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Harriet, au pair in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello! My name is Harriet, I am 19 years old and currently studying History at Newcastle university! I will be looking for term based jobs as this is when I am in the Newcastle area. When my younger sister was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age my Mother decided to be a Child Minder, she had a successful career for 10 years before changing career, and so I grew up in this caring environment. I have worked within both the Rainbows and the Brownies and so have good experience with ...
Louise, occasional childcare in Newcastle upon tyne

I am 17 years old and live with my cousin who is 22 months. I have a sister who's 13 years old and have babysat for a various number of people and ages over the years. I used to babysit my cousin on a daily basis and did since she was just a few months old. I have also looked after my sister from a young age too. I currently work part time in a cafe but would love to work in childcare. I am looking for an apprenticeship to gain a level 2 or 3 NVQ and I am currently doing training. So far I ha...
Rebecca, babysitting in Newcastle upon tyne

Hello, my name is Rebecca, I am 20 years old and I live in Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne. I do not smoke or drink. I am a very creative, friendly and active person. My hobbies include art and crafts, cooking/baking, being outdoors, cycling, tennis, playing piano/singing, reading and gardening. I am weeks away from passing my driving test and also own my own car. I have a lot of local knowledge as I have lived here all my life, this includes knowledge of all local parks and places to visit. ...
Stephanie, babysitting - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hi, my name is Steph :) I am a 28-year-old university graduate, seeking work as a nanny, babysitter, or childminder. I absolutely love children and have 8 years of experience working with them. I have worked with babies, toddlers, and young children, but I have the most experience working with toddlers and young children. I have 6 units of Child Development classes. I am British Red Cross Paediatric First Aid Certified. I am also DBS checked, and am registered with the Online Update System....
Shannon, after-school childcare - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

i am only young and don't have much practical experience although i have been around kids all my life and have had work experience in a nursery which i got all positive feedback for, i did do my first level of childcare at collage which i have successfully passed and completed now as well as studying childcare at school. although i have not much practical experience i have babysat for my mum since my sisters were young. i have one sister who is 12 one who is 10 another who is 5 and the littl...
Kimberley, babysitting in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

My name is Kimberley I'm 17 years old with a 3 year old sister that I look after a lot, I have babysat twins before so if you have twins that's not a problem. I have been babysitting children for about 4 years I can cook most things if I have a recipe so your child/children will not go hungry. I am very good with children and can play games and read stories to them for hours, I am quite firm when it comes to bed time if they have a set routine so if necessary I will stay with your child until...
Dhanya, child care in Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! My name is Dhanya and I am a third year medical student at Newcastle University. I consider myself to be a very friendly and approachable individual and my hobbies include doing to the gym and swimming. Alongside my Alevels, I have worked as a Kumon Classroom Assistant whereby I developed my interpersonal skills, especially with younger children. I have had experience with children in taxing situations and have dealt with such situations calmly and confidently. My availability: ...
Ronaldo, babysitting in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Ronaldo and I am currently studying a 'Children and Young People' degree at Newcastle College. I am 23 years old and also work as a play worker at Gosforth Primary School with young children between the ages of 5 and 11. My first experience with childcare is my younger brother. Growing up with a younger brother ten years younger than me and looking after him through my teenage years has allowed me to gain experience in childcare and has inspired me to pursue it. As a child ca...
Katy, baby sitting in Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! I am studying Journalism in my final year. My main hobbies are reading, blogging, cooking and creating. I run a lifestyle blog where I talk about craft projects including child friendly projects, home and interiors, cooking and much more. I love children and have been around all ages all my life and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to have the opportunity to help someone out with their little ones. I am kind, friendly and feel confident around children. I am more than happy to ...
Nicole, babysitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello, my names Nicole i'm 17 years old i will be 18 in just over 2 months, i'm looking for a babysitting job anything would be possible, my qualities as a child carer is to keep the children safe and keep them as happy as ever, have great health and hygiene. i have a little experience with looking after children as i used to look after my little sisters whilst my mam and dad were out, i also help my sister when she has to nip out her child is just nearly 1 yr old and she also has a 4 yr ol...
Alexandra, baby sitter - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I am a 17 year old international A-level student from the USA and i currently live at my boarding school which is located in the centre of durham. I myself have two younger sisters whom i have been babysitting since they were the age of 1-2 and i have also babysat for several similarly aged children in the past. My mother owns a child care franchise in the USA to which has allowed me to acquire interaction with all types of children and learn from teachers an...
Daniella, baby sitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello, I'm Daniella. I am a Nigerian (Black-African). I'm schooling here in Newcastle, doing my A-levels. I plan on studying Medicine in University. I would love to take care of children from ages 3-10. Because I could help them with their assignments as I take care of them. I love music so much. I sing and I play instruments (and I could definitely sing for the children). I also love games thus I could play with the children. I cook but I will rather not cause I love really hot and sp...
Dalal, child care - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! I'm Dalal, a 19 year old student from Kuwait. I'm here to study Dentistry at Newcastle Uni. I love working with kids and I aspire to become a paediatric dentist! As I'm the eldest in my family, I've been taking care of my cousins ever since I was younger. I speak Arabic and English fluently and I can even teach your kids a bit of Arabic. I love reading, and I can definitely help with that. I also cook and bake, and I teach people that back home!
Talia, babysitting in Newcastle upon tyne

