello there! My name is Sophie and I'm 20 years old. I currently work a 9-5 job but over the coming years I aspire to be in the child-care sector full time. My current goal is to do occasional and part time babysitting in efforts to get more experience and make somebody's life a bit easier by enabling parents to have more time in the day by having myself care for their child. I love children and I am constantly told how great I am with children, I am also very reliable and more impo...
Laura, babysitter in Inverness

I am a mother of 2 teenage children who has worked within the childcare sector for 20 years. I have worked my way up through various childcare jobs completing a degree in the process. I have recently retrained as a teacher and work full time in a local primary school. I am happy looking after a variety of different ages and love engaging the children in fun activities indoors and out. I have a variety of various cources and have worked with children and adults with Asn.
Elizabeth, baby sitting in Inverness IV2

My name is Elizabeth . I am enthusiastic and I love kids. I play board games and love animals. I love getting to know new people. I am looking for part time care or babysitting. I uses to care for my younger sisters and cousins. I am patient, hard working and I love outdoors. I can cook and help with school homework. I would like to get to know the child and help them do thing they enjoy and accomplice dreams and hopes for their future.
Rae-ann, baby sitting - IV2 Inverness

I am a 22 year old female who has a lot of experience with children. I work 30 hours a week in H&M as a Sales Assistant and in my spare time I look after many of my friends children who vary in age range. I would eventually like to do this full time as I really enjoy looking after children. But for now I am just looking to develop my experience as a babysitter. I am available some weekends when I am not working and most evenings. I am a very attentive, loving person especially when it com...
Lucie, babysitter in Inverness

Hi, My name is Lucie , I am 16 years old and I am looking to start an experience of babysitting, I have cared for family friends before but don't have that much experience but I am willing to learn. I am looking for after 4pm babysitting times to around 9/10pm. I would say I am a cheerful person, I can entertain and I am willing to play with kids or take them to parks and stuff like that :) I used to do hip hop dance so I think it would be fun to teach the little ones something like t...
Judith, sitter in Inverness

My name is Judith . I am a 19 year old student nurse from Northern Ireland, studying in Inverness and I am looking for some part time babysitting work. I am a very reliable person and I am very good with children. I have had some experience with babysitting before when I was babysitting for family friends. I did household chores, cooked for the children, played games with them and put them to bed. I am I friendly and approachable individual who loves working with children.
Laura Marie, babysitting in Inverness

I am Laura Marie. I am currently studying Acting and Performance at Inverness College. It is my first year in Scotland as I am from Belgium originally (that small country between Germany and France). I' ve been an animator on a kids playground during the holidays for more than 5 years and did a lot of babysitting in my hometown and surrounding villages. My hobbies are dancing, singing, bikram yoga and cooking.
Daniella, babysitting - IV2 Inverness

Hi my name is Daniella I worked as a nursey volanteer for 2 years and I sang songs to them I love looking after kids and I am a caring person and I love to too games and paint stuff and other fun stuff with the kids with you have a little boy i can play Xbox or other things like that with them and if you have a girl I can play Barbie or watch some nice things on the tv I am happy to do all these fun things with them and I would too hear from you thanks for listening
Daniella, child care - IV2 Inverness

Hello my name is Daniella I am 19 years old and a very care a helpful person I am happy to look after children as I volunteered at st Joseph's primary school and I also looked after my friends children .If you would like I could sing to them and I also do lots art related things like face painting and if you have a young boy I also play football and Xbox 360 I would love to hear from you thanks for listening
Ami, baby sitter in Inverness

I am 24 years and a university graduate. I recently relocated to Inverness to work in raigmore hospital. I am reliable and responsible but also energetic and good with entertaining children. Due to working in the NHS I am PVG certified. I also play piano and flute as well as being fairly well rounded academically. For a slightly higher fee I am happy to tutor in any of the above as well as general babysitting. I have babysat for family and friends since my teenage years and have regula...
Gemma, childcare in Inverness IV2

Hello, My name is Gemma, I am 23 and Married, I marriemy childhood sweat heart. I am looking to pick up anything at the moment, I have a very flexible schedule at the moment. I have been out of work for 1 year now I became very much a home maker. I very much enjoyed this time in my life. I have been focusing on my family an awful lot through this time. I was very work irritated and always working sometimes even 2 jobs for the extra money. I've spent this year playing a big pa...

I am a childcare practitioner at the moment and work with all ages from newborn right up to starting primary school. I have great experience with planning learning activities as this is part of my day to day job but i also love to have fun and relax with the children which allows them to express themselves. I also have experience with older children (12+) as i am an adult instructor in the Army Cadet Force and have done for the the last 8 years, which is where i have gained my first aid certi...