Hi! I'm Talia , I'm 16 years old and I'm in lower 6th form studying maths, biology and psychology. Although I don't have a job right now I have volunteered in St. Oswald's charity shop for a year and a half. I've also worked with children from ages 11-14 as a youth leader in various different drama and sports clubs. Currently I am a young leader in a brownies group which works with children ages 7-10. From this I have experience with various different games and activities to play with yo...
Nicolle, after-school childcare in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello I'm Nicolle. I'm a 20 year old cat lover currently working part time at Morrisons. I am the oldest of a herd of cousins so I've had my fair share of being left in charge and dealing with temper tantrums. I'm looking for either baby sitting or part time care work to go alongside my current job. My auntie is always telling me I should work with children when I go and look after my 10 month old cousin and I'm following her advice. I consider myself to be a calm and kind person with a f...
Toni, sitter in Newcastle upon tyne

my name is toni I am a responsible young adult who loves to take care of children and make sure their need s are met. I am looking for any kind of care. I would prefer to look after younger children between 0 month to 5 years so I can help them build there skills up and let them have fun while they learn. I went to Newcastle collage to do my nvq level 2 in childcare . I have also looked after my niece and nephew since they were born and I have enjoyed every minute of keeping care of t...
Jack, sitter in Newcastle upon tyne

Hi! My name is Jack . I live in Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne lived here for 11 year, Originally from Scotland, Fife. I'm a Ex football player, I'm 16 years old. I could maybe play football with the children or just have some fun and games, I can help them with word, I'm not the brightest mind lol.. No anyways. I've only had Experience with my wee cousin hes 8 months old and done it plenty of times. I can be quite funny and make them laugh, giggle. I'm happy if they are happy! We can ne...
Jade, childcare - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hi my names jade I'm 18 years old living in Gosforth newcastle upon Tyne, I've been babysitting other children for two years now just for people I know and thought I could do the same for others who are busy working or just want a break. I'm a trustworthy and reliable sitter and will help you as much as I can. I don't drive but I will make sure I have a route planned to get to anyone.
Janice, baby sitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

I am a full time tutor during the day , my children are now grown up and at university , so i have free time, i am a very bubbly friendly person . I have dealt with all kinds of different situations within family life and helping friends out with their children . I enjoy the interaction with all age groups . Games, reading, drawing, homework. i am looking babysitting at night after 5pm week days and either Friday/ sat night.
Lauren, childcare - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I am a confident and easy to get on with 20 year old who loves to work with children, I have recently cared for my younger cousin who is 3 since he was born whilst my auntie worked. I have level 5 in a foundation degree in children and young people, which as of September I will be finishing this degree only being there 1 and a half days a week. I am looking for part time care or babysitting. Whilst doing my degree I have worked in primary schools from the age of 4-8 doing a variety of tas...
Tammy, babysitting in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello, My name is Tammy. I'm 21 year olds from Gibraltar. I'm moving to live in Jesmond at the end of September. I'm a newly qualified Montessori Early Years teacher. I'm looking for a family to nanny for part time term time only, or after school full time also term time. I have worked in three nurseries. Two in the UK and one in Spain. I have also been a nanny to three children aged 5, 8 and 10, throughout the summer holidays last year in Spain.
Nathania, childcare in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Before living in Newcastle, I lived with a 10 year old brother, 12 year old sister, and 3, 5, and 6 year old boy cousins living alongside me. I have experience playing with them everyday after school and when club activities are over (LEGO, cars, NERF guns, hide and seek, pretend musicals, doll-sitting). Noise, abundant energy, and general childish tantrums no longer bother me. I put my siblings to bed every night, and feed the cousins when the adults are not there. A very active person, I ha...
Rhiannon, babysitter in Newcastle upon tyne

Hi, my name is Rhiannon and I am a 20 year old student living in Newcastle, originally from the Gateshead area. After finishing my degree in English Literature next year, I hope to progress on to studying a PGCE to become a secondary school teacher! I love spending time with and looking after children, as I have always looked after my younger sister, cousins and family friends since the age of 14. I always like to make sure I keep children I babysit as entertained as possible, through activit...
Alice, sitter - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Alice , I am currently a student at university and am wanting to some babysitting work part-time or regularly. I really enjoy working with children and looking after children , I have a young nephew who I have looked after and I regularly look after a friend's 4 year old daughter. I am able and willing to help children with schoolwork, house work , I can cook them dinner or play a game.
Veera-lyydia, child care in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Veera - Lyydia but I prefer to go by Lyydia as I think it's easier to remember. I am 23 years old, originally from Finland (I speak both Finnish and English fluently - I have lived in the UK for about 12 years) and I am taking a Level 3 childcare and education course at Newcastle college. I also go to a primary school every other week for placement as required for my course. I have a fully approved DBS as well. I'm friendly and well mannered. I have been told I have a natural gi...
Deborah, baby sitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

hey, My name is Debbie and I am a student at the Newcastle Medical school. I have always loved children, babies. I was the last child of my family for a long time but I did not come to terms with it for a long time. it made everything better when my sister had her first baby. I basically moved into her house. Over the space of 5 years I have had 4 nephews and 2 nieces. I am very observant, very detailed and I love to do everything to perfection. I have learnt that not all children lear...
Chelsey, sitter - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

hello my name is Chelsey, am 19 years old I live in Wallsend. I want to be a babysitter because I love kids and for training to be a carer for kids. I'm friendly, funny, caring and I have a big heart. I love playing games and having fun with the kids. Am training to work in the NHS looking after kids on wars. Am looking for a work now to help me train with kids. I love working with kids I always make them laugh and smile.
Imogen, sitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello, my name is Imogen and I am 21 years of age. I am currently a student at Northumbria University in Newcastle, where I am studying a degree in Criminology and Sociology. Although I have no childcare qualifications, I have had previous experience in looking after children, which includes work experience at a nursery where I helped look after children from the age of 6 months up to pre-school age. My role involved reading stories to the children, playing games with them and helping them fe...
Martyna, occasional childcare - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! My name is Martyna and I am Polish. I am a very sociable, talkative and cheerful person. Like to have fun with children, often making up new games so the little ones are not bored. I have been an au pair for 2 years taking care of 2 lovely boys age 2 and 4. I can offer babysitting and part-time childcare. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning childcare, fees, availability.
Rachel, sitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hi, I'm Rachel. I have recently graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Marine Biology. I'm looking for a babysitting job whilst completing my masters degree. I have had babysitting experience for the past 7 years, and have worked in a nursery with children aged from 3 months to 5 years. I have also worked with special needs people, with a range of disabilities. I am fully first aid trained, and CRB checked. I am happy to help with homework at both primary and secondary school le...

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Jade, childcare - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I was really struggling with work as a full time business manager and Mam I knew she baby sat one of my friends children and she recommended jade to me. Everytime I came home it was spotless my son loved her she would take him out to parks he was never bored or doing nothing . She is more like a friend at work she is so kind and thoughtful never had any issues with her in the year she babysat for me, I would definitely recommend jade to anyone who needs a reliable babysitters

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