Hi there! I'm Shannon and I'm a very bright and active 16 year old girl. I'm mature and get along with others quite well, I've always wanted to have a younger brother or sister of my own so I would absolutely love to work with younger children. I've never had experience before babysitting but I am more than willing to learn and have the experience! I'm very trustworthy and will keep to your words. I'm a very sporty and outdoor kind of person but I also enjoy staying indoors and spending quali...
Emmie, foreign au pair in Inverness

Hi, my name is Emmie and I am 15 years old. I am looking for jobs to do with babysitting and was hoping this could be a good start. I have looked after my little sisters almost everyday since they were 4 years old (they are 9 now). My qualities are kind, patient, mature, organised, fun and always ready to help. I can play board games like guess who, chess, hungry hippos and more! I don't play many online games but once I get to know it better, I can definitely play! I can change nappies, dres...
Kurtis, babysitter - IV2 Inverness

My name is Kurtis. I'm currently studying Child and Youth Studies (BA Hons) at Inverness UHI, which I really enjoy. I work at an outdoor nursery for children aged 0-5 Mon-Fri AM. I am pursuing a career in childcare with the goal of becoming a children's social worker. I enjoy reading, writing and playing music, as well as staying active. If you would like more information about me, please get in touch.
Becki, childcare in Inverness IV2

Hello my name is Becki I have 2 girls one 10 and one 7 I live in a nice area of inshes and would be available for after school care and in an emergency at weekends My two girls are very sociable and they are very well behaved creative young girls We are always active and doing things after school but also enjoy a bit of quiet time reading and love crafty things to do I done a child minding course years ago but ended up in different employment I worked in a primary school for a...
Francia, childcare in Inverness IV2

Hello, I am Spanish single mother with two children, one of 5 years old and the oldest 21 years old who is already in Edinburgh university. Like many parents I always had problems when looking for someone to take care of my children while I was working. now fortunately grandmother takes over while I’m working, that’s why I want to help in my free time to those parents desperate for someone to help out with their children. I currently work for the Highland council as a dinner lady...
Ciaran, babysitter in Inverness IV2

I am currently working as a qualified dental nurse. Before this I attended college and studied childcare and early education. I have 2 children of my own who are both under 5. Unfortunately I do not hold a driving licence but I am more than happy to travel and have a very good family support who will be willing to help me with travelling to and from jobs. :-) I am looking for a little bit of extra work as I miss working with children and being on maternity leave I could do with having someth...
Rhiannon, babysitter in Inverness IV2

I am 17 years old, have just finished 6th year and am looking to do some babysitting for the rest of my time off before I go to University in September. I have experience looking after my two nieces, ages 2 and 8 and will usually take them out to play and make their lunch. Being so close to this part of my family has made me enjoy looking after children more and given me some vital and first-hand experience. My work experience in 4th year was at a local Primary School and I spent my week in...
Rhea, baby sitter in Inverness IV2

Hiya My name is Rhea and i am 16 years old and i have worked with the Rainbows which is aged grouped 5 to 7 years old and i am looking for a change of jobs as i worked in a cafe serving and helping to cook. I am looking to work Wednesday night to Sundays as i am at college Mon - Wednesday afternoon
Shannon, sitter - IV2 Inverness

I have worked with children since I was 15. I started volunteering for two years in a local nursery and after school club. I then worked with an agency when I was 17. Here I worked in nurserys, after school clubs, crèche and lots of babysitting. I was called at short notice and I was always in placements for a short time so I can adapt well to change. I currently work as a pupil support assistant. Working with children is something I love doing and i have so much passion for. I am a very ener...

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Aisling, babysitter in Inverness IV2

Aisling used to babysit for me. She was a very confident individual, she was excellent at all aspects of child care from playing with my children to making them food and putting them to bed easily. I would definitely recommend Aisling as she would be a really great asset to any family for babysitting or any other form of childcare like a nursery.

Aisling, babysitter in Inverness IV2

Aisling was a fantastic carer for my boys, she's very fun and understanding towards the children. She has great activity ideas, always organised and fantastic at time keeping. I would 100% recommend Aisling to anyone who was feeling slightly anxious about leaving their children as she put me at ease instantly and I knew my children were being cared for properly.

Aisling, babysitter in Inverness IV2

First class childcare! Aisling has babysat regularly for me over the last three years and she is brilliant! She is never late, very reliable and my three kids love her. She always does things with the kids too, playing boardgames or crafts! Highly recommend!

Laura Marie, babysitting in Inverness

Laura has worked a number of years as animator on our playground. This year she presided over a group of animators and did a great job. On our camps come daily about 100 children to play. She has always done this work with great enthusiasm and was much loved by the children.

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